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VooPoo Drag 3 Review | The Latest In The Popular Drag Series

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We were recently asked to write a VooPoo Drag 3 review, a mod I’d been eager to try ever since it was first released. First and foremost, a big thank you to NewVaping for reaching out and sending us the kit for the purposes of this review – I’ve been a big fan of the Drag series for a while now and I jumped at the chance to test the VooPoo Drag 3.

The Drag series actually started with the HUGELY popular VooPoo Drag 157w a few years back, and since then the Drag series has gone from strength to strength. However, the recent releases under the Drag name have been pod related devices, or ‘pod-mods’ as they’ve come to be known. What excited me about the VooPoo Drag 3 was the fact it marked a return to the more standard style of ‘box-mod’, reminiscent of that very first Drag mod back in the day.

Powered by dual external 18650 batteries, the Drag 3 kicks out up to 177w of power and features the GENE.Fan 2.0 chip – hitting hard with rapid ramp up and plenty of features and vaping mode options. The kit also comes with the TPP Pod Tank, which features a threaded 510 adapter, adjustable airflow and bottom push fit DTL coils.

The TPP Pod Tank is a ‘hybrid’ of sorts – it’s a pod that sits within a 510 adapter, which enables it to function as a sub-ohm tank. It’s a really nifty design concept that we saw initially with the release of the VooPoo Argus GT, in the form of the PnP Pod Tank. Then came the VooPoo Drag X Plus kit, which introduced the upgraded TPP Pod Tank that has again been included in the VooPoo Drag 3 kit.

But enough spoilers – let’s dive into the full VooPoo Drag 3 review!

Quick Note: I only review and/or recommend products I’ve tried and tested. If this post contains an affiliate link I may receive a small commission on any purchase made at no extra cost to you.

VooPoo Drag 3 Review


Features & Specification

VooPoo Drag 3

  • Dimensions (mm): 82 x 52 x 25
  • Weight: 121g
  • Material: Leather & Zinc Alloy
  • Charging: Type C USB 5V/2A
  • Output Wattage: 5w – 177w
  • Resistance: 0.1ohm – 3.0ohm
  • Battery: External Dual 18650
  • Output Voltage: 6.4v – 8.4v
  • Color Display
  • Chipset: GENE.Fan 2.0
  • User Modes: Super / Smart / TC / RBA

VooPoo TPP Pod Tank

  • Diameter: 27mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel & PCTG
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 5.5ml (2ml TPD) Refillable
  • Fill Type: Bottom Fill
  • Bottom Press Fit Coils
  • Magnetic Connection
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Connection: Threaded 510
  • Resistance: TPP DM2 0.2ohm & TPP DM1 0.15ohm

What’s In The Box?

  • VooPoo Drag 3 Mod
  • VooPoo TPP Pod Tank (Pod & 510 Adapter)
  • TPP-DM1 0.15ohm coil
  • TPP-DM2 0.2ohm coil
  • USB-C Cable
  • User Manual

VooPoo Drag 3 | Design & Appearance

The VooPoo Drag 3 kit comes in the standard packaging we’re all used to – a thin rectangular card sleeve with a plastic/foam box inside containing the Drag 3, TPP Pod Tank, spare coils, charging cable and user manual. All the info you’re likely to need is printed on the box, including a product authenticity scratch panel.

In terms of the actual mod design and build quality, the VooPoo Drag 3 impressed me right out of the gate. It’s eye catching, comfortable to hold and has the look and feel of a far more expensive vape mod.

We recently reviewed the VooPoo Argus GT and I have to say, after using both devices, I’m really impressed with the overall design and build quality we’ve seen from VooPoo in recent releases.

If you’re used to smaller pod type devices, this is a fairly large and heavy mod in comparison, weighing in at 121g with dimensions of 82mm x 52mm x 25mm (without the TPP Pod Tank attached). But far from being a bad thing, this makes the VooPoo Drag 3 feel sturdy, well built and reliable.

The Drag 3 comes in 5 different colors and NewVaping sent me the Smoky Grey version – probably not the color I would choose personally as it’s slightly on the bland side, but this of course is subjective. The Drag 3 is rectangular in shape with ‘sharp’ stylised edges that make the mod look almost futuristic, and the design is similar to previous VooPoo releases – a textured leather wrap inside a zinc alloy frame and a bright, color display screen.

I know I’ve talked about this before, but I love the leather wrap design, especially on the VooPoo Drag 3 – it feels like suede leather, which makes the mod really comfortable to hold and it definitely stands out next to the other vape mods I’ve used in recent months.

On the front of the VooPoo Drag 3 is the display screen, firing button, variable wattage controls and Type-C USB port. The buttons are all made from the same zinc alloy as the mod itself, and all feel sturdy and reliable. No rattle or movement when pressing. The firing button is 11mm in diameter and slightly recessed, while the variable wattage control buttons (+ and – ) are 5mm in diameter and situated just below the large color display screen.

The color display is very similar to the Argus GT and Drag X Plus we’ve reviewed previously, with bright, vivid colors and a clear, easy to read display. Everything you need to know is displayed, including coil resistance, current wattage, current mode, battery life remaining and a puff counter.

The USB Type-C port is just under the variable wattage controls, which can be used to charge the VooPoo Drag 3 batteries internally, or to update the chip by connecting the Drag 3 via USB to a computer.

On the top of the VooPoo Drag 3 is the 510 threaded connection, which features a gold-plated, spring loaded pin.

VooPoo Drag 3 - 510 Threaded Connection

And on the underside of the mod is the hinged ‘slide and release’ dual battery compartment. Everything is secure and well-fitted, no overhang or noticeable gaps.

VooPoo Drag 3 - Battery Door

Overall I’m really impressed with the design of the VooPoo Drag 3 – it’s sturdy and well built, aesthetically pleasing to the eye and really comfortable to hold. A big thumbs up to VooPoo for another well designed mod!

VooPoo TPP Pod Tank | Design & Appearance

The VooPoo Drag 3 comes with the TPP Pod Tank, which is basically the bigger version of VooPoo’s PnP Pod Tank. Essentially a hybrid tank of sorts – the top part of the TPP Pod Tank is a refillable pod made from PCTG, with a 5.5ml e-juice capacity, removeable mouthpiece and push-fit coils which insert into the bottom of the pod.

This pod section of the TPP Pod Tank is the same as any other pod, complete with rubber plug which you open to fill up with e-juice, and magnets on the bottom of the pod to hold it in place.

VooPoo Drag 3 - TPP Pod section

But just like the earlier PnP Pod Tank, instead of attaching directly to the Drag 3, the pod section of the TPP Pod Tank actually sits in a Stainless Steel 510 adaptor with a gold plated connection pin. Which means you can use it on any vaping mod with a threaded 510 connection.

TPP Pod Tank - 510 connection

The VooPoo Drag 3 kit comes with two pre-built coils; the TPP DM2 0.2ohm and the TPP DM1 0.15ohm. They’re push-fit coils that slot into the bottom of the pod section of the TPP Pod Tank and I’ll show you how to do this a bit later on.

Those of you who read my last review will know I absolutely love the earlier PnP Pod Tank and I think the ‘hybrid’ concept is a really impressive and innovative design. BUT to be completely honest the TPP Pod Tank feels a bit unnecessary… It’s essentially the same exact design as the PnP Pod Tank, albeit with a slightly larger e-juice capacity and a new removeable drip-tip. I tend to think ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ and it feels a bit like VooPoo have fallen into the trap of ‘upgrading’ just for the sake of it.

At the time of writing, it also looks like the two included coils are the only coils available for the TPP Pod Tank. Now I know it’s not a major issue, but the previous PnP Pod Tank was compatible with the full range of VooPoo PnP (Plug ‘n’ Play) coils, including a PnP R1 0.8ohm Mouth-To-Lung coil and even a rebuildable (RBA) deck. And the new TPP Pod Tank is not compatible with those earlier PnP coils, which I think is a big shame and a missed opportunity by VooPoo.

You can of course use the PnP Pod Tank on the Drag 3 thanks to the 510 adapter, and I found myself wanting to do this more often than not due to the greater choice of coil options. Don’t get me wrong, the TPP Pod Tank is a great piece of kit, but until VooPoo release a few more coils for it I’m probably going to stick with the original PnP Pod Tank.

VooPoo Drag 3 | Functionality & Menu

The VooPoo Drag 3 comes with two basic vaping mode options; Smart Mode and RBA Mode, which we’ll look at below in more detail. Interestingly, VooPoo decided not to include a Temperature Control mode as standard on the Drag 3. Personally I don’t often use TC so this really didn’t make a difference to me, but you can download the TC upgrade for the Drag 3 on the VooPoo support page here if that’s your cup of tea.

The VooPoo Drag 3 Smart Mode is the default setting when you turn on the mod and is basically a variable wattage mode with limits. With this mode enabled, the VooPoo Drag 3 will automatically detect your coil resistance and set your wattage for you. Nice and easy, this mode is standard on most mods now and is perfect if you’re new to vaping or just don’t want to worry about amending anything. You can still adjust the wattage in this mode, but one thing to keep in mind though – you can’t increase the wattage past the ‘limit’ set by the automatic detection based on the coil you’re using.

RBA Mode on the VooPoo Drag 3 is basically the same as Smart Mode, without the automatic resistance detection or limitations to the variable wattage. I’ve said this before, but I don’t really understand why both these mode options are included. Personally I think it would make more sense to have just one variable wattage mode, with a ‘suggested’ wattage based on the coil you’re using, but one you can override if you choose to.

There is one other mode you can access on the VooPoo Drag 3, which is called Super Mode. However, this is just a mode that activates when you increase the variable wattage over 80w in RBA Mode with a resistance between 0.1ohm – 0.3ohm. The display color changes to red and VooPoo promise faster firing in this mode. Again, I’m not sure this was really necessary to include but let me know in the comments below if you’ve used this mode and think I’m missing something.

The controls and menu on the VooPoo Drag 3 is super straightforward:

  • Power On/Off – Press the firing button 5 times
  • Lock/Unlock – Press and hold the firing button and top variable wattage button
  • Changing The Mode – Press the firing button 3 times
  • Changing The Display – Press and hold both variable wattage buttons to access the display menu. Then use the adjustment buttons to select which display orientation you want and hold the firing button to confirm
  • Reset Puff Counter – Hold the firing button and bottom variable wattage button
  • Access TC Settings – Hold both variable wattage buttons while in TC mode to adjust TCR value, wattage and coil resistance

VooPoo Drag 3 | Performance

In terms of performance, I think the VooPoo Drag 3 packs enough of a punch to keep most vapers satisfied. The ramp-up time is super fast, the color display is fantastic and VooPoo have pulled out all the stops in terms of build quality.

It’s not exactly jam packed with features, but that’s not really what I look for in a vaping mod anyway. The VooPoo Drag 3 is reliable, well built and super comfortable to hold.

I do have one small issue though – I noticed that every now and then the auto detection reported slightly inaccurate ohm readings. Taking the pod out and cleaning it seemed to resolve the issue, but this is definitely something I’ll be keeping an eye on.

Overall though, I’m really impressed with the VooPoo Drag 3. It looks great, feels great and does exactly what it says on the tin.

VooPoo TPP Pod Tank | Performance

I was actually quite excited to put the VooPoo TPP Pod Tank to the test – I’m a huge fan of the original PnP Pod Tank and I was eager to see what improvements or upgrades had been made! It’s with that in mind that I have to say I was a little disappointed with the TPP Pod Tank…

It’s not a bad bit of kit by any means – the airflow is fully adjustable and easy to use, the TPP coils are simple to install and I love the concept of the pod/tank ‘hybrid’ utilising a 510 adapter. It’s a genuinely innovative and brilliant idea, hats off to VooPoo.

So what’s the problem right?

Well the earlier PnP Pod Tank had adjustable airflow. And easy to install push-fit coils. And I considered it (and still do!) a game changer when I first used it on the Argus GT.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the TPP Pod Tank really doesn’t feel like much of an ‘upgrade’. Yes it has a removeable drip-tip and a slightly larger e-juice capacity, but I feel like VooPoo should have aimed for a bit, well, more…

Take the coil heads for example – as I mentioned earlier, the TPP Pod Tank (at the time of writing) only seems to have two available coils. Whereas the original PnP Pod Tank has plenty of choice, including an RBA deck for building your own coils. And unfortunately the PnP (Plug ‘n’ Play) coils aren’t compatible with the upgraded TPP Pod Tank.

Now that’s not to say I dislike the TPP Pod Tank – I don’t. It’s a cracking little tank, with great flavor from both of the coils included, and really decent vapor production. In fact, it’s probably fair to say if I hadn’t ever tried the original PnP Pod Tank I’d be raving about how fantastic and innovative the TPP Pod Tank is… So keep that in mind.

Both coils seem to work perfectly at just below the recommended range, with really decent, crisp flavor and absolute heaps of vapor. No complaints on the flavor or vapor front at all.

I did have a couple of other issues with the TPP Pod Tank though – first of all it leaked slightly, regardless of the coil head I had installed. Not exactly guzzling e-juice, but a noticeable amount of juice leaking from the bottom of the pod into the 510 adapter.

I also noticed the coil heads don’t last long and this is actually one of the very few issues I had with the original PnP Pod Tank. Another member of the Vaping Hardware team has used both the PnP and TPP coils and hasn’t had any problems with coil life, so I may just have been unlucky with the coils I received. But of course, with the RBA deck for the PnP Pod Tank this isn’t such a concern, so I’m hoping VooPoo release an RBA deck for the TPP Pod Tank at some point in the future.

So yes, overall the TPP Pod Tank is a good bit of kit. Great flavor, great vapor production and you can run it on any 510 threaded mod. BUT for me (at least for now anyway) the PnP Pod Tank is still superior and I’ll be sticking with it.

VooPoo Drag 3 | Charging & Battery Life

As the VooPoo Drag 3 is powered via dual external 18650 batteries, it’s difficult to predict how long the battery will last as it depends on what batteries you’re using and the wattage you vape at.

I use dual Samsung 25R 18650 batteries and I’m currently vaping the 0.15ohm coil at 55w (slightly under the recommended wattage range) and I’m getting at least 6 hours of pretty heavy vaping before the batteries give up the ghost.

In terms of charging the VooPoo Drag 3, the kit comes supplied with a Type-C USB charging cable – just plug the cable into the USB port on the side of the Drag 3 and connect the other end of the cable into a suitable power source.

You can see how much battery you have remaining thanks to the little battery icons in the top-right hand corner of the display. These battery indicators will also flash while you’re charging, and gradually fill up until the VooPoo Drag 3 is fully charged.

However, as with any external battery device, we always recommend using a reliable external charger to charge your batteries rather than using the supplied cable and internal charge circuit. This will help improve the cycle life of your batteries and provide a safer charging environment. For further information on battery chargers, check out our Best 18650 Battery Charger post.

Filling The VooPoo TPP Pod Tank

Filling the VooPoo TPP Pod Tank is quick and easy – just pull on the pod to remove it from the 510 adapter, remove the black rubber plug on the bottom of the pod and pop the nozzle of your e-juice bottle into the open fill port.

Once you’ve finished filling the pod, press the rubber plug back into place and make sure it’s secure and sits flush. Pop your pod back into the 510 adapter (the magnets will hold it in place) and be sure to give it a few minutes before you fire – this will give the coil wick time to saturate thoroughly and prevent a dry hit.

VooPoo TPP Pod Tank | Changing The Coil

The VooPoo Drag 3 comes with a single pod and two coil heads, which slot into the bottom of the pod. Replacing the TPP coil in the pod is really simple – you just remove the pod section from the 510 adapter, slide a fingernail under the protruding head of the coil and pull it out of the pod. It may sound obvious but you don’t want to attempt this while the pod is full of e-juice or you’ll end up with a puddle in your lap.

Once you’ve removed the coil, insert a fresh TPP coil into the base of the pod and give it a firm press until it clicks into place. And that’s all there is to it! You’re ready to fill the pod with e-juice. Same as before though, just remember to leave the pod standing for a few minutes to allow the wick to thoroughly saturate before you fire it.

VooPoo Drag 3 | Price

At the time of writing, the VooPoo Drag 3 kit will cost you around £45 in the UK and $55 in the USA and elsewhere. This seems like a fairly reasonable price considering the quality of the kit. But keep in mind the Drag 3 is a recent release, so the price is likely to come down pretty quickly.

As with the earlier PnP model, the TPP Pod Tank replacement pod and coils are also reasonably priced but the coils don’t last very long, which is a big shame. I’m hoping this is something VooPoo will correct in the future!

NewVaping sent me the VooPoo Drag 3 kit for the purposes of this review and the below link will take you directly to their online vape-shop for the latest deals. You can also check out NewVaping’s full range of mods from VooPoo.



  • Outstanding build quality & design
  • Fast ramp-up
  • Great flavor
  • Great vapor production
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Looks high-end
  • Easy to use
  • Innovative TPP Pod Tank design
  • 510 adapter!


  • Poor coil life
  • No replacement pod included
  • Slight leaking from tank
  • Limited coil options

I’m a bit unsure exactly how I feel about the VooPoo Drag 3 kit if I’m being completely honest. Yes it looks the part and does everything you need it to. BUT I still can’t help feeling a little disappointed with the TPP Pod Tank. Especially considering the lack of coil options (or RBA deck!) and the fact it’s not compatible with the PnP coil range!

I don’t think it helps that just before receiving the Drag 3, I’d been testing the Argus GT & PnP Pod Tank (also by VooPoo!) and loved almost everything about both the mod and tank!

If we pretend for a second that the Argus GT and PnP Pod Tank don’t exist – then this review would be very different and I’d be blown away by the Drag 3 and TPP Pod Tank. The flavor and vapor production is on point, it’s easy to use, super comfortable in your hand and looks like a top-tier mod and tank combo.

BUT, the Argus GT and PnP Pod Tank do exist, and for that reason I’m sorry to say I’ll be sticking with them until VooPoo release some more TPP coils – hopefully a MTL option and/or RBA deck!

We hope you enjoyed this VooPoo Drag 3 review! Please feel free to share this post or leave us a comment below! Happy Vaping!

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  1. Electrónica de mala calidad y lo digo por qué con solo 3 meses de uso dejo de funcionar correctamente y ahora se apaga solo apenas una calada y se apaga si alguien sabe la solución a este problema lo agradecería infinitamente

    1. Hi Dark, thanks for your question.
      The problem is related to the batteries or battery compartment. Make sure they are charged and check that the positive and negative terminals on the batteries are clean. Also check the battery door terminals are clean and make good contact with the batteries when the battery door is closed.
      Also apply pressure to the battery door ensuring it is fully closed while you try vaping to see if that makes any difference.
      We’ve not had this problem on the Drag 3 we have but had similar problems on another mod which was due to a loose fitting battery door. Hope this helps.

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