VooPoo Argus GT Review

VooPoo Argus GT Review | VooPoo have really nailed it this time…

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A few weeks ago, NewVaping asked us to review the popular VooPoo Argus GT and PnP Pod Tank kit. Since it arrived almost a month ago, I’ve been using the Argus GT as my all-day-vape and putting it through some pretty heavy testing for the purposes of this review. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it… 😉

VooPoo hit the ground running in 2016 with the hugely popular Drag mod. Since then, the Drag series has gone from strength to strength – we actually reviewed the Drag X Plus recently so feel free to check it out! We’ve always been impressed with the build quality and durability of VooPoo products, and the Argus GT is no different!

Powered by dual 18650 batteries, with a max power output of 160w and a resistance range of 0.1 – 3.0ohms, the VooPoo Argus GT has plenty to offer. The kit also comes with a PnP Pod Tank (a hybrid ‘pod’ that uses an adaptor to function as a sub-ohm tank) and two PnP coils – 0.15ohm and 0.2ohm. The PnP Pod Tank has a capacity of 4.5ml (2ml TPD compliant) and features a bottom filling system and adjustable airflow.

But without further ado, let’s dive into the full VooPoo Argus GT review!

Quick Note: I only review and/or recommend products I’ve tried and tested. If this post contains an affiliate link I may receive a small commission on any purchase made at no extra cost to you.

VooPoo Argus GT Review


Features & Specification

VooPoo Argus GT

  • Dimensions (mm): 132.1 x 51.3 x 26.1mm
  • Weight: 105g
  • Material: Leather & Zinc Alloy
  • Charging: Type C USB 5V/2A
  • Output Wattage: 5w – 160w
  • Resistance: 0.1ohm – 3.0ohm
  • Battery: Dual 18650
  • Output Voltage: 6.4v – 8.4v
  • Color Display
  • Chipset: GENE.TT
  • User Modes: Smart/TC/RBA

PnP Pod Tank

  • Diameter: 26mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel & PCTG
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 4.5ml (2ml TPD) Refillable
  • Fill Type: Bottom Fill
  • Bottom Press Fit Coils
  • Magnetic Connection
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Connection: Threaded 510
  • Resistance: 0.2 ohm (PnP-VM5) 0.15 ohm (PnP-VM6)

What’s In The Box?

  • VooPoo Argus GT device
  • 1 x PnP Pod Tank (4.5 mL)
  • 1 x PnP-VM5 Coil (0.2 ohm)
  • 1 x PnP-VM6 Coil (0.15 ohm)
  • Type-C Charging Cable
  • User Manual
VooPoo Argus GT | What's In The Box

VooPoo Argus GT | Design & Appearance

First things first, we need to talk about the packaging…

I know it’s a minor detail, but the VooPoo Argus GT packaging was a real surprise after years of the same old flimsy card and plastic inserts. The Argus GT comes in a military style hard plastic case with a sturdy catch and ‘VooPoo’ engraved on the lid. It’s a really nice touch and definitely a case I’ll be keeping for spare batteries, e-juice or coil building tools!

VooPoo Argus GT | Packaging

The packaging aside, the first thing I noticed about the VooPoo Argus GT was just how light it is for a box mod! Weighing in at only 105g it’s far lighter than any other mod of its kind, even with the dual 18650 batteries inserted.

While we’re on the subject of batteries, the Argus GT is also extremely compact for a dual battery mod, another big plus. I don’t necessarily mind the larger box mods, but it’s great having the power and features a box mod provides without feeling like you’re carrying a brick around with you!

In terms of the overall build quality, design and appearance of the Argus GT, VooPoo really nailed it in my opinion – it looks (and feels!) like a premium, high-end vaping device. VooPoo stuck with a design we’ve seen from them in previous releases, like the Argus Pro 80w– a high quality leather ‘wrap’ inside a zinc alloy frame and a bright, colorful display.

I know it’s subjective, but I’m a big fan of the leather wrap design – not only is it super comfortable to hold but I think it gives the Argus GT that extra ‘something’ in terms of style.

On the front of the Argus GT you’ll find the firing button, variable wattage controls and display screen. The buttons are plastic but all feel sturdy and reliable, with zero rattling or wiggle room. And although the display is identical to the Argus 80w Pro, I absolutely love it! It’s crystal clear, with bright, vivid colors and displays just about every bit of information you’re likely to need, another big plus. We’ll go over the various controls and features a bit further down, but again I’m really impressed with the design and build quality we’ve been seeing from VooPoo recently.

On the side of the device is the small USB-C port, protected by a rubber flap that you lift to insert the charging cable. And top-side, the Argus GT 510 threaded connection sits towards the rear side of the device, with a gold-plated, spring loaded pin. I’ve seen a few reviews that mention any tank over 25mm in diameter may look awkward or leave a slight overhang. BUT the VooPoo PnP Pod Tank that came with the kit NewVaping sent me is 26mm in diameter and sits perfectly flush with zero overhang…

Last but not least, on the underside of the Argus GT you’ll find the battery ‘door’. Again this feels sturdy and well built, no concerns here whatsoever. It’s a slide and release, so you pull the latch toward the back of the mod and it pops open to reveal a dual battery compartment.

Overall I’m really impressed with the design and appearance of the VooPoo Argus GT. It’s compact and lightweight, yet it definitely has the look and feel of an expensive, high end vaping device.

My only issue, and I’ll admit it’s a somewhat fussy one, is the design of the coating on the plastic sections of the Argus GT. It’s hard to see clearly in the pictures, but the black matte finish is flecked with dozens of little shiny ‘blobs’. It looks a bit like the specks of juice you get on your mod when you fire a freshly saturated RDA coil/wick without the housing attached. It’s definitely not something that would put me off using the Argus GT (or buying a replacement if this one packed in) but I do think it’s a strange design choice from VooPoo on an otherwise flawless looking mod…

PnP Pod Tank | Design & Appearance

The VooPoo Argus GT comes with the PnP Pod Tank, which is essentially a hybrid of sorts – the top part is a refillable pod made from PCTG, with a 4.5ml e-juice capacity, in-built mouthpiece and push-fit coils which insert into the underside of the pod.

Voopoo Argus GT | PnP Pod Tank

Just like any other pod, this part of the PnP Pod Tank has the standard black rubber plug which you pop open to fill up with e-juice, and magnets on the bottom of the pod to hold it in place.

BUT instead of attaching directly to the Argus GT in the same way, for instance, that a SMOK Nord pod would attach to the SMOK Nord device, the pod in this case actually sits in a black coated Stainless Steel 510 adaptor, with a gold plated connection pin.

VooPoo Argus GT | PnP Pod Tank 510 Adapter

The obvious benefit to this of course, is the fact you can use the PnP Pod Tank on any device with a 510 connection! Which also means if the PnP Pod Tank doesn’t float your boat, you can always use the VooPoo Argus GT with any other threaded 510 tank. The 510 adapter also features adjustable airflow, so you can tailor the airflow exactly how you prefer.

The VooPoo Argus GT kit comes with two pre-built coils; the PnP VM6 0.15ohm and the PnP VM5 0.2ohm. They fit snugly into the the bottom of the pod section of the PnP Pod Tank (I’ll show you exactly how to fit the coils a bit further down) and I had no issues with either. The tank is also compatible with the full range of VooPoo PnP (Plug ‘n’ Play) coils, including the PnP R1 0.8ohm Mouth-To-Lung coil and even a rebuildable (RBA) deck if you prefer to build your own coils.

VooPoo Argus GT | Functionality & Menu

The VooPoo Argus GT has a few different mode options which we’ll talk about in a minute, but like most vaping devices, it’s fairly straightforward and easy to use. Pressing the firing button 5 times will turn the Argus GT on or off. Holding the firing button and the + button will lock or unlock the current wattage, and you can re-set the puff counter by holding the firing button and the button.

Finally, pressing the firing button 3 times will cycle through the available mode options; Smart Mode, RBA mode and Temperature Control Mode…

Smart Mode

The Argus GT will automatically load in Smart Mode any time you turn on the device. In a nutshell, Smart Mode is what we’d normally call variable wattage but with limitations. In Smart Mode, the Argus GT will detect the PnP coil you have installed and set your power output to the optimal wattage for the resistance of that coil. Because it’s the default mode when you switch on the mod, I usually just leave it in Smart Mode. Just keep in mind, this mode will restrict you from increasing the wattage past the ‘acceptable’ limit based on the resistance of your coil.

RBA Mode

If Smart Mode is variable wattage with limitations, RBA Mode is basically the actual variable wattage mode. No restrictions, no ‘suggestions’. Just set the wattage you want and vape, regardless what coil you’re using. I did find it fairly pointless to include both options to be honest – it would seem to make more sense to have one variable wattage mode with a ‘recommended’ wattage that you can choose to ignore if you wish would have been more than enough. But it’s not a major issue, and Smart Mode works perfectly if you aren’t bothered about having complete control over the wattage.

Temperature Control Mode

Disclaimer, I don’t often use Temperature Control Mode. It’s not something I feel the need to experiment with. However, it’s nice to know you can if that’s your cup of tea. The usual Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel coils are supported, with the option to configure further by holding the + and – buttons.

VooPoo Argus GT | Performance

In terms of performance, I don’t have a bad word to say about the VooPoo Argus GT. I had zero issues in almost a month of heavy use – paired with the PnP Pod Tank or any other tank I threw at it!

The ramp up time is outstanding thanks to the Gene.TT chip, the various mode options all work perfectly and the rugged design is more than sturdy enough to handle heavy duty day-to-day use. I dropped the VooPoo Argus GT several times during the month and (apart from a few scratches!) it still works flawlessly.

As I mentioned before, I do think VooPoo should have done away with the Smart Mode and stuck with one fully adjustable variable wattage mode. But this is a pretty minor gripe and not something that detracted from the performance in any significant way.

VooPoo PnP Pod Tank | Performance

In terms of the PnP Pod Tank, I was initially unsure what to expect given the fact it’s a ‘hybrid’ pod/tank design but I have to say I’m really impressed. The adjustable airflow is smooth and easy to use, the PnP coils are push-fit and simple to install and the PnP Pod Tank provides one of the most satisfying DTL vaping experiences I’ve had to date. I also think VooPoo have hit upon a genuinely brilliant idea here with the 510 adapter and I love the fact I can use the PnP Pod Tank on any 510 compatible mod!

In terms of the 0.15ohm and 0.2ohm coils that came with the VooPoo Argus GT kit, both delivered great flavor and excellent vapor production. I mix my own 100% AVG e-juice due to PG Intolerance and this can sometimes cause a noticeable flavor muting due to the absence of PG, which acts as a flavor carrier. BUT with both coils the flavor was crisp and clear, with thick plumes of warm vapor at the recommended range of 40-60w for the 0.2ohm and 60-80w for the 0.15ohm.

Quick tip: both coils that come with the VooPoo Argus GT kit seem to perform perfectly when the wattage is set at slightly under the top end of the recommended wattage range. In fact, the flavor actually seems to drop off a bit at the maximum recommended.

I do have a couple of negative things to say about the PnP Pod Tank though…

The first of which (and the biggest issue for me!) is the fact the coil heads don’t last as long as I’d hoped. I was lucky to get more than a few days out of each coil head and I had to buy replacements far more often that I would with other similar tanks/pods. This can get expensive quickly and I really hope it’s something VooPoo correct in the future.

The other issue is that the PnP Pod Tank absolutely guzzles e-juice! I was easily getting through more than 5ml of e-juice a day compared to the 2-3ml I normally vape. It’s also not easy to see how much e-juice is left in the pod without removing it from the 510 adapter, and several times I took a hit on empty by mistake and got a nasty dry hit for my troubles.

I’d be interested in testing some of the other PnP coils, especially the MTL and RBA options, and will update this review with my findings in the near future. Overall though, the PnP Pod Tank is a really decent bit of kit and definitely something I’ll be using in the future.

VooPoo Argus GT | Charging & Battery Life

The VooPoo Argus GT takes two external 18650 batteries and as a result, battery life is a bit hard to pin down – it really depends on the type of batteries you’re using and the wattage you’re vaping at. While writing this I’m using the 0.15ohm PnP coil at 65w with dual Samsung 25R 18650’s and I’ve been getting roughly 5-6 hours of fairly heavy vaping.

In terms of charging, the VooPoo Argus GT comes supplied with a Type-C USB charging cable – just plug the cable into the USB port on the side of the Argus GT and connect the other end of the cable into a suitable power source.

You can see how much battery you have remaining on the display. And while you’re charging, the battery indicator on the display will flash until the VooPoo Argus GT is fully charged.

However, as with any external battery device, we always recommend using a reliable external charger to charge your batteries rather than using the supplied cable and internal charge circuit. This will help improve the cycle life of your batteries and provide a safer charging environment. For further information on battery chargers, check out our Best 18650 Battery Charger post.

Filling The VooPoo PnP Pod Tank

If you’ve ever filled a pod style vape device, filling the VooPoo PnP Pod Tank is no different. If you’ve never used a pod style vape device before, don’t worry – filling the pod is quick and easy. Just pull on the pod to remove it from the 510 adapter, flip open the black rubber plug on the bottom of the pod and fill with your e-juice.

When you’ve finished filling the pod, push the rubber plug back into place and make sure it’s nice and tight. Pop your pod back into the 510 adapter (the magnets will hold it in place) and be sure to give it a minute or two before you fire – this gives the wick time to fully saturate and helps you avoid a dry hit.

VooPoo PnP Pod Tank | Changing The Coil

As already mentioned, the VooPoo Argus GT kit I received came with one PnP Pod and two PnP coil heads. Replacing the PnP coil in the pod is super easy – just remove the pod section from the 510 adapter, slide a fingernail under the protruding head of the coil and give it a good tug. Just a word of warning though – You’ll want to make sure the pod is empty of e-juice, otherwise it’ll spill everywhere.

When you’ve removed the coil, just insert a fresh PnP coil into the base of the pod. Give it a firm press and you’re all good to fill the pod with e-juice. Same as before though, just be sure to leave the pod standing for a minute to allow the wick to properly saturate before you fire it.

VooPoo Argus GT | Price

At the time of writing, the VooPoo Argus GT kit will set you back around £40/$40. Not a bad price considering the Argus GT and PnP Pod Tank can be used independently of one another and both are impressive products. After roughly a month of use, it’s a price I would happily pay if and when I need to replace mine.

The PnP Pod Tank replacement pod and coils are also reasonably priced but the coils don’t last very long, which is a big shame. I’m hoping this is something VooPoo will correct in the future, but if not I’ll definitely be buying the PnP RBA deck to keep the cost as low as possible.

NewVaping sent me the VooPoo Argus GT kit for the purposes of this review and the below link will take you directly to their online vape-shop. They currently have a new edition range of the VooPoo Argus GT which come in a range of different colors.



  • Great flavor
  • Excellent vapor production
  • Good build quality & design
  • Fast ramp-up
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Looks high-end
  • Easy to use
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Innovative PnP pod/tank design
  • Tank compatible with all PnP coils
  • DTL & MTL coil options
  • Optional RBA deck


  • Poor coil life
  • No replacement pod included
  • Odd ‘speckle’ coating

Overall it’s been an absolute pleasure testing the VooPoo Argus GT over the last month and I’m really impressed with both the mod and the included PnP Pod Tank. It’s not jam-packed with features, but it is extremely easy to use, comfortable to hold and exceeded my expectations in terms of flavor and vapor production. What more could I ask for?

I do wish the coils would last a bit longer but, I plan on buying the RBA deck in the very near future, so this issue will likely no longer be a concern. Having said that, for those of you who prefer using pre-built coils, I do hope that VooPoo correct this issue with coil life as it’s really the only negative thing I could find with this kit.

I would even go as far to say that the Argus GT by itself would justify the price of this kit – it’s compact, lightweight yet powerful and the build quality is top-notch. But with the inclusion of the innovative PnP Pod Tank, VooPoo have absolutely nailed it with this release as far as I’m concerned.

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