VOOPOO New DRAG X2 and DRAG S2 Officially Launched with PnP X Platform: Exceeding All Expectations

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VOOPOO recently reached out to us and asked us to share some exciting news; namely the release of their brand new DRAG X2 and DRAG S2 models!

We’ve had the pleasure of reviewing several of the DRAG series in the past (DRAG H40, DRAG M100s, DRAG 4 etc) and we’re always impressed with the excellent design, performance and build quality!

This is a sponsored post written by VOOPOO and published as a Press Release by Vaping Hardware. We at Vaping Hardware are not liable for the accuracy and content of this article.

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VOOPOO has become synonymous with cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance in the vape industry. With their latest release, the highly anticipated VOOPOO DRAG X2 and DRAG S2 and the PnP X platform, the renowned brand continues to push the boundaries with innovations.

The DRAG X2 and DRAG S2 are Pod Mods applying VOOPOO PnP X atomization tech, which will impress you with its excellent performance behind the compact device, bringing you a joyful and clean vaping journey: vape 100ml e-liquid without flavor fading and coil burning.

DRAG X2 and DRAG S2 PR 1

PnP X Coil, Long-Lasting Lifespan and Taste

Based on the PnP platform, VOOPOO PnP X platform brings a long-lasting coil lifespan without the flavor fading and the coil burning. A PnP X coil can sustain 100 mL e-liquid and a pack of PnP X coils can accompany you for a whole season.

Besides, VOOPOO PnP X coil can be used with the e-liquid in PG/VG ratio of 7:3 or 5:5, the e-liquid in the flavor of coffee and tobacco and the e-liquid in the type of freebase+nic salt.

DRAG X2 and DRAG S2 PR 2

PnP X Top Airflow Intake Cartridge, Zero Leaks and Amazing Taste

The PnP X top airflow intake cartridge ensures that the air pressure within and outside of the device is balanced, effectively controlling e-liquid and condensate leakage.

In addition, the wide power output range and the wide airflow adjustment ring with a scale line allow users to switch between tight-to-loose vaping experiences flexibly.

DRAG X2 and DRAG S2 PR 3

The DRAG X2 comes with PnP X Cartridge DTL (with PnP X 0.15 Ω/0.3 Ω). The DRAG S2 is available in MTL and DTL version, in which the DRAG S2 MTL version is only for Italy, France and Germany.

Choose the PnP X Cartridge MTL (with PnP X 0.3/0.6 Ω) to get a more tight vaping experience. Choose the PnP X Cartridge DTL (with PnP X 0.2/0.3 Ω) to get a pure lung vaping experience with a sufficient vapor that hits your throat. Meanwhile, the drip tip of the MTL cartridge is replaceable, which offers you a different vaping experience.

It’s also worth mentioning that the cartridges and coils of VOOPOO PnP X coils are only compatible with DRAG X2 and DRAG S2. To further improve the user experience, we will progressively switch the vapes that are now compatible with VOOPOO PnP platform to the PnP X platform.

The new PnP X Pod Tank DTL and PnP X Pod Tank MTL released at the same time are compatible with VOOPOO Mods with 510 base.

Professional 2nd Generation, the Classic Returns.

They continue the classic leather and metal design, presenting high-quality and trendy fashion. While the clever design makes the device more unique. The excellent grip curve and tactile materials provide a more comfortable vaping experience.

Intelligent Interaction, One Press to Vaping

We add a new Menu interface and highlight the main information on the UI for easier operation. What you see is what you get.

With their competitive performance, we believe that the PnP X platform, DRAG X2 and DRAG S2 will quickly become a top choice among vapers seeking a competitive edge. For more information, please visit:


WARNING: This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.

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Thanks for checking out this News piece and we hope you enjoyed it! Both the DRAG X2 and S2 look incredible and we can’t wait to share some reviews with you in the very near future!

Finally if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave us a comment with your thoughts below.

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