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Voopoo Argus P1s Review | Super-Fast Charging and Great Performance

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Up for review today is Voopoo’s latest release in their Argus series of pod devices, the Argus P1s pod kit.

Voopoo Argus P1s held in hand

Now I hear you say what’s different from their Argus P1 Pod kit we reviewed back at the end of 2022? Quite simply put… PLENTY!

Voopoo Argus P1 Vs Argus P1s
Argus P1 Vs Argus P1s

Apart from the Argus P1s reverting back from the small, square box style of the Argus P1 (which I have to say we really loved) to a ‘stick’ style device, which I’m guessing is where the “s” suffix comes from, Voopoo have designed and implemented a new technology called ‘iCOSM CODE’ that’s been applied to the 2 included pods in this kit (more on this later).

The Argus P1s pod kit compliments their ever increasing range of Argus pod devices, nearly all of which we’ve reviewed:

Voopoo Argus P1s with the 0.7 ohm and 1.2 ohm Argus Pods

While the Argus P1s kit incorporates the two new 0.7 ohm and 1.2 ohm pods with the ‘iCOSM CODE’ technology, the earlier 0.7/1.2 ohm pods are compatible with the new Argus P1s. The new pods that come with this kit are also compatible with all the devices mentioned above, including their earlier Argus Pod device.

Although I can’t say for certain, I imagine Voopoo will start to include the new iCOSM CODE technology across all of their non-replaceable coil pods, such as their Argus, Doric and VMate range of devices, including the Drag Q.

Also, while it’s not directly related to this review, Voopoo have released an ’empty’ pod (sold separately) that accepts their range of ITO replaceable coils. This means you won’t need to replace the whole Argus pod each time. I do plan to do a quick review on the ’empty’ pod with the ITO coils shortly so keep an eye out.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the Argus P1s, we’ve very recently uploaded a News item on the iCOSM Flavor Interpretation CODE so feel free to take a look and see what it’s all about.

Overview of the Argus P1s

Side Angle View of the Argus P1s from the reverse side

The Voopoo Argus P1s pod kit is a Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) flattened tube (stick) style, draw activated 25W max pod device with smart coil detection. There are no controls or fire buttons and no variable airflow control, just two fixed air intake pinholes. You simply draw on the mouthpiece and enjoy.

Side Angle View of the Argus P1s from the Front side

Manufactured out of aluminum alloy and PC, with different colored designs, and encapsulated in a clear outer casing, the overall size of the Argus P1s including the pod is 117.3mm high by 25.7mm wide by 13.5mm deep with a weight of 43 grams.

Front View of the Argus P1s with the 3 Bar LED's visible through the clear outer casing

Halfway up the Argus P1s, the front section has a transparent window so the internal circuit boards and 3 small, diagonal, color changing LEDs can be seen. These highlight the status of the battery during use and while it’s charging. These LEDs will also identify the relevant safety notifications and prompts by displaying different sequential flashes of the LEDs.

Argus P1s Type-C USB Charging Port on base of device

The device is powered by an internal rechargeable 800mAh capacity battery with super-fast 20 minute charging via the 5V/2A Type-C USB charging port located on the bottom of the Argus P1s body. It doesn’t have pass-through charging but 20 minutes is no time to wait for the battery to become fully charged.

The Argus P1s pod kit comes complete with everything you need and includes the two new, refillable 2ml capacity, 0.7 ohm and 1.2 ohm pods which include the iCOSM Flavor Interpretation CODE technology.

This enhances flavor by utilizing denser, fluffier cotton wicking while increasing the size of the wicking ports. It also stops bacterial growth with silver ion coated impregnation, which increases the pod/coil lifespan, improves airflow and eliminates leaking.

I would like to thank Whitney at Voopoo for sending us the Argus P1s pod kit. As always this review is completely unbiased and only contains my honest thoughts and opinions on the product. If you click on any of the buy buttons, we may receive a small affiliate commission but at no extra cost to you.

Voopoo Argus P1s Review


Features and Specifications

  • Construction: Aluminium Alloy +PC + PCTG
  • Dimensions: 117.3mm (including pod) (H) x 25.7mm (W) x 13.5mm (D)
  • Weight: 43 grams (Including Pod)
  • Charging: Type-C USB 5V/2.0A
  • Charging Time: 20 minutes
  • Resistance Range: 0.5 ohms – 3.0 ohms
  • Output Wattage: 5W – 25W (Pod Dependant)
  • Output Voltage: 3.2V – 4.2V
  • Battery Specification: Internal 800mAh Rechargeable
  • Display: 3 x Multi-Color LEDs
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 2ml /3ml *
  • Filling Method: Concealed Side Fill
  • Firing Method: Auto Draw Activation
  • Coils: Non-replaceable
  • Coil Material: Kanthal
  • Drip Tip: Duckbill Style Mouthpiece
  • Airflow: Fixed
  • Pod Connection: Magnetic
  • Pod Type: 0.7ohm and 1.2ohm Pods
  • Vape Style: MTL / RDL
  • 6 Levels of Protection
  • iCOSM CODE Technology
  • Chipset: GENE
  • 8 Different Colors Available

* I’ve put an asterix against the 2ml/3ml e-liquid capacity in the specs list as Voopoo’s website states 2ml, yet the user manual states 2ml TPD regions and 3ml for the rest of the World.

What’s in the Box?

Voopoo Argus P1s Whats In the Box
  • Voopoo Argus P1s Battery/Body
  • Argus Pod (0.7 ohm)
  • Argus Pod (1.2 ohm)
  • Type-C USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Lanyard
Voopoo Argus P1s Whats In the Box with the P1s in its Plastic Tray

The packaging is a top opening cardboard box with a slide out plastic tray that houses the Argus P1s with the 0.7 ohm pod already attached. Underneath this plastic tray are the remaining contents of the kit; the lanyard, charging cable, user manual and the 1.2 ohm pod in a sealed, clear plastic sachet.

Box Front View of the Voopoo Argus P1s

On the front of the box is a photo sticker of the Argus P1s in the color matching the device inside with the words “Voopoo” and “Argus P1s” printed above the picture. The lower front section of the box details the usual warning notice about nicotine being an addictive substance.

Left Side View of the Voopoo Argus P1s Box

The left side of the packaging highlights the “icosm code flavor interpretation” with 3 icons detailing “20 mins fast charging”, “colorful lights” and “built-in 800mAh battery”. Below these statements is a “QR code about Voopoo”.

Right Side View of the Voopoo Argus P1s Box

On the right side of the packaging is the product device name, an authentication sticker and a bar code with the color of the included device. You’ll notice that the packaging we have shows a “sample” sticker which is a fairly standard practice when companies send us a product to review.

Back View of the Voopoo Argus P1s Box

The reverse of the packaging includes the package contents, the manufacturer’s details and the relevant safety and nicotine warnings.

For reference, the overall dimensions of the box measure 132mm x 60mm x 38mm and it weighs in at 95 grams.

Argus Pod with the Clear Sticker Protection the base of the Pod
Argus Pod with the Clear Sticker removed

The 0.7 ohm pod comes pre-attached to the P1s body but has a clear plastic sticker across the base of the pod. This is to protect it from making contact with the coil pins and prevent it from auto-firing during transit. Make sure you remove this sticker from the pod before using it.

Voopoo Argus P1s Design and Appearance

Argus P1s Battery/Body

Back View of the Argus P1s without the pod fitted
Front View of the Argus P1s without the pod fitted

Constructed out of aluminium alloy, with different color patterns and encased in a clear PC outer shell, the Argus P1s is very lightweight and robust. It measures 90.2mm tall (excluding the pod), 25.7mm wide and 13.5mm deep, weighing a total of 35.7 grams. When the pod is attached, the overall height is 117.3mm with a weight of 43 grams.

Rear Angled View of the Argus P1s with the pod fitted
Front Angled View of the Argus P1s with the pod fitted

The Voopoo Argus P1s is a tall, slim, flattened tube shaped Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) / Restricted-Direct-To-Lung (RDTL) style draw device, reminiscent in shape of their very popular Argus G, Argus Z and Argus Pod SE devices. Interestingly this makes it a complete change from the earlier Argus P1 shape.

It’s auto-draw activated only (no fire button) and capable of providing up to a maximum of 25W of power. The wattage is not adjustable (no +/- buttons) but derived from the attached pod. The Gene chip set inside the Argus P1s auto detects the resistance of the coil fitted in the pod and selects the optimum wattage.

Small Air Intake Pin Hole on Right Side of Pod Recess Housing
Small Air Intake Pin Hole on Left Side of Pod Recess Housing

Again Voopoo have kept the function of the Argus P1s simple and straightforward to use and not included variable airflow control. They’ve stuck to fixed airflow with two small, air intake pinholes, one either side of the casing within the pod recess.

Type-C USB Charging Port on bottom of the Argus P1s

It’s powered by an internal 800mAh rechargeable battery with a Type-C USB charging port on the bottom of the Argus P1s, specified as 5V/2A. This is a super-fast charging port and will fully charge the battery in approximately 20 minutes. It doesn’t have pass-through charging though so you will have to wait until it’s charged before you can vape.

Close Up view of the Cyber-punk lighting below the clear casing on the Argus P1s

The middle to top section on the front of the Argus P1s is transparent so you can see the internal circuitry (similar to the earlier P1) through the case. Proud of the circuit boards but still beneath the casing is a small housing that has 3 diagonal, color changing LEDs that Voopoo call “Cyberpunk Lighting”. I can only describe it as looking like the old fashioned signs you used to get outside a barber shop.

Argus P1s 3 LED bars Illuminated

These illuminate when you insert the pod, illuminate and color change when drawing on the pod, while charging the Argus P1s or when it’s displaying the different levels of protection. The number of bars illuminated depicts the current remaining battery power as follows:

  • 1 LED bar  =  0% – 30% of battery capacity
  • 2 LED bars = 30% – 60% of battery capacity
  • 3 LED bars =  60% – 100% of battery capacity

The onboard Gene chip controls the included safety features and provides a visual indication via the 3 LEDs. We’ve detailed what each prompt shows on the LEDs in the Functionality section in this review.

  • Overtime protection (5 seconds)
  • Low battery protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Hi temperature protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • Pod not detected / Open circuit
  • Output over-current protection
Top View of the Argus P1s Pod recess

On the top of the Voopoo Argus P1s is the 11mm recessed oval opening for the pod to be located which can be fitted either way around. Within the pod recess are two gold plated, spring loaded, coil contact pins and two rectangular bar magnets that line up with the pod when it’s fitted.

Close up view of the Argus P1s pod recess showing the coil contact pins, the two bar magnets and the auto draw sensor

There’s also a smaller black auto-draw sensor next to the central, positive coil contact pin.

Flat bottom of the Argus P1s

The bottom of the Argus P1s is flat and incorporates the Type-C 5V/2A super-fast charging port. Even though the bottom is flat, because of the small surface area and the height of the Argus P1s body, it does stand upright, however it’s not overly stable.

"Voopoo" and "Gene Chip Inside" branding on the reverse side of the Argus P1s

Branding is limited to the name “Voopoo” which is screen printed in reflective lettering on the reverse face of the device casing. In smaller lettering just above the clear casing you’ll also notice “Gene Chip Inside” with a diagonal square pattern above.

"Argus" and the "Gene logo branding on the front side of the Argus P1s

On the front face of the casing is the device type “Argus” in the same reflective lettering. There is also the “GENE” logo screen just below the same diagonal square pattern.

Strangely enough, although we’ve seen this on some of their other devices, the branding only shows the device name “Argus” but doesn’t show “Argus P1s” (it’s hidden in the pod recess).

Close up view of the inside of the pod recess showing the product description and the coil contacts, auto sensor and magnets
Close up view of the inside of the pod recess showing the product description on the inside of the casing

The only other markings on the P1s are on one side within the pod recess, which is only visible when the pod is removed. “Argus P1s”, “3.7V”, “800mAh”, “2.96Wh” and the “CE” symbols.

In total, there are 8 different color designs in the Argus P1s range:

  • Creed Black
  • Creed Cyan
  • Creed Rose
  • Cyber Black
  • Cyber Blue
  • Cyber Green
  • Cyber Red
  • Cyber White
Color and Pattern range of the Argus P1s

The above photo gives you an indication of the two different ‘Creed’ and ‘Cyber’ designs and what the colors look like. The one we received to review is the Cyber White and can be seen throughout this review.

Overall, the Argus P1s feels solid, looks good, is robust, well built, lightweight and very comfortable to hold. As is standard with the Argus Pod range, they are designed to be simple to use, with minimal controls and easy operation. Don’t be fooled though, Voopoo’s devices also offer superior performance and the Argus P1s is no different.

Argus Pod

New Argus 0.7 ohm and 1.2 ohm Pods
1.2 ohm Pod and 0.7 ohm Pod

As we mentioned at the beginning of this review, the Argus pods have been upgraded to include the iCOMS CODE technology. They are cross-compatible with the Argus Pod, Argus P1, Argus Z, Argus G and the original Argus Pod.

Older style Argus  0.7 ohm pod vs new style 0.7 ohm pod
Older Style Pod Vs New Pod
Older style Argus  0.7 ohm pod vs new style 0.7 ohm pod showing the difference in the size of the wicking ports
New Pod Vs Older Style Pod

Appearance wise, they look virtually identical with two very minor differences. Comparing the existing pods against the new pods you can see that the size of the wicking ports has slightly increased on the new pods.

Argus new style pod showing Argus underneath voopoo

Also, on the reverse side to the silicone rubber fill port stopper, the earlier pods just had “Voopoo” written on them. The new ones now include “Argus” underneath Voopoo so you can tell the difference between the two.

Argus Pods, one empty and one filled with E-liquid
1.2 ohm Pod and the 0.7 ohm Pod filled with E-Liquid

The Argus pod is a side refillable pod with a 2ml e-liquid capacity. Two pods are included in the kit, one has an integrated 0.7 ohm coil and the other has a 1.2 ohm integrated coil. The coils are NOT replaceable so once the coil degrades the whole pod will need replacing.

You can see from the photo above how clear the Argus pods are as the one on the right has been filled with e-liquid. Far too often other manufactures tint their pods making it very difficult to see your e-liquid level.

Close up view of the Argus pod mouthpiece

Each pod is manufactured out of clear, lightweight PCTG material making it really easy to see the level of e-liquid through the pod. The mouthpiece is a duckbill shape with a 9mm oval opening tapering to a 4mm circular cut out to cater for the MTL vape style.

The pod dimensions are 32.5mm tall by 25.4mm wide and 13.4mm deep. The weight of the pod is 7.25 grams.

The black silicone fill port stopper on the side of the Argus pod

The Argus pod fill port is concealed behind a flush fitting, black silicone rubber plug. To gain access to the fill port, the pod has to be removed from the Argus P1s body. This plug has an indented arrow on it which identifies which end is to be lifted away to gain access to the filling port.

Silicone rubber e-liquid stopper opened showing the filling port hole

When the plug is opened, the other end of the silicone rubber flap will remain attached to the pod so it won’t get lost. It can be swiveled to the side to give easier access to the filling hole. This e-liquid fill port is a reasonable size, measuring 4.5mm – just big enough to accept short stubby e-liquid tipped bottles.

Base of the Argus pod showing the coil base and airflow intake holes

On the underside of the pod are 4 small air intake holes, two either side of the integrated coil. There are no visible magnets on the base of the pod but these are concealed beneath the PCTG material of the pod.

0.7 ohm Pod with the figures etched into the rubber. Arrow showing which end to be opened.
1.2 ohm Pod with the figures etched into the rubber. Arrow showing which end to be opened.

Branding on the pod on the bottom section that’s fitted into the Argus P1s pod recess has “Voopoo” and “Argus” indented on one side of the pod and the coil resistance “0.7 ohms or 1.2 ohms” indented into the silicone rubber fill port bung.

Inserting the pod is straightforward enough, simply place the pod to the Argus P1s body recessed pod opening and it will slide into the recess and be locked and held in place by the magnets.

Removing the pod is carried out by grasping the pod mouthpiece and pulling away from the Argus P1s body/battery. It’s a reasonably secure fit but still quite easy to remove.

When the pod is inserted into the Argus P1s body, the 3 LEDs will light and count upwards briefly and then extinguish to show the pod has made electrical contact with the coil pins in the pod recess.

Argus P1s Lanyard

I couldn’t not mention the lanyard that comes with the Argus P1s kit, it’s actually pretty decent. I don’t normally use lanyards but as it came with one I thought why not give it a go.

Argus P1s with the lanyard attached

When I looked at the rubber ring and put it against the P1s body, I thought this is never going to work. This little rubber ring stretches around the top of the P1s and really does grip it well. I don’t think I would want to run the hundred meters or do a marathon with it hanging around my neck but I do feel it would still be there at the end of it if I did.

Voopoo Argus P1s Functionality

The Voopoo Argus P1s pod kit is very simple and straightforward to use. It doesn’t have any menu options to worry over, there are no variable power controls or fire button (auto-draw only), nor an on/off switch, not even variable airflow control.

Before you turn your nose up thinking this doesn’t sound very good, keep reading because Voopoo have designed it this way to be as simplistic to use as possible without compromising on performance.

Depending on the pod type you’re using, the Argus P1s will automatically detect the coil resistance in that pod and set the power level (wattage) accordingly. Unfortunately we don’t have individual power wattage figures for the 0.7ohm pod or the 1.2ohm pod other than they operate somewhere between 5W and 25W.

The Argus P1s with all 3 bar LED's illuminated

The Argus P1s has 3 small diagonal rectangular bar LEDs that are positioned on the front face of the casing beneath the transparent casing. These provide the user interface (UI) in terms of highlighting the current battery status and indicating the different levels of protection.

These 3 bar LEDs are multi-colored and I have to say are pretty bright. They will slowly cycle in the colors of the rainbow when you draw on the pod mouthpiece and when it’s placed on charge. The number of bars that illuminate relate to the current battery charge status as follows:

1 LED Illuminated on the Argus P1s
2 LEDs Illuminated on the Argus P1s
3 LEDs Illuminated on the Argus P1s
  • 1 LED bar  =  0% – 30% of battery capacity
  • 2 LED bars = 30% – 60% of battery capacity
  • 3 LED bars =  60% – 100% of battery capacity

I did take some photos of the different colors the LEDs produce but when it came to editing them for the review they did look pretty crap so I decided not to put them in.

The onboard Gene chip also controls the included safety features and provides the visual indications via the 3 LEDs as follows:

  • Drawing on the pod: – 1, 2 or 3 LEDs will illuminate
  • Charging: – LEDs will slowly cycle and increase in number
  • Full charge: – All 3 LEDs will turn static white and remain illuminated
  • Current battery status: – 1, 2 or 3 LEDs will illuminate
  • Low battery: – 1 LED flashes red 5 times
  • Pod inserted:  – All 3 LEDs will count upwards in white
  • Short circuit: – All 3 LEDs will flash red 2 times
  • Open circuit: – All 3 LEDs flash red once
  • Overtime protection (5 seconds): – All 3 LEDs will flash red 8 times
  • Temp High: – All LEDs illuminate red for 5 seconds


Argus P1s with the air intake pin hole visible
Argus P1s with the air intake blocked off with my thumb

The Voopoo Argus P1s doesn’t have variable airflow control but does have two small airflow intake cut-outs on the top side edges of the casing. A semi-restrictive MTL draw and a restrictive DTL draw is achieved depending on the resistance of pod you have fitted. If you want to restrict the airflow and tighten the draw, you can place a thumb/finger over one or both of the intake cut-outs.

Voopoo Argus P1s Performance

Included in the Argus P1s pod kit are two brand new Argus pods that Voopoo have now developed using their iCOSM Flavor Interpretation CODE; a 0.7 ohm and a 1.2 ohm pod. These pods are specified as having a longer life, improved flavor and better airflow giving an overall increase in user performance.

We’ve used the original 0.7/1.2 ohm pods extensively over the last year or so while reviewing and then using them in their Argus Pod SE, Argus G, Argus P1 and Argus Z. We were very impressed with the results, both flavor and performance wise. Those pods last absolutely ages so it will be interesting to see how Voopoo have managed to raise the bar.

Again Voopoo’s website details that these new pods have a double coil lifespan and will last up to 23 days before needing replacing. I’m struggling with this one a little because some of the original pods I’ve been using have lasted well over this time anyway.

As with most MTL vape pods, freebase nicotine or nic salts with a PG/VG ratio of 50/50 are recommended because of the smaller wicking ports in the coil and the lower power (wattage) used. I do occasionally cycle 70VG/30PG e-liquid through these pods however with no problems at all.

Because these new Argus pods have slightly larger wicking ports then the higher VG liquids should be no problem at all.

When first using a new pod, I would recommend filling the pod with your e-liquid and leaving it to stand for 10-15 minutes to allow the e-liquid to saturate into the wick before vaping. This really will help to prolong the life of the coil within the pod. Equally don’t let the e-liquid level in the pod run lower than the wicking ports of the coil otherwise this will destroy the coil/pod.

0.7 ohm Pod

Argus 0.7 ohm Pod

When the pod is inserted into the Argus P1s body the wattage is automatically set to its optimum value. This fixed wattage straightaway produced really good results in terms of flavor and vapor. After filling the pod for the second time, the flavor came through even stronger and the amount of vapor increased as the pod/coil began to bed in.

We don’t know what the power level is set to but can say that it felt on the higher end of its range. It certainly wasn’t 25W but nevertheless the vape was very enjoyable.

Auto-draw worked effortlessly and is sensitive enough to only require a gentle draw to activate. The draw was smooth and quiet with no gurgling issues. I’d also say I was equally at home with both a MTL and RDL style draw.

There were no problems with leakage or condensation around the base of the coil. I vaped using this pod for over a week with about 60ml of e-liquid cycled through the pod and the pod recess was still completely dry.

1.2 ohm Pod

Argus 1.2 ohm Pod

Changing over to the 1.2 ohm pod I expected the draw and flavor, especially the amount of vapor to be less pronounced. Not at all! Both flavor and vapor, and the intensity of the draw were virtually identical to the 0.7 ohm pod.

Auto-draw worked great and the airflow with this pod gave a slightly tighter MTL draw. It’s not a tight draw by any means but closing off one of the airflow pin holes will restrict the airflow if you prefer a tighter draw.

Again no leaking or condensation was evident. Nearly two weeks using this pod and it’s still giving great results.


Because there is no variable airflow control, you’re limited to the tightness of the draw from the 2 fixed small pin holes on the sides of the P1s body.

Saying this, if you want to restrict the airflow to the pod, you can place your finger or thumb over 1 of the pin holes and this will restrict the draw. I wouldn’t recommend closing off both airflow holes though as this really restricts the airflow and won’t do the pod/coil much good.


Auto-draw works faultlessly and is very responsive, no problems whatsoever.

Do the Pods Leak?

I will start by saying that so far after 3-4 weeks of constant use I’ve not had either pod leak and not seen any signs of condensation on the base of the pods.

Note: I’ve decided to include this section from now on in all my future pod reviews. New users, even experienced users need to be aware that with ANY pod device, if it’s left standing unused with e-liquid left in the pod for longer than a couple of days there is a great risk that the e-liquid will start to seep out and will leak into the pod recess resulting in damage to the device.

Performance Summary

Both these new 0.7 ohm and 1.2 ohm pods are impressive. Comparing them against the earlier pods without the iCOMS CODE technology is quite difficult as the earlier pods produce great results anyway.

Because of the increased size of the wicking ports in these new pods, I found the amount of vapor was slightly increased but the flavor, for me anyway, was about the same.

Longevity of the pods again is a tough one to gauge because I can get over a month of use before I find the flavor starts to drops off from the original pods. Time will tell!

I have to say if you’re already a user of the earlier Argus pods, you will know how good they perform. If you’re expecting these new Argus pods with the iCOMS CODE technology to blow you away then you may be disappointed.

This is not to say they don’t perform well because they do. The dilemma I was left with was just how much better they were.

Overall though, well done to Voopoo for continuing to strive to improve upon what were already great pods.

Voopoo Argus P1s Battery Performance

Argus Pod next to the Argus P1s

Voopoo specify that the Argus P1s can last up to 2 days from a single charge on its 800mAh internal rechargeable battery. This does seem a little adventurous but will put it to the test. 800mAh is about average for this size of device but the big plus is the super-fast 20 minutes charging time.

Bear in mind though, the P1s can operate up to 25W depending on the resistance of the pod you have fitted. Therefore, using the 0.7 ohm pod will drain the battery reasonably quick, especially if you’re a heavy vaper. Using the 1.2 ohm pod should improve battery life between charges simply because it will operate at a lower wattage.

I recorded the approximate vaping time between each stage of LED change while using both the 0.7 ohm and 1.2 ohm pods to see how long the battery would last from a full charge. I should point out that battery performance is always subjective and depends on the resistance of pod you’re using, the frequency you vape and your vaping style.

To recap, the number of LEDs that illuminate when you draw on the mouthpiece relates to the remaining charge left in the battery as follows:

  • Flashing red LED = No remaining charge left
  • 1 LED illuminated = 0% – 30% of remaining battery charge
  • 2 LEDs illuminated = 30% – 60% of remaining battery charge
  • 3 LEDs illuminated = 60% -100% of battery charge

Once the battery is depleted of its charge as depicted by the low voltage cut-off value (3.2V) and the single LED flashing red 5 times, you will no longer be able to vape until the battery is recharged.

My actual recorded times when using both the pods supplied in the kit to determine how long the battery lasted between charges were as follows:

0.7 ohm Pod

  • 3 LEDs – 2 LEDs = 2 hours 45 minutes
  • 2 LEDs – 1 LED   = 2 hours
  • 1 LED – Single LED flashing red 5 times = 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Total vape time between charges is 7 hours

1.2 ohm Pod

  • 3 LEDs – 2 LEDs = 2 hours 30 minutes
  • 2 LEDs – 1 LED   = 2 hours 15 minutes
  • 1 LED – Single LED flashing red 5 times = 3 hours
  • Total vape time between charges is 7 hours 45 Minutes

As you can see from the above timings of battery life between charges on the two different pods, two things surprised me. Firstly, I expected the 1.2 ohm pod to NOT drain the battery as quick but this wasn’t really the case. Secondly these timings fell really short of the specified “2 days”!

Despite this, 7-8 hours from an 800mAh battery is what you would expect to achieve, especially working at the higher end of the power level.

Note: Please be aware that the vaping times I recorded above for the 0.7/1.2 ohm pods are only a guide as my vaping style will be different from others. I’m quite a heavy vaper so medium to light vaper’s can expect longer times between charges.

We’ve covered charging the Argus P1s in detail in the How do I Charge the Argus P1s section. Unfortunately, as we already pointed out, the Argus P1s doesn’t have pass-through so you won’t be able to vape while it’s being charged.

How do I Fill the Argus Pod?

The Argus Pod Removed from the Argus P1s

The Voopoo Argus pod is a concealed side fill design. You’ll have to remove the pod from the Argus P1s in order to fill with e-liquid.

Black Silicone rubber e-liquid fill port stopper showing which side to open by the small arrow

The fill port is located on one side of the pod casing and is concealed behind a black silicon rubber flap. This flap sits flush with the side of the pod. A small arrow on the rubber flap highlights which end of the rubber stopper lifts away to gain access to the fill port.

Black Silicone rubber e-liquid fill port stopper opened and showing the fill port opening

This silicone rubber flap is attached to the pod by a small rubber pin so there’s no chance of it getting lost. It can be twisted sideways when you’re filling to give a little more free room. Because the fill port opening is pretty wide (4.5mm), it’ll accept those larger e-liquid/shortfill bottle tips.

Filling the Argus Pod with E-liquid

Pull open the flap and insert your e-liquid bottle tip into the opening. Tilt the pod on its side to aid filling and to get the maximum amount of e-liquid into the pod. Once filled, reinsert the silicon rubber flap making sure the fill port is securely reseated.

Argus Pod free of the Argus P1s
Argus Pod being inserted into the pod recess on the Argus P1s
Argus Pod fully secured into the Argus P1s

Reinsert the pod into the Argus P1s body till it’s held in place by the magnetic catches. As the pod makes contact with the Argus P1s body, the LEDs will briefly illuminate counting upwards and then extinguish.

Quick Tip: If you are filling the pod for the first time, once filled, leave to stand for approx. 10-15 minutes before you start to vape. This will help saturate the wick fully in e-liquid and help prolong the life of the coil/pod.

When and How do I Change the Argus Pod?

Pod removed from the Argus P1s ready for filling with e-liquid

Because both of the included Argus pods have fixed non replaceable coils, when the coil starts to degrade after a couple of weeks/months use, the pod will need to be discarded and a new pod fitted.

An indication of the coil degrading will show by either a loss of flavor and/or a lack of vapor. Continuing beyond this loss of flavor/vapor may finally result in a nasty burnt taste. Equally the coil could break going open or short circuit as shown by prompt/notification on the 3 LEDs. Either way, when this happens discard the pod and fit a new one.

Pull the pod away from the Argus P1s battery/body. Unfortunately if you still have e-liquid in the pod, this will have to be discarded as well.

When fitting a new pod, follow the procedure for How do I Fill the Pod. As you insert the pod into the Argus P1s body, the LEDs will briefly illuminate counting upwards and then extinguish to identify the pod is connected to the Argus P1s body.

How do I Charge the Voopoo Argus P1s?

Plugging the charging cable into the Type-C USB port on the bottom of the Argus P1s

The Argus P1s has an internal 800mAh capacity battery therefore charging is carried out using the USB to Type-C charging cable (supplied in the kit). Simply connect this cable into the Type-C port on the bottom of the Argus P1s body and the other end into a suitable USB power source. The charging circuit is super-fast and specified as 5V/2.0A and will fully charge the Argus P1s in around 20 minutes.

Charging is required when the lower LED flashes red 5 times and the Argus P1s shuts down (low voltage cutoff).

1 LED illuminated on the Argus P1s as it's being charged
2 LEDs illuminated on the Argus P1s as it's being charged

When the Argus P1s is placed on charge, the first lower LED will cycle on and off in different colors. Once the battery reaches 30% of its charge, both the first and second LEDs will cycle on and off. When the battery reaches 60% of its charge, all 3 LEDs will continually cycle on and off until a full charge is reached, at which point all 3 LEDs will turn static white and remain illuminated.

3 LEDs illuminated on the Argus P1s as it's reaching its full charge

When charging is completed (all LEDs constantly illuminated), remove the power source and USB cable and you’re good to start vaping again.

Unfortunately the Argus P1s does NOT include pass-through so you cannot vape while it’s being charged. It would have been nice to have this function but considering it’s a very quick charge cycle, it’s not really an issue.

Argus P1s fully charged

Charging time from full discharge to fully charged will take approximately 20 minutes when using a 5V/2A power source. I timed the charging cycle using my 2A source to determine the length of time it took for each of the bar LEDs to cycle as follows:

  • 1 LED – 2 LEDs = 14 minutes
  • 2 LEDs – 3 LEDs = A further 5 minutes
  • All LEDs static white = A further 4 minutes
  • Total charging time = 23 minutes

While the Argus P1s was being charged, the bottom of the P1s body did feel warm to the touch. I would strongly recommend to ONLY charge the device on a non-flammable surface.

As with any vape device, NEVER leave it unattended whilst charging.

Voopoo Argus P1s Kit Price

The Argus P1s is another worthy addition to the already great Argus range of pod devices. Build quality, styling and performance are top notch. The new Argus pods have improved upon an already renowned pod.

Simplicity of use continues with the Argus P1s making this perfect for new vapers wanting to make the switch but equally at home with the more experienced vapers.

It’s about to hit the shops very soon and I believe the Argus P1s kit will retail for around £15-£20. Considering it comes with both 0.7 ohm and 1.2 ohm pods, plus a charging cable and lanyard this really is a good price.

Voopoo Argus P1s Verdict

Voopoo Argus P1s Review Verdict


  • Good build quality
  • Auto coil detection
  • Super-fast charging time (20 minutes)
  • Robust and lightweight
  • Type-C USB (2A) charge port
  • 2 pods included in the kit
  • E-liquid visible through the pod
  • Very good overall performance
  • Great vapor and good flavor
  • Pod/coil life is excellent
  • Nice MTL and RDL draw
  • Auto-draw very responsive


  • No Pass-through during charging
  • Battery life is OK

Voopoo Argus P1s Kit Summary

The Voopoo Argus P1s kit, while being marketed as another entry level pod kit, would suit any level of vaper. The ease of use is perfect for the novice vaper yet the vape performance would please even the most veteran of vapers.

Voopoo Argus P1s held in hand with the light on

It’s compact, stylish, performs very well and has the assurances that you’re getting a good device from a renowned manufacturer like Voopoo.

Battery capacity at 800mAh is about average for the size of the device and will last most vapers a full day between charges. The 20 minute charging time is also really impressive and one of the quickest we’ve come across.

Even though the coils are integrated into the pods and not replaceable, the pods are refillable and produce great results. I really can’t praise them enough as they last for several weeks plus before they need replacing.

Auto-draw worked faultlessly and the airflow is about right for a semi-restricted MTL draw.

The 3 LED display highlights the ongoing status of the battery and any safety prompts as well as providing a little color changing light effect to boot!

For a simple straightforward to use pod kit this is an excellent device and a great kit, especially as it includes both the 0.7/1.2 ohm pods, charging cable and a lanyard.

Hope you enjoyed this review on the Voopoo Argus P1s kit and found it useful. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave us a comment below.

If you do purchase one, please drop us a comment and let us know how you’re getting on with it.

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