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Voopoo Drag Nano 2 Pod Review / A Tiny But Powerful Pod

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Drag Nano 2 Frontside View
Drag Nano 2 Backside View

The Voopoo Drag Nano 2 Pod Kit is an 8W-20W draw activated Mouth To Lung (MTL) device incorporating an 800mAh re-chargeable internal battery with a re-fillable but non-replaceable coil pod. As the name suggests, the Drag Nano 2 is really tiny, measuring just 71.5mm x 44mm x 14.2mm.

It’s constructed out of zinc alloy with either leather or PC side panels depending on the color option you choose. There are currently 8 different color options available.

The Drag Nano 2 has 3 pre-set power levels; low, medium and high which are selectable by push button control with colored LED’s displaying the level you’ve selected.  Airflow is achieved by a fully adjustable single lever slider control on the front edge of the device.

Included in the kit is a lanyard chain that attaches to the main body.

Each replaceable pod has an e-liquid capacity of 2ml and the kit comes supplied with a 0.8ohm pod and a 1.2ohm pod. The pods are a top fill design and made of clear PCTG material so the e-liquid level is clearly visible in the pod.

Drag Nano 2 0.8ohm and 1.2ohm Pods

Control of the Drag Nano 2 is achieved by the GENE chipset with provides the usual safety features and charging the Drag Nano 2 is done using the 5V/1A Type-C USB charging port and cable.

I would like to thank the guys at Voopoo for sending me the Drag Nano 2 pod kit for the purpose of this review. As always this review is completely unbiased and is my honest opinion based on my findings on the Voopoo Drag Nano 2 pod kit. We may receive a small affiliate fee if you click on any of the links but at no extra cost to you.

Voopoo Drag Nano 2 Pod Review


Features and Specifications
What’s in the Box?
Drag Nano 2 Design and Appearance
Drag Nano Pod Design and Appearance
Drag Nano 2 Functionality
Drag Nano 2 Pod Kit Performance
Drag Nano 2 Battery Performance
How do I Fill the Drag Nano Pod?
When and How do I Change the Drag Nano 2 Pod?
How do I Charge the Drag Nano 2?
Drag Nano 2 Pod Kit Price
Voopoo Drag Nano 2 Pod Kit Verdict
Voopoo Drag Nano 2 Pod Kit Summary

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: 71.5mm x 44mm x 14.2mm
  • Weight: 65 grams
  • Construction: Zinc Alloy + Leather/PC
  • Pod Material: PCTG
  • Charging: Type C USB 5V 1A
  • Output Wattage: 8W – 20W (3 pre-set levels)
  • E-liquid Capacity: 2ml
  • Pods: Refillable (top fill), Non-replaceable Coil
  • Resistance: 0.8ohm/1.2ohm Pods
  • Battery Specification: Internal 800mAh 
  • Output Voltage: 3.2V – 4.2V
  • Display: 3x color changing LED’s
  • Airflow: Single Lever Adjustable
  • Firing Mechanism: Draw Activated
  • Chipset: GENE

What’s in the box?

Drag Nano 2 Whats In The Box
  • Voopoo Drag Nano 2 Device
  • Drag Nano Pod 0.8 ohm
  • Drag Nano Pod 1.2ohm
  • Type-C USB Cable
  • Lanyard Chain
  • User Manual

Voopoo Drag Nano 2 Design and Appearance

Drag Nano 2 Front View
Drag Nano 2 Back View

The Voopoo Drag Nano 2 is a MTL 3 pre-set adjustable wattage pod firing up to a maximum of 20W and powered from its 800mAh internal re-chargeable battery. It’s constructed out of zinc alloy with a chrome outer frame with colored leather or PC inlay side panels.

Dimensions of the Drag Nano 2 are 71.5mm in height, which includes the attached pod, 44mm in width by 14.2mm thick and weighs in at 65 grams making this a very compact device.

Being draw activated only, the small control button just below the 3 LED’s doesn’t fire the pod but switches the Drag Nano 2 on/off and selects the 3 pre-set power levels. Sequential presses of the control button will select either Low, Medium or High wattage within the 8W-20W power level. The 3 different power levels are indicated by the color changing LED’s showing white, blue or red.

I couldn’t find the exact wattage of each power level within the 8W-20W specification but selecting each different power level did increase/decrease the vape intensity.

Airflow control is achieved by a single lever adjustable slider which adjusts from fully closed to an approximately 6mm rectangular slot when fully open. The airflow lever protrudes from the Zinc Alloy frame by about 2mm so won’t break off if dropped. The resistance of the lever is tight so won’t move on its own.

Drag Nano 2 Airflow Open
Drag Nano 2 Airflow Closed

Charging the internal battery is carried out via the Type-C USB charging port specified as 5V/1A. The 3 tiny LED’s gives a visual indication as to the charge status of the battery. Each LED represents 33% of charge and will cycle (slow flash) until it has reached that level. The next LED will cycle until all 3 LED’s remain static indicating that it’s fully charged.

There is NO firing button as the Drag Nano 2 is draw activated only and controlled by the GENE chip set, which also ensures the multitude of safety features are maintained, such as:

  • Overtime protection (8 seconds)
  • Output over current protection
  • Low battery protection
  • Max power protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • Atomizer short-circuit protection
Drag Nano 2 Front Panel View

The overall appearance of the Drag Nano 2 is square in shape with two 450 opposing cutouts. The airflow control lever, the on/off button which also selects the 3 different power levels and the 3 very small LED’s are all located on one side of the Zinc Alloy frame.

There is no OLED/TFT display screen on the Drag Nano 2, instead the 3 color changing LED’s denote the power level that has been set, the status of the internal battery and will also provide a visual indication of any safety notifications. Further explanation of these LED’s is described in the “Functionality” section.

At the top of the Drag Nano 2 is the reasonably deep rectangular pod recess with the two gold plated spring loaded control pins that make contact with the coil in the pod when it’s fitted. There are NO magnetic connecting plates in this pod recess, the pod simply pushes in and is then clicked and locked in place.

Drag Nano 2 Pod Recess
Drag Nano 2 Pod Recess Closeup

Opposite the pod opening on the 450 cutout are the rectangular anchor points where the included lanyard chain can be fitted if required.

There are 8 colors available in the Drag Nano 2 range, 5 of the colors have leather inlay panels while the other 3 colors incorporate PC materials:

  • Tea Green – Leather
  • Orange – Leather
  • Classic Red – Leather
  • Gull Grey – Leather
  • Classic Black – Leather
  • Carbon Fiber – PC Material
  • Sparkle Champagne – PC Material
  • Powder Blue – PC Material

The one I received was the Orange Leather version and is seen throughout this review. The color change between the designs is limited to the front and back inlay panels while the zinc alloy frame that runs around the Drag Nano 2 is polished alloy (chrome).

Drag Nano 2 Charging Port

On the front face of the Drag Nano 2 has the word “DRAG” in large font branded into the leather inlay and the reverse face has the word “VOOPOO” in a smaller font. The only other name branding is “Gene Chip” on the bottom edge of the Zinc Alloy frame next to the Type-C 5V/1A charging port.

Even though the Drag Nano 2 is tiny and lightweight, it does look and feel quite robust. The Zinc Alloy outer frame looks like it will take quite a few knocks and drops.

Voopoo Drag Nano 2 Pod Design and Appearance

Drag Nano 2 Pods

The Drag Nano 2 pod is a top re-fillable pod with a 2ml e-liquid capacity. Two pods are included in the kit, one has an integrated 0.8 ohm coil and the other has a 1.2 ohm integrated coil. The coils are NOT replaceable so once the coil degrades the whole pod will need replacing.

Drag Nano 2 Pod Film

When first installing your pod, make sure you remove the thin plastic film from the base of the pod. The pod that’s fitted in the Drag Nano 2 comes shipped with this protector so it can’t be accidentally fired before e-liquid has been filled. The second pod that’s supplied with the kit comes in a sealed plastic carton so won’t have the film on it. Purchasing additional pods will also be in the sealed cartons.

Each pod is manufactured out of clear opaque lightweight PCTG material making this really easy to see the level of e-liquid through the pod. The mouthpiece is a black duckbill shape with a 6mm oval opening tapering to an internal 4mm circular cut out to cater for the MTL vape style.

Drag Nano 2 Pod Mouthpiece View 1
Drag Nano 2 Pod Mouthpiece View 2
Drag Nano 2 Pod Mouthpiece View 3

The duckbill mouthpiece is removable giving access to the fill port. This is a snap fit so will require a little force to remove. When the mouthpiece is clear of the pod, a black silicone rubber fill port cover can be lifted away to reveal the fill port opening. The fill port cover is secured on one side, with the stopper covering the fill port on the other side. A small arrow on the black silicone rubber depicts which side is removable.

On the underside of the pod are the two gold plated coil contacts with a small triple airflow ingress port. There are no magnets on the pod, it simply pushes into the Drag Nano 2 body and is held in place with a secure snap push fit method.

Drag Nano 2 Pod Mouthpiece and Contact Pins
Drag Nano 2 Pod Triple Air Intake

This method of fitting I found to be really secure, no movement or rattle whatsoever. There is no chance of the pod accidentally becoming detached from the Drag Nano 2 body.

On the lower section of the pod that fits into the pod recess of the Drag Nano 2 are the words “Voopoo” and the pod resistance in white lettering.

Most importantly, Voopoo state these pods are leak free. During the time I’ve been using the Drag Nano 2 pod kit there were NO leaks or any condensation on the base of the pod or around the contact pins.

The Drag Nano 2 is also compatible with the pods that fit the Vinci 15W pod kit which we reviewed earlier in the year.

Voopoo Drag Nano 2 Pod Kit Functionality

The Voopoo Drag Nano 2 pod kit is very straightforward to use and is limited to Variable Wattage (VW) only. It’s a draw activated device with 3 pre-set selectable wattage settings.

The only indication on the Drag Nano 2 are the 3 small color changing LED’s which lights up when the pod is inserted, lights up when you draw on the device, cycle when the device is on charge and change color depending on the 3 wattage levels you select.

Switching the Drag Nano 2 on is carried out by pressing the small control button 5 times in quick succession. The 3 LED’s will illuminate one at a time in white, counting up from bottom to top. Turning the Drag Nano 2 off is again done by pressing the button 5 times. The 3 LED’s this time will count downwards.

If the Drag Nano 2 is turned on, inserting the pod will illuminate the LED’s once. The color and number of LED’s that illuminate will depend on the power level set and the remaining battery level.

Power Levels

  • Low Power = 3 Blue LED’s
  • Medium Power = 3 Green LED’s
  • High Power = 3 White LED’s
Drag Nano 2 Power Level Green
Drag Nano 2 Power Level White
Drag Nano 2 Power Level Blue

To change these 3 pre-set power levels, press the small control button 3 times. While the LED’s are illuminated, pressing the button once each time will cycle through the different power level colors.

Depending on the power level you’ve selected, when you draw on the Drag Nano 2, the LED’s will illuminate in that particular color.

Battery Status/Charge Levels

  • 1 LED illuminated = <33%
  • 2 LED’s illuminated = 33% – 66%
  • 3 LED’s illuminated = 66% – 100%

Pressing the small control button once will illuminate either 1, 2 or 3 of the LED’s. Depending on the charge remaining in the Drag Nano 2 will depict how many LED’s illuminate.

The GENE chip that controls the Drag Nano 2 maintains a constant output throughout the discharge cycle of the battery, providing a fast responsive draw activated vape.  This chip also controls the included safety features and provides the visual indication via the 3 small LED’s as follows:

  • Charging – The corresponding LED will cycle
  • Full charge – 3 white LED’s remain illuminated
  • Low battery – LED’s flash red
  • Short circuit – LED’s flash red 10 times
  • No atomizer – LED’s illuminate red
  • Over time protection – LED’s flash 8 times
  • Over heat protection – LED’s flash red 15 times


The Drag Nano 2 pod incorporates a single adjustable airflow control via a slider control knob on the side of the device. The level of adjustment is limited to about 6mm but does change the restriction on the draw.

Sliding the button downwards will fully close off the airflow making it impossible to vape. Moving the button upwards will open the airflow and allow you to control the level of airflow you want to achieve your ideal draw. With the airflow fully open, an airy MTL vape is achieved. Reducing the airflow slightly will restrict the draw producing a tighter MTL vape.

Voopoo Drag Nano 2 Pod Performance

Included in the kit are two pods, one with a 0.8 ohm coil and the other one with a 1.2 ohm coil. As we’ve already mentioned, these pods don’t have replaceable coils therefore once the coil becomes degraded, the pod will have to be disposed of and a new one fitted.

As with most MTL vape pods, nicotine salts with a PG/VG ratio of 50/50 is recommended because of the smaller wicking ports in the coil and the lower power (wattage) used.

When first using a new pod, I would recommend filling the pod with your e-liquid and leave it to stand for 10-15 minutes to allow the e-liquid to saturate into the wick before vaping. Equally, when you’re ready to start vaping on your new pod, set the power level (wattage) to the lowest setting (3 blue LED’s) for the first few draws to slowly bed your new pod in. This will improve the longevity of the pod before it needs replacing.

Drag Nano 2 Pod (0.8 ohm)

Quite simply put, this pod is so impressive. The flavor came through straight away and brought out all the tones of the e-liquid I was using.

I was so surprised as I didn’t expect the flavor to be so intense. Irrespective of the juice I was using, nic salts or freebase or the wattage I was using, the flavor didn’t falter.

Airflow wise, I preferred the airflow fully open as closing it down a little made my vape experience a little harsh.

Vapor produced was adequate, nothing more or less than you would expect from a low wattage device.

I’ve been using this pod for about 2 weeks now and must of cycled about 70ml of e-liquid through it with no loss of flavor. Having removed the pod periodically, to check for signs of leaking on the contact pins or in the pod recess, showed no evidence of e-juice at all.

I really like this coil/pod and would definitely recommend it.

Drag Nano 2 Pod (1.2 ohm)

This pod while still being impressive, didn’t quite live up to the same intense flavor on all of the wattage settings as the 0.8 ohm pod did. I found the higher wattage setting produced the better flavor.

Vapor was about the same as the 0.8 ohm coil and again with no signs of any leaking.

Auto Draw Activation

Irrespective of the airflow setting, the draw activation was always responsive and worked every time. Even with the airflow fully open, giving quite an airy draw, the draw activation worked really well without having to inhale excessively.


During normal use the Drag Nano 2 worked every time. What we did find, which was strange, shaking the device tried to auto fire the Drag Nano 2 for a split second. This could be heard as well as the 3 red LED’s would illuminate briefly. This could be repeated quite often. We can only put this down to the draw activation being ultra sensitive.

Voopoo Drag Nano 2 Pod Battery Performance

With medium to heavy vaping while using the 0.8 ohm coil, I was getting around 10hr use from a fully charged battery. When reducing the wattage to the lowest setting (blue LED’s) and vaping on the 1.2 ohm pod, extended this to a full day.

Considering the internal battery is 800mAh, the battery life is really good.

The battery status indication of the 3 LED’s seemed pretty accurate with each LED showing about 33% of the charge left. Pressing the control button or drawing on the pod will also show the remaining charge left.

Re-charging the battery is pretty quick, only taking approximately 50 minutes to reach a full charge. Sadly, there is no “Pass Thru” so you can’t vape while it’s on charge.

How do I Fill the Voopoo Drag Nano 2 Pod?

The design of the pod, being a top fill, means you don’t have to remove it from the mod to fill with e-liquid. Saying this, because the mouthpiece on the pod is a very secure fit, I would recommend removing the pod from the Drag Nano 2 before filling it.

How Do I Fill The Drag Nano 2 Pod

By doing this, you at least get to check there is no e-liquid seepage in the pod recess and can keep everything clean and in working order.

The black duckbill mouthpiece on the top of the pod is removable. Simply gasp the bottom of the pod, squeeze the long flat sides of the mouthpiece together and pull away from the pod.

When the mouthpiece is removed there is a thin black silicone rubber cover that seals the opening of the filling port. A small arrow on the cover denotes which end is to be lifted away. Pull this flap open to reveal the oval fill port. The other end of the rubber flap is secured to the pod so it won’t get misplaced.

Fill the pod up with your e-liquid to approximately ¾ full and replace the black silicone rubber flap securely. Make sure when you’re filling, you fill the pod up using the end oval hole and NOT the center circular hole.

Refit the duckbill mouthpiece onto the pod making sure it securely snaps into position.

Quick Tip: If you are filling the pod for the first time, fill the pod and leave to stand for approx. 10-15 minutes before you start to vape. This will help saturate the wick fully in e liquid and help prolong the life of your coil.

When and How do I Change the Drag Nano 2 Pod?

Because the Drag Nano 2 pods use an integrated coil, the coil itself is NOT replaceable, when the coil starts to degrade after a couple of weeks use, the pod will need to be discarded and a new pod fitted.

Drag Nano 2 Power Top Recess and Pod

An indication of the coil degrading will show by either a loss of flavor or a lack of vapor. Continuing beyond this loss of flavor/vapor will finally result in a severe nasty burnt taste. At this stage, discard the pod and fit a new one. Equally, if the LED’s indicate check atomizer or short circuit, a new pod will need to be fitted.

Pull the pod away from the Drag Nano 2 body. It’s quite a tight fit so will require a little pressure. Unfortunately if you still have e-liquid in the pod, this will have to be discarded as well.

When fitting a new pod, remove the plastic film from the contact pins and fill with your e-liquid (see how do I fill the pod). As you insert the pod into the Drag Nano 2 body, the small LED’s will briefly illuminate to identify the pod has been fitted.

How do I Charge the Drag Nano 2 Pod?

Using the supplied Type-C USB charging cable, plug the cable into the USB port on the bottom of the Drag Nano 2. Connect the other end into a suitable power source (typically 5V/1A).

Whilst charging, the first LED will slowly flash white and then turn static before the next LED starts to flash. Once fully charged, the 3 white LED’s will remain constantly illuminated indicating the charge cycle has completed.

Charging time takes approximately 45 minutes to fully charge the battery using the supplied charging cable and an appropriate charging source.

The Drag Nano 2 doesn’t have a pass-through function therefore you won’t be able to charge and vape at the same time.

As always, NEVER leave your vape device unattended while on charge and place it on a non-flammable surface.

Observation: We found during the charge cycle that the time duration between each LED flashing and then turning static was not equally split between the 3 LED’s. From fully discharged, when we plugged in the charging cable, the first LED was lit with the second LED flashing. After a couple of minutes, 2 LED’s were lit with the third LED flashing. It remained in this state until the charge cycle was completed.

Voopoo Drag Nano 2 Pod Kit Price

Doing a quick Google search showed the average cost of the Drag Nano 2 pod kit was around £25 and $25 although several trusted websites were offering these at a knockdown price. For a small, well built and good performing kit, you will not be disappointed.

Voopoo Drag Nano 2 Pod Kit Verdict


  • Very good flavor
  • Draw activation responsive
  • Impressive in-built coil
  • Very good battery performance
  • Pod is see-through
  • Compatible with Vinci 15W pods


  • No pass-through facility
  • Will fire if shaken excessively

Voopoo Drag Nano 2 Pod Kit Summary

Voopoo Drag Nano 2 Side View
Voopoo Drag Nano 2 Front Angled View

The Voopoo Drag Nano 2 pod kit is small, discrete, well built and performs really well. Its 800mAh internal battery and 3 level wattage adjustment is perfect in providing a satisfying all day vape and the airflow is great in tweaking to suite your MTL vaping style.

Flavor was very impressive and the 2ml of e-liquid in the pod lasted a long time before needing re-filling. The coil(s)/pod performed really well with both Nic Salts and Freebase nicotine, giving a smooth response from the draw activation every time.

Because of its simplicity, the Drag Nano 2 pod kit is aimed more as a beginner’s vape kit but equally I was more than happy using it. Sometimes it’s just nice to pick up a device and vape without having to worry about setting it up to get that optimum performance.

I’m always in two minds regarding replaceable and non-replaceable coils but can say so far the pods have lasted over 3 weeks and a definite bonus is they DON’T leak.

Overall I found it was a good stealth device and great for taking out on the go.

Hope you enjoyed this review and found it useful. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave us a comment below.

Comments 18

    1. Hi Setyawan, I’ve translated your comment into English. “Why is it that I can’t come out of smoke while the battery is full”?
      If the battery is charged and has no error indications on the Drag Nano 2 then it must be an issue with the pod or could be the auto draw sensor is dirty or faulty. Try cleaning the bottom of the pod and pod recess first to make sure there is no dirt or e-liquid on/in it. Insert the pod and make sure the Drag Nano 2 indicates that it’s fitted and try drawing on the pod. If this still doesn’t work then try a new pod.
      If it’s still not working remove the pod and place your mouth over the pod recess and inhale to see if the LED flashes? This will prove that the auto draw sensor is working. If it’s not then unfortunately it looks like the Drag Nano 2 has stopped working.

      1. I got my nano from a friend and didn’t receive its original charging cord and when I use my cell phone charger it tends to burn up my pod is it safe to charge it without the pod in it?

        1. Hi Billie, thanks for your question. Firstly it’s ok to charge with the pod removed. What does sound strange is you saying it tends to burn the pod when it’s being charged. It shouldn’t do this. Do you mean its firing when put on charge or is the Nano 2 getting very hot when on charge?
          I would suggest trying to charge the Nano 2 from a lower current power source, I.e. a 1 Amp or lower source like a computor/laptop to see if this makes a difference. Do let us know the outcome.

    1. Hi Rahat, thanks for your question. When using the 0.8ohm coil I use either the medium or high power settings. With the 1.2ohm coil I use medium or low power setting. To be honest if your not sure what setting to use on either of the two coils, I would select medium power setting for both to start with and see if you need to increase or decrease to suit your vaping style.

    1. Hi Zahid, we detailed all the protection LED indications in the Functionality section in this review. A red LED while drawing on the pod will be, depending on the amount of times it flashes, either low battery, no pod fitted, short circuit of the coil or temperature protection.
      Try putting the Drag Nano 2 on charge and check that the leds cycle thru their colours as it charges till its fully charged then try vaping on it again. If it still shows red, change the pod for a new one and try again. When the pod is fitted the leds should illuminate once to show it’s made contact. Hope this helps.

  1. I turned it on and it will not fire nun happens to it and it is just new what do u think I should do I can still change all the settings the led light and air flow but it will not fire what should I do

    1. Hi Dean,
      The Drag Nano 2 is draw activated only. The button only turns it on/off and changes the power level. To fire it you have to draw on the pod once it’s turned on. If this isn’t working, remove the pod and make sure the pod recess is clean and dry and the bottom of the pod and coil is too.
      Insert the pod into the Drag Nano 2 body and make sure that when you insert it the LED flashes once which indicates the Drag Nano 2 is recognizing the pod. If this works, you should then be able to draw on the pod at it will fire. If it still doesnt fire it may be a faulty coil/pod. Try it with another pod if you have a replacement.
      If nothing happens, your Drag Nano 2 may be faulty. If its brand new and you’ve only just bought it, you should be able to contact the place you purchased it from and get a replacement. Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Muhammad,
      There are 3 different power levels that are selectable by pressing the control button 3 times. It will select either Green, Blue or White depending on the power level you want. Green is medium power level so will only shown green when you draw on the pod. Changing the power level will alter the colour that’s being shown. Take a look at the Functionality section of my review, it explains how to change it and what each colour means.

  2. Hola, me pasa lo mismo que a ustedes. Ocasionalmente el vape se acciona solo, y también cuando intento dar la calada no me la detecta, llevo 3 meses con el. Qué podría ser?

    1. Hi Oscar,
      Sorry my Italian is very rusty.
      Auto draw sensors can be troublesome at times and cause the issues your experiencing. Make sure any eliquid around the pod recess and sensor is clean and dry. Replace the pod and do a couple of longer auto draws to clear out and debris that may be in the sensor. Hopefully the problem will be rectified.

  3. I just purchased this Drag Nano 2 and I love it!! I was so surprised how easy it was to set up and charge, I love the size and the flow is amazing, who ever came up with this one did there research I’am using this voopoo Drag Nano 2 more than my larger voopoo Drag 1 ‼️ I recommend this one for anyone that wants something small but powerful!!

    1. Hi Judy,
      Thanks for sharing your experience of the Drag Nano 2, am glad your loving it. For such a small pod is does perform really well.

    1. Hi Shirley,
      Thank you for your question. It’s ok to charge the Drag Nano 2 with the pod still in the device. It wont make any difference if the pod is in or out while charging. If you prefer to remove the pod while charging then you can. As the charging port is on the base of the Nano 2 it does mean you have to lay the Nano 2 on its side while being charged. For assurance, we always charge our vape mods with the tank/pods in situ.

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