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Voopoo Drag 4 Kit Review / Latest and Greatest In The Drag Series

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Having reviewed several of Voopoo’s pods and mods over the last couple of years, including their Drag range of kits, we were very pleased to have received their latest Drag 4 Mod Kit (which includes the UForce-L tank) to review.

Their Drag range of kits is ever growing and really does cover something for everyone, from pods, mods, internal and external battery devices, small compact stealth pods and even dual battery mods, the choice is endless.

The Drag 4 is the 4th generation of mod by Voopoo, improving on the already popular Drag, Drag 2 and Drag 3, which we reviewed this year. It now includes some nifty new features over the Drag 3, and the Drag 4 kit introduces the top triple airflow UForce-L tank which we’re eager to put to the test.

We’ve always been impressed with the quality, design and performance of all the Voopoo products we’ve reviewed and I’ve no doubt the Drag 4 and UForce-L tank combo will complement the Drag range and be equally, if not more successful than its predecessors.

Overview of the Drag 4 Kit

Voopoo Drag 4 177W Mod

With a maximum output power of 177W, the Drag 4 is a multifunction box style mod, powered by dual external 18650 batteries and boasts an OLED selectable color change display screen.

A 3A Type-C USB super-fast charging port is located on the front panel just below the + and – control buttons, with the larger fire button positioned towards the top of the mod just above the display. A lovely addition is the round toggle switch just below the display that is configurable to lock/unlock the device, lock/unlock the control buttons or turn the device on/off.

The dual battery compartment is now accessed via a magnetically locked, C shaped lift out frame which covers two thirds of the Drag 4 body. This panel comes in 2 different designs; 3 different resin colors and 3 different wood effect colors with a leather inlay on the rear spine.

Control of the Drag 4 mod is carried out by the improved GENE.TT 2.0 chip, providing accurate power levels, ultra-fast firing speeds, individually monitored battery management and the usual host of safety features. The full feature operating modes include Smart (auto coil detect) RBA (variable wattage), Temperature Control (with 4 pre-set wire types) and an Eco setting.

Voopoo UForce-L Tank

Included in the Drag 4 kit is the all new UForce-L tank, which has an e-liquid capacity of 4ml if using the straight Pyrex glass, or 5.5ml with the included spare bubble Pyrex glass. Of course the TPD version will come with a reduced 2ml straight glass.

It’s a quarter turn, lift off top-fill cap with a fully adjustable triple slot, top located airflow control ring. The mouthpiece is an 810, removable, wide bore drip tip that’s fixed into the top cap. It also incorporates an integrated heat sink cut into the bottom section of the tank.

Voopoo PnP TW15 and TW20 Coils

If this was not enough, the beauty of this tank is it now accepts the entire range of Voopoo’s PnP push fit coils and comes supplied with the new PnP TW15 and TW20 coils.

Straight out of the box, the Drag 4 with the UForce-L tank looks very impressive. The clean contoured lines and the wood effect C frame with its leather inlay on the spine end gives the appearance of a very well made, quality mod. The UForce-L tank with the triple top airflow and heat sink base looks really good and compliments the Drag 4 making this one very impressive kit.

I would like to thank Nacal at Voopoo for sending me the Drag 4 kit to review. As always this review is completely unbiased and is my honest opinion based on my findings. If you click on any of the buy buttons, we may receive a small affiliate commission but at no extra cost to you.

Voopoo Drag 4 Kit Review


Features and Specifications

Drag 4 177W Mod

  • Dimensions: 52.4mm (W) x 25.4mm (D) x 89mm (H)
  • Weight: 155 grams (excluding batteries)
  • Construction: Zinc Alloy + Leather + Wood
  • Charging: Type-C USB (5V/3A)
  • Output Wattage: 5W – 177W
  • Temperature: 100-315C/200-600F
  • Output Voltage: 3.2V – 8.4V
  • Resistance Range: 0.05 ohm – 3 ohm
  • Battery Specification: External Dual 18650’s (not included)
  • Display: 1.09inch OLED 5 Color Change Screen
  • Firing Mechanism: Button Fire Activated
  • Output Modes: Variable Wattage (RBA)/Smart/TC SS316/SS430/Ni200/Ti
  • Chip Set: GENE.TT 2.0 Chip
  • Front Fitted Multi Lock Switch

UForce-L Tank

  • Dimensions: 25mm (D) x 57mm (H)
  • Weight: 92 grams (including coil)
  • Construction: Stainless Steel + Pyrex Glass
  • E-liquid Capacity: 4ml +5.5ml (Standard), 2ml (TPD)
  • Filling Method: Quarter Turn Top Fill
  • Coil Type: All PnP Coil Series – TW15/TW20 Included
  • Airflow: Fully Adjustable Top 3 Airflow Slots
  • Drip Tip: 810 Wide Bore
  • Thread: 510
  • Heatsink Base

The combined height of the mod and tank is 147.3mm with the combined weight being 339 grams including batteries.

What’s in the box?

Voopoo Drag 4 Kit Whats In The Box
  • Voopoo Drag 4 177W Mod
  • Voopoo UForce-L Tank (4ml)
  • PnP TW15 Mesh Coil (0.15 ohm)
  • PnP TW20 Mesh Coil (0.2 ohm)
  • Spare Glass – 5.5ml Bubble Glass
  • Spare Silicone O-Rings
  • Type-C USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Battery Warning Card
Voopoo Drag 4 Kit Spares

We were very pleased to see Voopoo including all of the above spares in the kit. It’s always nice to have more than one coil type so you can see which one suits your vaping style. Also the inclusion of both the spare silicone O-rings and a spare, larger size (5.5ml) bubble glass means you can maintain and customize your tank.

Voopoo Drag 4 Kit Box
Voopoo Drag 4 Kit Box Sleeve Removed

The packaging box is different from the normal VooPoo packaging in that it has an outer wood colored sleeve that slides over 2/3rds of the cardboard box, very similar to how the C frame battery cover slides over the Drag 4. Once this sleeve is removed you can then lift off the top of the box giving access to its contents.

Voopoo Drag 4 Kit Reverse Side of Box
Voopoo Drag 4 Side View of Box

This slide off sleeve has “Drag 4” printed on the front in large letters with a smaller “Gene TT” printed above. The side edge shows the “PnP UForce-L Tank”, “Compatible All PnP Coils” and “177W Max” in 3 little box icons. The reverse side of the sleeve includes the package contents, an authentication sticker, the manufacturer’s details, the relevant safety warnings and a bar code sticker with the color of the included device.

With the sleeve removed, the top of the box lid has “Drag 4” and “Voopoo” in the same size lettering as the sleeve, with the only other branding being on its side with the same 3 little box icons and wording.

Contents View of Drag 4 Kit with Sleeve and Box Lid Removed

Once the box lid is taken off, the Drag 4, the UForce-L tank, both the TW15 and TW20 coils in sachets, the user manual and the spare 5.5ml bubble glass are housed in a plastic insert tray. Lifting the tray out gives you access to the spare bag of O-rings, the Type-C to USB cable and the battery warning card.

The packaging box dimensions measure 122mm wide x 132mm tall x 53mm deep.

Voopoo Drag 4 Kit Design and Appearance

Drag 4 Mod

The dimensions of the Drag 4 mod are 25.4mm depth x 52.4mm width x 89mm in height and weighs in at a hefty 155 grams. It’s a very solid and very robust device and the appearance of the Drag 4 mod is a box style shape with a removable C frame battery cover.

Voopoo Drag 4 Left Hand Angled View
Voopoo Drag 4 RightHand Angled View

It’s a multi-function mod capable of 5W-177W with operating modes of Variable Wattage (RBA mode), Smart Coil Detection, Temperature Control (TC) modes with 4 selectable options of SS316, SS430, Ni200 and Titanium (Ti) and an ECO mode.

Voopoo Drag 4 Side View

Dual external 18650 batteries power the mod, with the batteries fitted in the battery tray concealed behind the removable, magnetically locked C frame cover. This cover, which is colored in the 6 different available color themes, simply pulls away from the Drag 4 body to grant access to the batteries.

Once the C frame is removed, the battery compartment is visible and shows the correct orientation that the batteries need to be fitted. Each battery tray shows the + and – symbols and a nylon strap is fixed to the inside of the battery compartment to aid removing the batteries once they’re fitted.

Voopoo Drag 4 Showing Dual Battery cartridge with Battery Cover Removed
Voopoo Drag 4 Back of Battery Cartridge

Branding in the battery compartment is quite detailed but once the C frame cover is fitted, none of this is visible. This includes:

  • “+” and “–“ battery orientations
  • “Just Drag” stamped into the side case
  • “Spark Your Life” on the nylon battery strap
  • Full length sticker showing “Drag” and battery warnings

There doesn’t appear to be any battery venting holes in the C frame or on the mod itself but I can only assume if there were any problems with venting, the gases would escape through the edges of the C frame.

Voopoo Drag 4 Battery Compartment and C-Frame Cover Showing Magnets

When replacing the C frame battery cover, it can be fitted either way around and just slips over the Drag 4. It’s locked and held in place by the two magnets on the inside of the C frame cover and these latch against 2 further magnets on the inside edge of the Drag 4.

Drag 4 USB Cable in Type-C Charging Port

Charging the battery in the mod can be carried out using the supplied charging cable, plugged into the Type-C USB port on the lower part of the front panel, just below the + and – control buttons.

This USB port is specified as 5V/3A so to maximize high speed charging you will need a QC compatible charging source/plug.

I always recommend using an external battery charger as you have control of the charging currents and can see real time status of the batteries. I will try the on-board charging circuit and report what happens in the How Do I Charge The Drag 4 section.

The Drag 4 mod is constructed out of zinc-alloy, leather and plastic. The plastic part is the internal battery tray and the 2 different C frame cover style finishes can be chosen in either wood or resin. The one I received from Voopoo was the Black and Walnut variant and can be seen in the photos within this review.

There are a total of 6 available color options in the Drag 4 range; 3 with a different wood finish and a further 3 with a resin finish. This change in color is mainly limited to the C frame battery cover although the Drag 4 body is available in either rose gold, black or gunmetal.

  • Pale Gold and Walnut – Wood finish
  • Black and Walnut – Wood finish
  • Gunmetal and Rosewood – Wood finish
  • Gunmetal and Ocean Blue – Resin finish
  • Gunmetal and Forest Green – Resin finish
  • Gunmetal and Tropical Orange – Resin finish
Voopoo Leather Spine on Battery C-Frame Cover of Drag 4

On the back edge of the C frame cover is a full length leather inlay panel with the wording “VOOPOO” branded into the leather hide. On one side of the C frame is a smaller “Drag 4” logo while the other side is unmarked.

Drag 4 510 Plate

At the top of the Drag 4 mod is a very slightly raised circular 510 plate with the words “DRAG” and “Spark Your Life” etched around the top surface of the plate. A spring loaded, gold plated, 510 threaded center pin sits within this plate and is isolated with a black silicone O-ring.

This top part of the threaded stud in the 510 plate has two very small tags which locate within the 510 plate to hold it securely in place.

Bottom of Voopoo Drag 4 with Branding

The base of the Drag 4 is flat and includes the branding “GENE TT” and “designed by Voopoo” together with the usual “CE” markings.

Display and Control Buttons on front of Drag 4 Mod

On the front of the Drag 4 are all the control buttons and the OLED display. The display, although not specified, measures 1.09 inch and is multi-colored. Changing the screen colors is done by selecting the “Colour” option in the menu settings to switch between the 5 different colors available:

  • Classic
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Yellow

An 11.5mm circular, chrome fire button with a concave surface sits just above the OLED display and two smaller 5.5mm + and – control buttons in the same style and finish are positioned just above the Type-C USB charging port.

Above these two control buttons is a third slider button that has a multifunction operation and is configurable from the “Switch” menu to operate under the following conditions:

  • Device Lock/Unlock
  • Power On/Off
  • + / – button adjustment Lock/Unlock (W)
Voopoo Drag 4 Multi-Function Lock Button  in Lock Position
Voopoo Drag 4 Multi-Function Lock Button  in Unlock Position

Depending on what action you’ve selected, this operation is carried out by moving the slider in the up or down position. Pressing down will activate the selection (for example – lock) whereas pressing up will unlock. When the switch is moved, the screen will display the lock/unlock symbol and the main display will also show a locked, red padlock symbol to let you know that operation is locked.

I really do like the fact you can configure the switch to operate for the separate functions, it’s much better than having to press the fire button multiple times.

The 2 control buttons, the fire button and the lock/unlock slider have a positive ‘click’ feel to them with NO button rattle at all.

All of the user information is clearly visible on the display, even in pretty bright sunlight. Different color display options are selectable via the “Colour” menu. Further explanation of these options and the different menu settings are detailed in the Functionality section of this review.

Close Up Of Drag 4 OLED Display

The information on the main display includes the following:

  • Selected mode (RBA / Smart / Eco / TC)
  • Dual battery level icons with %
  • Wattage / Voltage / Temperature levels
  • Lock / Unlock
  • Coil resistance reading
  • Puff Counter
  • Vape time duration

Control of the Drag 4 is carried out by the GENE.TT 2.0 chipset and provides all the necessary protection and will display these notifications on the 1.09inch OLED display screen:

  • Time Out
  • Check Atomizer (no resistance detected)
  • High Temperature Protection
  • Low Voltage / Battery Low
  • Atomizer Short / Low Resistance Protection
  • Device Lock / Unlock
  • Charging
  • Max Power

I’m very impressed with the design and appearance of the Drag 4 mod. The build quality and aesthetics look and feel really good. The menu structure is clear and concise and easy to follow. The different color options should appeal to a wide audience; I especially love the wood effect.

It will perform most functions although Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) and Variable Power Curve (VPC) are not included. That’s not a game changer as everything it does have works really well.

UForce-L Tank

Voopoo UForce-L Tank View

The UForce-L tank is 25mm wide (27.5mm at its widest point) by 57mm tall with a 4ml e-liquid capacity when using the fitted 4ml straight glass. Increasing the capacity to 5.5ml can be done using the supplied Pyrex bubble glass. Unfortunately TPD user will have the 2ml version which uses a smaller straight glass.

Made out of stainless steel, the UForce-L tank feels very solid and really well made. The threads feel smooth and well machined and the removable top cap has a positive close action to it. It’s a pretty heavy tank weighing in at 92 grams with the 4ml straight glass fitted, including the coil.

Voopoo UForce-L Tank Top Cap and 810 Drip Tip

Its top fill design is child-proof and incorporates a quarter turn lift off top cap which is knurled to aid greater grip when removing. The wide bore drip tip at first I thought was non removable, but after a few good tugs I managed to get it off. It’s a very tight fit and the two O-rings on the drip tip do a great job of keeping it in place.

Voopoo UForce-L Tank E-Liquid Fill Ports and Reverse Side Of Top Cap

The reverse side of the top cap has a small, clear silicone rubber seal around the base of the center section that fits into the opening to the chimney on the UForce-L tank to make an airtight seal. There are two small tags on this center section that locate in the chimney opening and when turned, lock it securely.

When the top cap is removed, there are two fill ports; both have a silicone membrane seal that you pass your needle tip e-liquid bottle through to fill the tank. Either of the two fill ports can be used as the other opening is used as an air release so your e-liquid doesn’t spill back out.

Voopoo UForce-L Tank E-Liquid Filling Ports

These two fill ports are oval shaped and measure approximately 8mm. Larger, stubby tip bottles do take a little bit of fiddling and have to be pressed firmly to one of the fill port openings in order to fill without spillage.

There is a slightly raised silicone lip on the opposite side to the two fill port openings, with the height matching the silicone surround of both fill ports. This I assume is to make a symmetrical seal when the top cap is fitted.

Airflow is achieved by a variable airflow control ring at the top of the tank. Yes….top airflow so no leaking! There is no end stop so the control ring will continuously turn round. With the quarter turn top cap removed, you can pull off the airflow ring for cleaning. This ring will only fit back on one way round.

Voopoo UForce-L Tank Airflow Control Ring Closed
Voopoo UForce-L Tank Airflow Control Ring Open

The innovative design of the airflow is such that unlike the normal dual Cyclops slots, the UForce-L tank has triple airflow slots around the diameter of the tank. Each of these slots has two center sections, meaning there are again triple inlet vents per slot. This makes for a very airy tank and does produce one of the best Direct to Lung (DTL) draws I’ve come across.

Voopoo UForce-L Tank  Side View Showing 810 Drip Tip and Top Cap
Voopoo UForce-L Tank Side View Showing 510 Threaded Base

Another quirky feature of the UForce-L tank is the heat sink style base. Instead of the base section of the tank being solid, two deep cutouts have been milled out of the base, effectively providing a heat dissipation effect. I’m not sure if it functions as a heat sink, I’m guessing it does but for me it’s the look.

I’m digressing a little but many years ago when mechanicals were all the rage, I often fitted separate heat sinks to my tanks in the hope it would dissipate the heat but mainly because it made the tank/mech mod look really good.

Voopoo UForce-L Tank with Base Section Removed and PnP coil Entry Showing Base Coil Pins

Now if that wasn’t enough to get your taste buds going, once the bottom 510 base section of the tank is unscrewed, you have access to the coil chamber. Straight away you can see that it’s NOT threaded, meaning it does accept the complete range of Voopoo’s push fit PnP coils.

On the inside of the 510 base, there is a gold plated, spring loaded, center coil positive contact pin that is isolated from the base plate with a silicone seal. Either side of this pin are two smaller, spring loaded negative coil contact pins.

Once the 510 base is removed, the 4ml pyrex glass can then be gently eased off from its silicone rubber seals if cleaning is needed or you wish to replace with the 5.5ml bubble glass.

Voopoo PnP TW Coils

With the extensive range of push fit PnP coils available, the UForce-L tank really does become extremely versatile. Two new coils are supplied with the Drag 4 kit; a 0.15 ohm mesh TW15 coil, rated at 55W – 70W and a 0.2 ohm mesh TW20 coil, rated at 40W – 55W.

Branding on Base of UForce-L Tank

Strangely enough there is very little branding on the UForce-L tank. On the base (underneath) of the tank, the words “VOOPOO” and “Designed by Voopoo” are printed in small white lettering together with the CE markings.

Log and Emblem of 3 Wolves on UForce-L Tank

The only other markings are on the chimney section. There are 3 images of a 3 headed wolf-like figure with what looks like a fang neck collar. A bit hard to describe but you can see what I mean in the photo.

Color wise, the UForce-L tank is available in 3 different color options; Pale Gold, Black and Gunmetal on the 3 different wood finishes on the Drag 4. Gunmetal is only available on the 3 Drag 4 resin designs. The one shown in the photos throughout this review is the black version.

Voopoo UForce-L Tank Stripped Down

The UForce-L tank dismantles into 6 sections, plus the coil, with 2 O-rings sealing the Pyrex glass, 1 O-ring sealing the airflow control ring, 1 O-ring sealing the 510 base section, 1 O-ring sealing the removable top cap and 2 O-rings on the 810 drip tip.

I have to say the UForce-L is one of the best looking and most functional tanks I’ve come across. For me it has everything going for it. While I like the black version, I’m very keen to get the Pale Gold one as from the pictures I’ve seen it looks really good.

Voopoo Drag 4 Mod Functionality

The Drag 4 mod is a 5W-177W variable power (wattage) device which also includes 4 different temperature control modes (SS316, SS430, NI200 and TI). There are also modes for “Smart” coil detection and an Eco mode to conserve battery power.

Although it facilitates temperature control, sadly there is no option for setting your own Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) values. Equally there is also no Variable Power Curve (VPC) option.

Accessing these different functions is carried out using combinations of the fire button and the + and – buttons with the 1.09inch colored OLED display highlighting all these changes.

It’s worth having a read of the manual to familiarize yourself with the structure of the menus. The manual is very good as it shows and explains all of the available options. The menu structure is straight forward and easy to follow but I would recommend for the first time having a play with the different menu’s to familiarize yourself before you fit the UForce-L tank.

A quick start guide of the basic functions are:

  • Front slide switch will lock/unlock the device, power on/off or unlock the +/- buttons
  • Fire button pressed 5 times turns the device on or off
  • If front switch is configured to on/off, fire button pressed 3 times will lock/unlock the device
  • + button will increase the wattage in 1W steps
  • – button will decrease the wattage in 1W steps
  • In TC mode, Fire button and + button will access the Wattage
  • In TC mode, Fire button and – button will switch between degC/degF
  • In TC mode, + button will increase the temperature in 1 deg steps
  • In TC mode, – button will decrease the temperature in 1 deg steps
  • + and – buttons together will switch to the menu settings

Included on the 1.09inch, OLED colored display main screen is all of the read-out information as follows:

Drag 4 1.09inch OLED Main Display
  • Numerical Wattage/Temperature values
  • Selected mode (RBA / Smart / Eco / TC)
  • Dual battery level icons with % value
  • Smaller Wattage / Voltage levels
  • Lock / Unlock
  • Coil resistance reading
  • Puff Counter
  • Vape time duration

Also the safety read-outs and the protection of the Drag 4 are:

  • Reverse Battery Protection
  • Overtime Protection (10s)
  • No Atomizer (open circuit protection)
  • High Temperature Protection
  • Low Battery (low voltage protection)
  • Atomizer Short (short circuit protection)
  • Over Charge Protection
  • Over Discharge Protection
  • Max Power Protection

Turning the Drag 4 mod on/off is carried out by pressing the fire button 5 times in quick succession. When turning on, the screen will display “Voopoo” with “Just Drag” and then the control chip version “GENE.TT 2.0”. After that, the display shows the mode you are in, the coil resistance, volts, wattage or temperature, puff counter, vape time reading and battery status.

When turning off, press the fire button 5 times in quick succession and the mod will display “OFF” and then shut down.

Switching between the different modes is very straight-forward and the display is very intuitive. The display is not cluttered and the size of the numerical information, especially the wattage/temp values, make it easy to read. Brightness of the display is nice and bright so will be no trouble seeing in normal sunlight.

Inactivity of any button presses after a period of 30 seconds will put the display into standby mode (blank). When the Drag 4 is not used for an hour or more, the device goes into semi-lock mode. Pressing the fire button will not activate the device, you will have to press the button again for it to fire.

The multi-function, toggle button switch just below the display can be configured from the “Switch” menu to lock/unlock the Drag 4, lock/unlock the wattage/temperature control buttons or power the device on/off.

  • Device Lock/Unlock
  • Power On/Off
  • Wattage Adjustment Lock/Unlock

Moving the slider switch button down will put the Drag 4 into the lock position. The initial screen will display the lock/unlock symbol (red = locked, green = unlocked) and the main display will also show a locked, red padlock symbol to let you know that operation is locked. Moving the slider up will unlock the function.

If you’ve configured the switch to turn the Drag 4 on/off, moving the slider button down will turn the device off and moving the slider button up will turn the device on.

Menu Settings

To gain access to the menu screen settings, press the + and – buttons together. The display will switch from the main screen to a menu screen showing the following:

Drag 4 Menu 1 Display
Drag 4 Menu 2 Display
  • Mode (additional menus)
  • Switch (additional menus)
  • Puff Reset – Yes/No
  • About – Chip ID / Level Code
  • Colour (additional menus)
  • Exit – Returns to Main screen display

Use the + or – button to scroll through the available options. As you scroll through each one, the one that’s selected will be highlighted. Press the fire button on the selected menu and it will take you to that particular menu.

Drag 4 Puff Reset Menu
Drag 4 About Menu

The Puff Reset menu allows you to reset the accumulated puff counter while the about menu displays the current Chip ID and Level Code.

Mode Menu

Drag 4 Mode Menu Display

You can select the mode of operation you require. With the Mode screen highlighted, press the fire button and it will take you to the available options under that menu:

  • Smart  –  Selects auto coil recognition
  • RBA  –  Normal power mode
  • ECO  –  Conserves battery power
  • TC  –  Temperature control  (additional sub-menus)
  • Back  –  Returns to main screen

Use the + or – buttons to select the mode you want by highlighting that menu. Press the fire button and it will set that mode of operation.

Drag 4 TC Menu Display

The only menu that has additional sub menus is the TC mode as follows:

  • Ni200
  • Ti
  • SS 316
  • SS 430

Use the + or – buttons to scroll through each of the available settings. As you scroll through each one, the one that’s highlighted can be selected by pressing the fire button.

Switch Menu

Drag 4 Switch Menu Display

You can configure the operation of the button slider lock/unlock switch. With the SWITCH screen highlighted, press the fire button and it will take you to the available options under that menu:

  • Lock/Unlock (lock/unlock whole device)
  • Power On/Off
  • W Lock/Unlock (lock/unlock +/- control buttons)
  • Back  –  Returns to main screen

Use the + or – buttons to select the mode you want by highlighting that menu. Press the fire button and it will set that mode of operation.

Colour Menu

You can change the color of the main display. With the COLOUR screen highlighted, press the fire button and it will take you to the available options under that menu:

Drag 4 Colour Menu Display 1
Drag 4 Colour Menu Display 2
  • Classic
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Back  –  Returns to main screen
Drag 4 Colour Display 1
Drag 4 Colour Display 2
Drag 4 Colour Display 3
Drag 4 Colour Display 4

Use the + or – buttons to select the color you want by highlighting that menu. Press the fire button and it will set the display screen to that color.

Temperature Control Adjustment

If you want to vape in temperature control mode, select the Mode menu using the +/- buttons together then scroll down to TC and press the fire button. The screen displays the 4 different options of Ni200, Ti, SS316 and SS430.

Drag 4 TC Ni200 Mode Display
Drag 4 TC Ti Mode Display
Drag 4 TC SS316 Mode Display
Drag 4 TC SS430 Mode Display

Select the option you require and press the fire button. The main display will now show the mode you’ve selected and the numerical value of the temperature in either #C or #F.

The + and – buttons will increase and decrease the temperature values and pressing the fire button and – button together will switch between degreesC and degreesF. The range of temperature control for each mode is:

  • Centigrade – 100C -315C
  • Farenheight – 200F – 600F

To alter the wattage while in temperature control mode, press the fire button and + button together. The small “W” wattage value to the right of the battery icons will flash. While it’s flashing, use the + or – buttons to select the maximum wattage that can be achieved.


Firstly I will be honest and say I don’t vape in temperature control mode. From what I know, I have two concerns that I’m not sure about. The maximum wattage that can be set only goes up to 80W and I couldn’t find any way of locking the resistance.

Also I struggled to get it to operate at all in temperature mode. Irrespective of the temperature values I used, it would only fire if I set the small wattage value to the watts I was using in either Smart, Eco or RBA mode.

I suspect the wire type of the TW15 and TW20 coils are Kanthal so won’t operate in TC mode. I would have thought that selecting TC using these coils if they are Kanthal would of prohibited the operation.

I did build an NI200 coil on my RDA and tried it on the Drag 4 but still struggled to get it working in TC mode. Note to myself…learn how to vape in TC mode!

Overview of Modes

The user manual, while covering the available options, doesn’t quite detail what each mode setting does. To give a little insight to what the different options mean, we’ve included a brief description below:

Smart Mode

Drag 4 Smart Mode Display

Smart mode will auto detect the type of coil fitted and set the optimum wattage for that coil. This is only a guide as you can adjust the wattage up or down using the + / – control buttons. What the smart mode does is limit the maximum wattage you can go up to depending on the coil type you’re using.

You won’t be able to increase the wattage beyond the maximum wattage specified for the type of coil that’s in the tank. In the case of the two different supplied coils, the maximum wattage available before the display indicates “MAX POWER” is:

Drag 4 Max Power Display
  • TW15 (0.15 ohm) = 80W
  • TW20 (0.2 ohm) = 60W

RBA Mode

RBA mode, while meaning something different to me (Re-Buildable Atomizer), is basically the standard wattage mode. The Drag 4 will operate between 5W all the way up to 177W in 1W increments. Holding down the + or – button will scroll through the increments faster.

Drag 4 RBA Mode 5W Display
Drag 4 RBA Mode 177W Display

There is no round robin when using the + / – buttons, once you reach the maximum value (177W) the display will show “MAX POWER”. You will have to press the – button to go back down and vice versa for the minimum value.

ECO Mode

Drag 4 ECO Mode Display

ECO mode is a selectable option and Voopoo state this is a function to conserve battery power. Switching between ECO mode and RBA mode, irrespective of the remaining battery charge, didn’t appear to show any difference in power.

From Voopoo’s literature, I was expecting the ECO mode to kick in when the remaining battery percentage reaches 20%. I assumed from the description than an icon appears on the display asking if you want to enter the ECO mode “Y” or “N”. I didn’t get this option come up.

I continued vaping on the Drag 4 in RBA mode until the batteries reached below 10% and then even further until I reached “Check Battery” and still didn’t see the “Eco Y/N” icon. I’ve been vaping on the Drag 4 for nearly two weeks having recharged the batteries many times in that time. Each time the batteries discharged, the “Eco Y/N” icon didn’t appear.

What I have noticed is once the batteries display around 10% remaining charge, the mode switched from RBA to ECO automatically. The wattage reading and the intensity of the vape remained the same.


I’m struggling to understand what the ECO mode actually does. To conserve the remaining battery power, the Drag 4 would have to automatically reduce the wattage level and or limit the function or display. From what I see you can adjust the wattage levels in ECO mode the same as if in RBA mode. This begs the question why there is an ECO mode!

That covers the functionality and what the Drag 4 mod is capable of doing. The menu structure is very intuitive to navigate through and once you’ve familiarized yourself with the options, it’s very easy to use.

The 1.09inch OLED screen is bright, crisp and the detailed information is clearly visible. The main numerical wattage and temperature levels are large and very easy to see.

Voopoo Drag 4 Kit Performance

Both the TW15 and TW20 provided in the Drag 4 kit are Direct-To-Lung (DTL) coils. I believe they are Kanthal A1 mesh coils but I couldn’t find out what the coil wire type was.

Voopoo UForce-L Tank New TW15 and TW20 Coils

As I mentioned earlier in the review, I struggled to get TC working with these coils so can only assume they are Kanthal. Because of this, my performance tests were only carried out in RBA and Smart mode.

Voopoo UForce-L Tank New TW15 and TW20 Coils Top and Bottom View

Even though I verified what the wattage values were in Smart mode for each coil, I always bed my coils in initially at well below the minimum recommended wattage level so not to stress the coils too quickly.

Because the PnP TW coils are quite small, I decided to use my 50/50 PG/VG ratio e-liquid when performing these tests.

TW15 (0.15 ohm) Mesh Coil

Voopoo UForce-L Tank PnP TW15 Coil

Voopoo specify the minimum and maximum wattage range for this coil is 55W – 70W.

When the Drag 4 is set to “Smart” mode, the wattage will be automatically set to 65W.

After priming the coil, filling the tank with 50VG/50PG watermelon e-liquid and waiting 10-15 minutes, I set the wattage to 20W to take a few draws to bed the coil in. Even at this wattage, the flavor was present and was giving an ok vape.

Taking it up to 30W was another experience, everything started to perform well. The flavor and vapor came through really good. At 40W and 50W the flavor was spot on and the vapor was insane.

Increasing the wattage to 55W and then finally to 70W was amazing. Way too intense for me but cloud chasers will love this. Getting these results from a coil of this size and at this relatively low wattage is very impressive.

My ideal wattage for this coil was 45W with the airflow 3 quarter open. The airflow on this tank is nothing short of amazing. It produces one of the best DTL draws I’ve experienced.

My puff counter recorded approximately 2000 puffs on this coil and was showing no signs of flavor loss, not one dry burn and NO leaks.

TW20 (0.2 ohm) Mesh Coil

Voopoo UForce-L Tank PnP TW20 Coil

Voopoo specify the minimum and maximum wattage range for this coil is 40W – 55W.

When the Drag 4 is set to “Smart” mode, the wattage will be automatically set to 50W.

After priming the coil and using the same e-liquid and VG/PG ratio as the TW15 coil, I started off at 10W. The flavor and vapor was barely present as expected. Increasing the wattage to 15W started to produce decent flavor and quite dense vapor.

At 20W everything started to perform really well, even though it needed a 5 second draw. Incrementing the wattage in 5W steps each time improved the flavor and vapor each time requiring a shorter draw.

At 40W all that was needed was a short, 2 second draw providing really nice flavor with off the charts vapor, it really did produce dense clouds of vapor.

Increasing the wattage to 55W was very impressive and very powerful but for my vaping style I was very happy reducing the wattage back down to 30W with a longer draw. This also provided a cooler vape which I preferred.

Flavor and vapor output was equally as impressive as the TW15 coil. Airflow control really is amazing, a smooth draw with no turbulence and VERY airy with the airflow open and a Restrictive Direct to Lung draw (RDL) draw with the airflow virtually shut off.

My puff counter recorded approximately 2500 puffs on this coil and was showing no signs of flavor loss, not one dry burn and NO leaks.

Coil Summary

Voopoo Drag 4 Kit with UForce-L Tank in Smart Mode

Both these coils produced terrific results. I use a lot of different Voopoo PnP coils in other mods/pods I have and the flavor from them has always been very good, these are no exception. The amount of vapor really surprised me; for quite small coils and not really that high wattage the vapor was off the charts.

Vaping on these coils at lower wattages can be done with very good results, using them on the recommended wattage was a little too intense for me. Just below the minimum for me suited my vaping style perfectly.

Airflow, as expected from the triple ports and fins, was very airy and gave one of the best DTL draws ever. No turbulence was detected and the vape draw was very smooth. It is a little noisy but I didn’t care.

Reducing the airflow for a RDL draw needed the airflow control ring to be just off the fully closed position.

I did try a 70VG/30PG e-liquid mix through both coils and was pleased to see the coils had no problem keeping up with the thicker juice.

Voopoo Drag 4 Battery Performance

The Drag 4 mod is powered by dual 18650 batteries. Always ensure you only use ‘Matched Pairs’. Further understanding on married/matched batteries can be found in our guide Matched/Married/Paired Batteries.

Dual 18650's In Drag 4 Battery Compartment

I opted to use my matched Samsung 30Q batteries (20A/3000mAh) and was getting well over a day of heavy vaping, in some cases nearly two days, before I needed to re-charge. Obviously this is very subjective and depends on several factors:

  • Your vaping style
  • Type of coil you’re using
  • Capacity of your batteries
  • Age of your batteries
  • Power level (wattage) you vape at

If you do intend vaping at wattages over 110W (not using the TW coils), if you’re using the mod with your own RDA/RTA, I would strongly recommend using batteries that have a CDR value of 25A or higher.

Dual Battery Icons on Drag 4

The Drag 4 indicates the status of both the individual batteries, with the percentage value against each battery icon on the display so you can keep an eye on the remaining charge of your batteries. The little icons will turn red when the batteries reach less than 10% remaining charge.

When your batteries run out of charge, the display will indicate “Check Battery” and you will no longer be able to vape. At this point you will have to re-charge your batteries or swap out for another set of fully charged batteries.

Unfortunately the Drag 4 doesn’t include pass-thru vaping so you won’t be able to vape while your batteries are being charged in the mod. I do recommend charging your batteries in an external battery charger.

Please use our Battery Amp Draw/Drain Calculator to determine the correct value CDR value battery you should use for the wattage you plan to vape at.

How do I Fill the Voopoo UForce-L Tank?

The UForce-L tank incorporates a quarter turn, lift off, top cap filling mechanism and is very easy to fill. Simply turn the top cap anti-clockwise until it doesn’t turn anymore and lift off the top cap.

UForce-L Tank Dual Fill Ports

Once the top cap is removed, there are two 8mm kidney shaped fill ports, each with a slightly raised silicone rubber shroud around them. Either of these two fill ports can be used but do NOT fill down the center chimney hole.

How Do I fill The Voopoo UForce-L Tank

The second fill port opening provides an air release so e-liquid doesn’t spill back out when you’re filling up with your e-liquid. Place your e-liquid bottle tip into one of the fill ports and fill with your favorite e-liquid to just below the top of the glass tank.

When replacing the top cap, align the small, protruding tags on the underside of the top cap so it fits flush into the center hole of the tank. Turn the top cap clockwise (quarter turn) until it locks shut.

Quick Tip: If you’re filling the tank for the first time, drip a few drops of e-liquid onto the wicking ports of the coil first. Push the coil into the tank then fill the tank and leave to stand for approx. 10-15 minutes before you start to vape. This will help saturate the wick fully in e-liquid and help prolong the life of your coil.

How do I Change the Coil in the Voopoo UForce-L?

When the coil you’re using shows an “Atomizer Short” or your e-liquid starts producing a burnt taste it’s time to replace your coil with a new one.

510 Base Section Unscrewed from The Voopoo UForce-L Tank

Unscrew the UForce-L tank off the Drag 4 mod. Grasp both the top cap and glass tube, then slowly unscrew the bottom 510 threaded base section anti-clockwise. Continue unscrewing until the base section comes away from the main body of the tank.

Because the Voopoo coils are a push-fit type, simply pull the old coil out from the bottom of the tank and replace with a new one.

Keep in mind, if the tank has e-liquid in it while you’re removing the coil, e-liquid will spill from the tank. The best method to avoid this (or to keep e-liquid spillage to a minimum) is to hold the tank upside down (drip tip pointing downwards), place your finger tightly over the opening of the drip tip and then remove the coil.

Putting the TW Coil In The UForce-L Tank
Coil Inserted in the UForce-L Tank

Replace with a new coil while still holding your finger over the drip tip. Turn the tank the right way up and take your finger off the drip tip. Re-secure the base section ensuring it’s securely fitted but not over tightened.

Fill the tank up with your e-liquid using the procedure outlined in How Do I Fill The UForce-L Tank.

Do ensure that your new coil is primed and when filled, left to stand for 15 minutes so the e-liquid fully saturates the wick. See our guide on Prolonging the Life of your Coil.

How do I Charge the Voopoo Drag 4 Mod?

As with most external battery mods, there are always 2 ways which you can charge the battery. Either in the mod itself or using an external charger (recommended).

The Drag 4 has a Type-C USB port located just below the + and – buttons on the front of the device. A Type-C USB charging cable comes supplied with the kit. Simply connect the cable into the USB port on the front of the Drag 4 mod and the other end into a suitable USB power source. The specified charging circuit of the Drag 4 is 5V/3A.

Because of this super-fast 3A capability, the Drag 4 charges super quickly but I would take caution as I personally would always charge my batteries at a lower charge rate. It’s perfect for charging on the go, but at this high amp rate I would recommend using an external battery charger at a lower charge rate to prolong the life of your batteries.

Drag 4 Being Charged Showing the dual battery Icons with their percentage values

When the Drag 4 mod is first placed on charge, the main display will switch after a few seconds to a battery charging icon, showing a dotted circle with the percentage values of the two batteries inside. Underneath this is a moving data type icon that makes it look like power is going into the batteries.

After approximately 10 seconds, the screen brightness will dim down to half brightness. Another couple of minutes later the display goes blank. At this point there is no visual indication that the batteries are being charged.

To see the charge status of your batteries, you will have to press either the fire button or the +/- control button on the Drag 4 to bring up the display again but it will only remain visible for another few minutes.

Full charge is achieved when both batteries indicate 100%. The Drag 4 does stop charging when full charge is reached but again there is no display indication that lets you know this unless you press a button.

Drag 4 Type-C USB Charging Cable Plugged Into the Mod

I’ve seen this on a couple of mods before and to be honest I don’t like it. When I place a mod on charge I want to see a visual indication that the batteries are being charged throughout the charging cycle. I don’t want to have to keep pressing buttons to see the charge status of my batteries.

There is NO Pass-Through function on the Drag 4 so you will NOT be able to vape while it’s being charged. This further cements the advantage of charging your batteries in an external battery charger and having spare charged batteries so you can just swap them out.

Charging time from full discharge to fully charged took approximately 2.5 hours on my 3000mAh batteries when using a standard 5V/2A source. This time will vary depending on the current rating of the source plug and the capacity of the battery you’re using.

As with any vape device, ALWAYS charge the mod resting on a non-flammable surface and NEVER leave your mod unattended whilst charging.

If you prefer to charge your battery externally and I really would recommend doing this, always use a reputable charger. Please take a look at our guide on the Best 18650 Battery Chargers.

Voopoo Drag 4 Kit Price

The Voopoo Drag 4 mod, together with the UForce-L tank is a great looking kit and performs very well. The quality of both the mod and tank are impressive. 177W with dual batteries and that lovely C frame finish with the performance from the UForce-L tank make this a very worthy purchase.

Expect to pay around the £50-£60/$50-$60 mark for the complete kit, which in my opinion is well worth the money.

At the time of writing this review, the Drag 4 kit had only just been released. It’s not currently available and is on pre-order on most online retailers. Once the Drag 4 is available to purchase, we’ll update this post with a link that will take you directly to a recommended online retailer.

Voopoo Drag 4 Mod Kit Verdict

Voopoo Drag 4 Kit Review Verdict


  • Very good build quality
  • Robust
  • Lovely aesthetics
  • Wood and leather C frame battery cover
  • Multi-function lock switch
  • Great flavor and amazing vapor production
  • Fully adjustable top triple airflow
  • No leaking
  • Easy top fill
  • Clear, crisp and bright colored display
  • Accepts all Voopoo PnP push fit coils
  • Temperature control option
  • Smart coil detection
  • Type-C 3A super-fast charging
  • Spare Glass and O-rings


  • ECO mode operation seems unclear
  • Display doesn’t remain illuminated when charging
  • No pass-thru vaping while on charge

Voopoo Drag 4 Mod Kit Summary

Voopoo Drag 4 Kit With UForce-L Tank \Showing the OLED Display

The Drag 4 is a worthy upgrade to its earlier predecessors. Being dual battery powered with 177W max power, smart coil detection, multi-function lock switch, TC control (if that’s your thing) and a lovely C frame battery cover, with a stunning wood or resin finish makes this a great mod.

As for the UForce-L tank; I was blown away. Quarter turn top fill, triple top airflow ports, heat-sink base, PnP push fit coils, two new TW coils and 4ml and 5.5ml bubble glass included in the kit made this one of the best tanks I’ve used.

The combination of the Drag 4 mod and UForce-L tank make this an impressive kit. Flavor and vapor from the 2 new TW PnP coils is very good with the advantage of being able to use the extensive range of other PnP coils makes it even more versatile.

Because of its power and functionality, it’s aimed at the more experienced vaper although the Smart mode is simple enough for a new user to get to grips with.

The design and build quality is really good, the operation and menu structure is straight-forward and simple to use and the 1.09inch OLED colored display is very crisp and clear. I would definitely recommend this device and am really enjoying using it.

Hope you enjoyed this review on the Voopoo Drag 4 kit and found it informative and useful. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave us a comment below.

If you do decide to buy one, please do drop us a line and let us know what you think of it.

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  1. Got a drag 4 and from advice changed the tank to FTV18 tank to get more wattage, as the currwnt pnp coils go up to 80 watss maks, but when start up it still shows 40 w maksimum, how do I reset the mod ( according to our vape shop) to asking ” new coil and accept). Doesn’t asked for it. The coil in the FTV18 is 0.33 ohm coil meshed pe installed and another 0.15
    Thamx im advance

    1. Hi Pierre, thanks for your question. It sounds like your mod is set to SMART mode which auto detects the coil resistance and sets the wattage for you. It wont allow you to go above what it thinks it should be. The main display screen will be showing SMART mode under the wattage value.
      To use a different tank/coil you need to set the mode menu to RBA.
      Hold the +and- buttons down together takes you to the mode menu. Scroll down to RBA and press the fire button. The mod should now be in RBA mod which means you can alter the wattage to whatever you want.
      The main screen should now show your’re in RBA mode. Hope that helps.

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