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Vaper Expo UK 2018: Highlights and News from this years show!

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The Vaping Hardware team had an absolute blast at the Vaper Expo this May bank holiday weekend! Vapers flocked in their thousands to enjoy some of the best e-liquid in the world, fantastic hardware and even a talking robot!!

This years show saw a marked increase in hardware and CBD e-liquid. With 280 exhibitors at the NEC in Birmingham, the delights on offer were varied and at times….strange! The show saw Professor Green getting up on stage and the hall even featured a ‘Vaperound Casino’, if you’re into that kind of thing.

The show featured 3000 unique flavors of e-liquid with enough of the stuff to fill an estimated 400 bathtubs! The exhibitors represented 21 countries from around the world and 38% of these were new to the Vaper Expo show.

Vaper expo robot

Vaper Expo UK 2018: CBD E-Liquid

The first thing that really struck us was the sheer amount of stalls advertising CBD e-liquid. If you’re not sure what CBD is it’s basically a component of the cannabis plant. It doesn’t contain any THC so it won’t get you high! However, many report it has several health benefits.

This hadn’t really been a trend we’d taken much notice of, but Vaper Expo showed us just how popular it’s becoming! Several companies like Peng Vapour Co were selling some fantastic CBD e-liquid, with one vendor even offering up CBD infused pet food! While we won’t be feeding Baxter any CBD dog food any time soon, we will be writing up a complete guide on vaping CBD soon. Be sure to check back with us for that one!

Vaper Expo UK 2018: Technology Just Keeps Getting Better!

This years Vaper Expo had a really impressive amount of hardware on display. In fact, 33% of all exhibitors at this years show were either hardware brands or selling hardware. In particular we have to give special mention to V Zone and their very impressive eMASK 218w waterproof box mod. Particularly handy if you’re frequently dropping your mod in the bath!

Vaper expo water resistant box mod

We also really enjoyed Smok’s Rolo Badgean incredibly compact and well put together little mod. Similar to the JUUL pod sweeping America, the Rolo Badge features a 2ml capacity and weighs a poultry 62g. With a massive increase in these small stealthy mods on the market we fully expect to start seeing more of these around.

Our favourite stalls from Vaper Expo UK
  1. Thor Juices – These guys always put on a great show and this year was no different. One of my favourite juices of the show was the green ‘Fuzzy Duck’ flavor; a “sweet fizzy citrus” blend.
  2. Vampire Vape – As ever, the Vampire Vape team put on a fantastic stall with a great range of flavours! Their mouth watering ‘Tika Taka’ e-juice is highly recommended.
  3. Tasty Fruity – Having not tried this range of flavours before this years Vaper Expo the team were blown away by their range of incredibly fruity e-liquids! In particular we loved their mango, blackcurrant and strawberry pineapple flavours!

And that’s it for Vaper Expo UK 2018 folks! We hope you enjoyed our run down of the best from the show and don’t forget there’s still plenty more Vape Events this year to satisfy you vape enthusiasts.  Feel free to drop us a comment below with your thoughts on Vaper Expo UK! 

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