Calculating Current Drain | Regulated vs Unregulated

Calculating current drain as it relates to vaping can be confusing to say the least! Making matters worse is the fact that calculating current drain is completely different for regulated and unregulated mods (mechanical). Where …

Series and Parallel Vape Batteries | Do I Need to Pair my Vape Batteries?

Unless you’re totally new to vaping, you’re probably familiar with dual battery vaping devices and 18650 vape batteries. But… do you know the difference between series and parallel vape battery configurations? More importantly, do you …

How to Re-Wrap a Vape Battery / 18650 Battery Wrapping

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18650 Battery Safety: 10 Tips To Care For Your Vape Batteries

If you mention 18650 battery safety to most vapers you’ll be met with glazed over eyes and a stifled yawn! But we’ve all seen the headlines… “Man loses seven teeth after vape explodes in his face”. Its at this point the idea of learning some 18650 battery safety doesn’t sound like such a bad idea right!?

A Guide to Vaping Safety; Understanding Ohm’s Law

A Guide to Vaping Safety; Understanding Ohms Law – Come and join us as we take a look at Ohms Law and how it relates to vaping safety!

Vape Battery Guide – From Beginners to Advanced Vapers

Confused about how your vape battery works? Lost in the sea of availability when choosing a vape battery? Or maybe you’re just worried about how to safely charge your battery? Look no further! We’ve prepared this total battery guide to get you started!