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Vape Jam 2018 – Highlights and News from the weekend

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The team here at Vaping Hardware had an absolute blast at Vape Jam this April! We arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to try some of the finest e-liquids known to mankind! Those in attendance were treated to some truly mind blowing e-liquids and hardware.

The show pulled in some of the biggest and best names in the industry with 2018 marking the fourth year of Vape Jam.  Manufactures and suppliers from all around the world descended on The ExCel building in London for a truly spectacular weekend. Join us below as we round out our favourite 5 suppliers from the show and our favourite flavours from the day!

Vape Jam – Our top 5 favourite brands


  1. Vampire Vape – These guys had a really great show this year! We couldn’t get enough of their KonceptXIX range of e-liquids and their stand looked fantastic (complete with a Vlad’s lair!). My personal favourite was the ‘Tika Taka’ flavour! I hadn’t tried this one before but the mix of “sun kissed oranges” with a “frosty hit” really tickles the taste buds! Vape Jam Vampire Vape
  2. Dinner Lady e-liquid – With their ever popular ‘Lemon Tart’ flavour picking up the vape jam award for the best dessert flavour these guys (or girls should i say!), had a fantastic show. We particularly enjoyed their ‘Rice Pudding’ flavour and the stand looked awesome! If you’re in to dessert flavours then you’ll definitely want to check these guys out!Vape Jam Dinner Lady
  3. Dr. Frost: Polar Ice Vapes – We’ll be honest…we hadn’t come across these guys before, but we’re sure glad we did! We were so impressed with their fruity menthol range of flavours that we took every flavour home with us. If you’re a big fan of fruity flavours with a menthol kick then Dr. Frost has got you covered.
  4. Vaporized – These ladies and gents put on a fantastic stand and we loved the freebies on offer! Definitely worth checking out their website as these guys also sell some great hardware.
  5. Thor Juices – These guys really know how to get a unique flavour. We particularly enjoyed their ‘Fuzzy Duck’ flavour and ‘Loki’ range of e-liquids! Vape Jam Thor Juices
    What we learned from Vape Jam

    With one of the team being PG intolerant we really noticed that there isn’t any big brands offering 100% VG e-juice. While the rest of us devoured a myriad of flavours, our poor PG sensitive comrade looked on in envy. It would be great if some of the big names in the industry put out some 100% VG e-liquid. PG intolerant vapers and cloud chasers would flock in their thousands!

    We also noticed a big trend with nicotine salt e-liquids promising an increased nicotine hit with a much smoother throat kick than traditional e-juices. Results seemed to vary; while some of the nicotine salt e-liquids we tried at 20 mg/ml strength tasted great, others had an uncomfortable throat kick and a peppery aftertaste.

    And that’s it for Vape Jam UK 2018 folks! We hope you enjoyed our run down of the best of Vape Jam 2018 and what we learned from the show. And don’t forget there’s plenty more Vape Events this year to satisfy you vape enthusiasts.  Feel free to drop us a comment below with your thoughts on Vape Jam 2018!


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