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Voltbar Disposable Review | Mammoth 6,000 Puff Vape With 25 Delicious Flavors!

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Today we’re reviewing the Voltbar disposable vape, with an incredible 6,000 draw capacity and a choice of 25 taste tingling flavors! As a relatively new entry to the vape market we were excited to see what the Voltbar had to offer.

It’s also the first rechargeable disposable vape we’ve had our hands on. Because the Voltbar packs an impressive 15ml of e-juice you need to recharge the device several times to vape the full tank.

The guys at ‘Voltbar Official Malaysia’ recently reached out to us and were kind enough to send us three flavors to sample. Despite having only launched this year, the company seem to be taking the Asian disposable market by storm and have their eyes set on expanding into the European and North American markets.

We’ve been on a mission at VapingHardware to find the best disposable vapes on the market and this 6,000 puff capacity device seems sure to take a place in the list.

I’d like to quickly thank the guys over at Voltbar Official Malaysia for sending me the Voltbar disposables to review. As always this review is completely unbiased and only contains my honest opinions on the product. This post may also contain an affiliate link. If you purchase the product through our link we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you!). This helps us to keep the site running.

Voltbar Disposable Vape Review


Features and Specifications

Dimensions: 110mm (Height) X 30mm (Diameter)
Weight: 70 grams
Pod Capacity: 15ml of 20mg/50mg Nic Salts E-Liquid
6,000 Puff Capacity
Battery: Internal rechargeable battery (650 mAh)
Coil Resistance: Not Specified (non-replaceable)
Coil Type: Mesh Coil
Output Power: Not Specified
Material: Rubber Silicon and Aluminium Alloy
LED puff indicator
Airflow: 4 small intake holes on the base of the vape
25 Different Flavors
PG/VG Ratio: Not specified

What’s in the Box?

Voltbar - What's In The Box?

The Voltbar disposable comes packaged in a small plastic case with a clear view of the device inside. On the side of the box you’ll find the typical warning statement as well as a short list of ingredients. Unfortunately though there’s no information about the PG/VG ratio of the device or the nicotine strength of the juice inside.

On the top of the case though you’ll find the flavor name and on the side near the bottom a small scratch and check authenticity code. The sides of the case are also color coded to match the flavor of the pod inside.

Once you open the case you’ll find your disposable along with a small rubber cap that protects the mouthpiece. Finally there’s also a small sticker on the bottom of the vape that blocks off the airflow (remove this before use).

Voltbar | Design and Appearance

The height of the Voltbar measures in at 90mm (110mm including the rubber straw mouthpiece), making it similar in height to most other disposable vapes. Where the Voltbar really differs however is in the size of its girth. With a diameter of 30mm it’s easily the ‘chunkiest’ disposable I’ve personally tried.

Voltbar Review 2

It also weighs in at a reasonably hefty 70g when full of e-juice. Certainly heavier than the majority of other disposables.

Despite this though, the Voltbar is really comfortable to hold and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. It’s small enough to comfortably fit in a pocket and doesn’t feel cumbersome to carry around with you on the go.

As an auto draw device there are no buttons to speak of and you simply puff on the Voltbar to activate it. In my time testing the Voltbar I found the auto draw activation worked perfectly and always responded immediately.

In terms of the aesthetics, the Voltbar is cylindrical in shape and features small inset grooves at the top and bottom of the body. To look at it reminds me of a large battery or even a small soda can. There are even ‘+’ and ‘-‘ symbols on the top and bottom of the vape reminiscent of a battery cell.

Poking out of the flat top of the body is a colored rubber straw that works as the mouthpiece of the Voltbar. For me this is a really great design feature and makes a nice change from the typical mouthpiece you’d find on a disposable.

The straw itself is colored to match the flavor of the pod and it’s slightly angled to allow for a more convenient draw. While the straw isn’t rotatable it does have a semi-soft feel and a certain amount of flexibility.

Written vertically across the face of the body is the Voltbar logo along with the name of the flavor and the number of available puffs. On the ‘reverse’ side of the body the same information is written horizontally. There’s also an eye-catching lightning bolt printed onto the body that again matches the color of the flavor and straw mouthpiece.

At the bottom of the Voltbar there’s a small flavor logo printed above the name of the flavor. Each logo is designed to represent the ingredients of the flavor inside. On the ‘Strawberry Banana’ flavor, there’s a small logo of….you guessed it…a bunch of bananas and a strawberry.

It’s a nice design feature though and can make identifying the mixture of flavors a little easier, especially on the more obscure named flavors.

On the flat base of the Voltbar you’ll find a type-C USB charge port (more on this later), 4 small battery venting holes and 1 small LED indicator that lights up when you draw on the pod. When you recharge the Voltbar the LED indicator stays lit until it reaches full capacity.

Voltbar Review 3
Voltbar Review 4

In terms of the airflow hole there doesn’t actually seem to be one. Instead the Voltbar seems to utilise the venting holes, charging port and LED indicator to provide airflow. In fact the only way to fully block off the airflow is to place your thumb directly over all of these openings.

Overall I was really impressed with the design and appearance of the Voltbar. It’s eye-catching and designed to stand out from the crowd. The rubber straw mouthpiece is a great addition and the device feels like a really well built, solid vape. In a way, it’s a shame it’s a disposable!

Voltbar | Performance

When it comes to the performance of the Voltbar, I’m happy to report things get even better! What really blew me away was the longevity of this device. It’s rated as a 6,000 puff disposable meaning you throw away the vape once all 15ml of e-juice has been vaped.

Voltbar Review 6

As a heavy vaper who never goes longer than 10 minutes without a puff, I expected 4-5 days out of the Voltbar. What I found instead was a really impressive run time of 7-8 days! This makes the Voltbar a super convenient device to vape on. You can easily take this vape out with you for a full day without worrying about running empty.

I found the battery can be recharged a total of 3 times before this monster disposable finally gives out its last puff. Charging time is under an hour and can be achieved using the type-C USB port on the bottom of the Voltbar.

Voltbar Review 5

In between charges I was getting around one and a half to two days worth of vape time. When the battery has run dry the small LED on the bottom of the vape pulses to let you know it’s time to recharge.

You’ll also know when the Voltbar is fully depleted by a drop off in flavor. On the final vape cycle I received a slightly burnt cotton taste. You can keep puffing on the Voltbar until the juice is fully run dry and you’ll receive a burnt cotton taste to let you know the device is finished with.

Another thing that really impressed me about the Voltbar was the dense vapor clouds it produces. In comparison to other disposable vapes I’ve tried, the Voltbar produces a far superior cloud of the white stuff.

In fact, the amount of vapor produced is much closer to that of a traditional mod and tank setup. Judged on this feature alone, it’s the best disposable I’ve encountered.

Along with this the Voltbar also gives off a really satisfying throat kick that helped to stem any cravings I had in as little as one or two puffs. Each draw produced a nice throaty kick and the 20mg nic salts were the perfect level of nicotine strength for me.

Interestingly the Voltbar is also available in a 50mg nicotine strength….ideal if you’re a current smoker looking to make the switch.

I was also incredibly impressed with the airflow and draw on the Voltbar. It’s designed as a mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape meaning you draw the vapor into your mouth before fully drawing into your lungs. I found the Voltbar to be a restrictive MTL vape which perfectly mimics the draw you’d take on a cigarette.

As I mentioned earlier the auto draw response was also flawless and the Voltbar is just a really satisfying device to vape on. The convenience of knowing that you have a vape that doesn’t require refilling and can easily last a week makes this a great purchase and definitely one I’ll be making in the future.

Overall the battery life, impressive vapor production and the satisfying throat hit make the Voltbar a definite contender. Add to this the competitive price tag (as little as $7 if ordered direct from Malaysia) and the Voltbar is easily one of the best disposables I’ve ever tried.

Voltbar | Flavors

Another great thing about the Voltbar range is the choice of available flavors. On the ‘Voltbar Official Malaysia’ website they’re currently offering a choice of 25 different flavors! As well as this there are several shops online that list additional flavors.

We were lucky enough to be sent the three following flavors: ‘Strawberry Banana’, ‘Strawberry Candy’ and ‘Strawberry Ice Cream’. I’ll share my thoughts on these flavors below along with a full list of available flavors at the end.

Strawberry Banana

The Strawberry Banana was by far my favorite flavor out of the three that we received. With an immediate strong banana taste on the inhale and a subtle strawberry after kick on the exhale, this one is easily an all-day-vape for me.

The flavor also has a subtle icy kick on the inhale which is really refreshing and makes for a nice tangy flavor profile. It actually reminded me a lot of a McDonald’s banana milkshake. I’ll definitely be ordering myself another Voltbar in this flavor soon!

Strawberry Candy

Despite being my least favorite of the three flavors we received, Strawberry Candy is still a really great flavor. Personally I’m not usually a big fan of really sweet flavors and this one came close to tasting overpowering at times.

It’s got a strong cotton candy vibe mixed with a ripe strawberry flavor. I did really enjoy the fizz on the exhale and while it’s not an all day vape for me personally, it’s still a really nice flavor to vape on.

Strawberry Ice Cream

Last but by no means least, the Strawberry Ice Cream flavor was another one that’s bound to find its way into my shopping cart soon. A really sweet and strong strawberry taste on the inhale with a delicious creamy/milky undertone.

One member of the team here has been a long time vaper of Suicide Bunny’s ‘Mother’s Milk’ flavor and this tasted really similar. Definitely a flavor for the dessert lovers!

Voltbar Disposable Flavor List

Unfortuantely it’s a little hard to pin down exactly how many different flavors are available in the Voltbar disposable range. As I mentioned earlier the official site currently has 25 flavors available for sale. Despite this there are some online shops listing as many as 31 available flavors. Below is a complete list of all the available flavors we’ve seen online:

Watermelon Strawberry / Watermelon Lychee / Strawberry Mango / Strawberry Ice Cream / Mango Grape / Juicy Peach / Mango Peach / Grape Apple / Strawberry Kiwi / Energy Drink / Sakura Grape / Cola / Aloe Vera Grape / Mixed Fruit / Raybina / Strawberry Grape / Strawberry Banana / Cappuccino Coffee / Custard Ice Cream / Vanilla Ice Cream / Milk Cereal / Lemon Tart / Apple Tobacco / Chocolate Mint / White Choco Strawberry / Strawberry Candy / Cookies & Cream / Double Mango / Mango Blackcurrant / Honeydew Melon / Keladi Cheese / Rootbeer Float

Voltbar | Price

In terms of price the Voltbar again ticks all the right boxes. Unfortunately though at the time of writing they seem to only be available to buy in Malaysia. However, several of the sites stocking these offer international shipping. While this is a slight drawback, the cheap price (between $7 and $9) makes this an absolute bargain!

We did find the Voltbar for sale on one American store but the price per device was a much less reasonable $25.

If you’re happy to wait though we’d recommend checking out Voltbar Official Malaysia’s website using the link below and ordering directly from them. You can contact them directly on their site and request information on shipping rates.

Voltbar | Verdict

During my time testing the Voltbar I fell in love with the simplicity and ease of use that this device delivers. While arguments can certainly be made that a traditional mod and tank setup is better on your wallet and on the environment, the Voltbar’s excellent performance and lifespan make a really compelling case for why you should buy one.

Voltbar Verdict


  • Well designed
  • Robust
  • Incredible lifespan
  • Great flavors
  • Excellent vapor production
  • Satisfying throat kick
  • Brilliant airflow and tight MTL draw
  • Quick charge time


  • Slight dry burnt taste near the end of use
  • Availability in shops is currently low
  • No indication of the PG/VG ratio

The flavors are excellent and the vapor production and throat kick are really satisfying! As well as this, the insanely cheap price make this a far more cost effective way of vaping than the vast majority of other disposables currently available.

As I also mentioned right back at the start of this review, the build quality is incredible and I couldn’t help but think it’s a shame there’s no way to refill the Voltbar! It feels so much more robust and well designed than the majority of other disposable vapes you can currently buy.

Having had the pleasure of testing three Voltbars I can safely say I’ll be ordering more in the future!

And that’s it folks! I hope you enjoyed our Voltbar disposable review! Please feel free to share this review, or leave a comment below! Happy Vaping!

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    1. The Voltbar disposable review you’ve commented against is the 6000 puff one that holds 15ml of e-liquid. We’ve not reviewed the 12000 puff version but I’m guessing it would be in the region of 30ml of e-liquid.

        1. Hi again Muhammad, I deleted the link you provided as I wouldn’t trust what they are specifying. I’ve checked everywhere, even Voltbar’s website and can’t find any information about the 12000 puff Switch e-liquid capacity. They say 12000 puffs but no reference to e-liquid amount. To get the claimed 12000 puffs it has to have in the region of 30ml e-liquid in it.
          We’ve not reviewed the Switch 12000 so can’t say with any certainty how long they will last. Sorry i couldn’t help more with your question.

    1. Hi Muhammed,

      Thanks for your comment. The Voltbar Disposable comes available in either 20mg/ml or 50mg/ml nicotine strength. As it contains nicotine it of course has the usual side effects associated with using any nicotine product. More importantly though I didn’t experience any negative side effects when using any of the Voltbar disposables. Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Kim,

      As a Malaysian company Voltbar quote prices on their website in Malaysian Ringgit (RM). Each Voltbar is priced at 40RM which roughly equates to $9 (USD). Hope this helps.

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