Fully Compatible with ARGUS POD Cartridges! VOOPOO ARGUS G & ARGUS POD SE Officially Released with Advanced Vaping Taste and Look

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We recently published a news items about two new VOOPOO pod devices, due to be released in March 2023. There was very little information from VOOPOO at the time, other than confirmation the two devices would be pods and would be released in the very near future.

The snippet of detail that was mentioned suggested that they could be part of the ARGUS series of devices, but that’s about all the information VOOPOO teased.

Well, as promised, VOOPOO have officially released these two products and have asked us to share their press release to bring it to the attention of the wider vaping community and our readers.

This is a sponsored post written by VOOPOO and published as a Press Release article on the release of their ARGUS G and ARGUS POD SE. We at Vaping Hardware are not liable for the accuracy and content of this article.

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Fully Compatible with ARGUS POD Cartridges! VOOPOO ARGUS G & ARGUS POD SE Official Release with Advanced Vaping Taste and Look

On March 6, VOOPOO officially released two PODs in the ARGUS Series, ARGUS G and ARGUS POD SE. Both of them are compatible with the ARGUS POD Cartridges that could be applied to the previous products; ARGUS Z, ARGUS POD and ARGUS P1. Each of them have their own uniqueness and innovations that differentiate them from each other to satisfy the individual needs of vapers.

ARGUS G, Go Smooth

Argus G

VOOPOO ARGUS G is VOOPOO’s first “rectangular stick style” POD supporting MTL to RTL, designed to give vapers an all-around smooth experience.

Larger in terms of battery capacity compared to its counterpart, the 1000mAh built-in battery of ARGUS G supports stable vaping even with the MAX 25W power output and a full charge lasts about three days at maximum.

VOOPOO ARGUS POD Cartridges have an innovative leakage-proof structure. The 4-hole air inlet enlarges the airflow and airflow buffer room ensures the smooth taste. ARGUS POD Cartridges store the condensates and poorly atomized e-liquid against leakage into the pod. Moreover, the silicone ring maximizes the air-tightness of the cartridge and ensures that the amount of airflow heated by the heating wire is maximized. It increases the heating efficiency and lengthens the coil lifespan that supports a half-bottle e-liquid (30ml/bottle) vaping.

The upgraded OLED screen records five-figure puff counts and displays wattage, rest power and coil resistance. Text prompts pop up in case of low power, atomizer short, maximum power output, high temperature, vaping timeout, or other special circumstances. One multi-function button controls everything and makes it easy to operate. Besides this, the ARGUS G supports button ignition and auto draw, allowing vapers to start their vaping immediately.

ARGUS POD SE, for Treasured Moments

Argus Pod SE

VOOPOO ARGUS POD SE has not only inherited the optimal flavor and advanced texture, but is also a pretty MTL POD with more design options, more ease of use and more cost-performance effectiveness.

The shiny blue and shiny orange ARGUS POD SEs are dynamic and gorgeous. The polished zinc alloy body is natural in lines and the color flows with light and shadow. These two CMFs are for energetic, diverse, young people. Meanwhile, the black, red, and brown ARGUS POD SE retains the zinc alloy and leather materials that is refined in texture and comfortable to grip.

The four-hole air inlet ensures a smooth taste, and the multi-layer leakage-proof structure works effectively in ARGUS POD cartridges. Meanwhile, the simple design as the invisible magnetic connection makes each insertion and removal easier. The delicate and ergonomic mouthpiece fits perfectly on the lips and maximizes vaping comfort.

The auto-draw, step-less airflow adjustment supporting loose MTL to tight MTL and the side-filling and full-view cartridge makes the ARGUS POD SE user friendly. Adopting GENE.AI 1.2, the ARGUS POD SE supports Max 18W output, intelligently matches the appropriate wattage based on the coil resistance, as well as featuring six safety protections that reassures your every puff.

Fully Compatible with ARGUS POD Cartridges

The ARGUS G and ARGUS POD SE are compatible with ARGUS POD Cartridges and share the cartridges with ARGUS Z, ARGUS POD and ARGUS P1 models.

Full compatibility of cartridges and devices reduces retailers’ pressure on the inventory. Besides, the wide applicability of cartridges increases customer repurchases and accelerates excess stock clearing off. Consumers can also enjoy the fresh vaping experience and infinite fun with cost cuts. If the user already has one of the ARGUS POD Family products, he or she can enjoy the fun of the new cartridge without another device purchase.

Choose the ARGUS G and enjoy an all-around smooth vaping experience, and choose the ARGUS POD SE and enjoy the optimal taste and a stylish-looking POD with a competitive price.

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It’s interesting to see that VOOPOO are continuing to release and increase their range of ARGUS Pod devices. I’m very pleased to see that the two new pod devices both accept the ARGUS Pod Cartridges that we saw on their ARGUS Z and ARGUS P1, making them cross compatible.

Hopefully we will be given the opportunity to review the ARGUS G and ARGUS POD SE so we can do a comparison with the earlier ARGUS pods we’ve reviewed.

Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoyed this news item. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave us a comment below.

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  1. Hi Richard, I’ve just bought the Argus G from Legion of Vapers I just thought I’d say what a great kit it is, the racing green looks very classy and a nice addition to the Argus family also it has the bigger battery which is ideal.

    1. Hi Tony, thanks for your feedback on the Argus G, glad to hear your loving it so far. Strangely enough we’ve just received the Argus G in Racing Green and the Argus Pod in Shiny Orange from Voopoo to review.
      I’m working my way through a couple of other reviews and once they’re completed I will start on these two Voopoo devices next.
      Thanks again Tony (TP72), I appreciate your comments. Do keep an eye out for these two up and coming reviews. Cheers mate.

  2. Hi Richard, I like the look of the new version of the Argus G with the bigger battery it’s a pity you haven’t got one for review, I’m looking forward to it being released. TP72.

    1. Hi Tony (TP72), I agree, from the picture and description the Argus G looks to be a good addition to the Argus range. I like the fact the pods will be compatible with the Argus Z and P1.
      Hopefully Voopoo will send us these two new devices so we can review them. Fingers crossed!

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