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Voopoo Set To Release 2 New Vape Products

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Having recently reviewed a few of Voopoo’s latest Pod and Mod Kits over the last couple of months (one of which we will be uploading in the next day or two), we’ve been keeping an eye open on what new products they’ve introduced and any that are in the development stage.

We are always eager to get our hands on their latest vape kits to review and it appears they are about to release two further kits very soon. There is very limited detail on what these will be but Voopoo are teasing us with a sneak preview to get our taste buds going.

We are releasing this preview article from Voopoo so you guys and girls know as much as we do.

This is a sponsored post written by Voopoo and published as a Press Release article on the upcoming launch of their two new products. We at Vaping Hardware are not liable for the accuracy and content of this article.

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Two New Pods Are on the Way! VOOPOO Posted Teaser Banner of Its Upcoming Products

On March 1, VOOPOO posted a teaser banner on its official website. It shows that two VOOPOO products will be released in the very near future.

2 New Pods coming from Voopoo

Based on the device and cartridge shape, it is easy to conclude that the vape category of VOOPOO’s two upcoming products are PODs.

One thing that triggers my interest is whether the POD on the right is the derivative version of VOOPOO ARGUS POD as the shape and airflow adjustment design of this new product are very similar to that. If it is a derivative version of ARGUS POD, it would be that new CMFs that greatly differ from the classic leather and metal of ARGUS POD.

We believe that such a classic-breaking innovative design is significant for VOOPOO to enable optimal taste and texture to reach more users with the pursuit of a stylish design.

The streamlined bottom of these two PODs tells us that the grip feelings may be smooth and satisfying. The shining side indicates that the material of these two devices may be polished zinc alloy, which is very smooth to the touch. I also noticed that there is a button and a screen in the left POD, the ignition/function button and screen interface give vapers more control over their vapes.

The cartridges of both PODs are identical and they closely resemble that of other PODs of the VOOPOO ARGUS Series, whose cartridges and coils are VOOPOO’s atomization platform for MTL, ITO atomization platform.

The optimal vaping experience of sufficient airflow and optimal taste impresses me so much. The same cartridge also means compatibility. For vapers, the variety of matches among devices and cartridges with coils of different resistance allows them to enjoy a smooth vaping experience and infinite fun.

These two upcoming new VOOPOO products are PODs with more eye-catching looks and multiple upgrades. So excited for March 6 and let’s unveil the new products together!

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Not much to go on yet but from the picture it does look to resemble the Argus Z which we reviewed a month or so ago. The big question is, will the replacement pods on these two new devices be compatible with the Argus Z and Argus P1 or can we expect something different.

Whatever they are, we do hope that Voopoo will send us these two new devices to review so we can put them through their paces and bring you first hand experience of what they are and how they perform.

Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoyed this news item. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave us a comment below.

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