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3X Upgrade! Meet with VOOPOO’s New Super Pods ARGUS P2 and ARGUS G2

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VOOPOO, a leading innovator in the vaping industry, is delighted to introduce two new additions to its esteemed ARGUS Pod series – ARGUS P2 and ARGUS G2. The two new super pods come with a 3X upgrade, fully upgrading the user’s vaping experience.

Voopoo Argus P2 and Argus G2

Recommended Retail Price: ARGUS P2: $34.99 ARGUS G2: $35.99

Voopoo ARGUS P2 and ARGUS G2

ARGUS P2 and ARGUS G2 are the second generation of VOOPOO’s flagship pods, ARGUS P1 and ARGUS G. Compared with the predecessors, the new two products feature higher power and larger screens. And a new cartridge upgrades the large capacity from 2 ml to 3 ml, achieves lower new 0.4Ω coil resistance, and upgrades side-filling to a convenient top-filling. These two products come with upgraded quality without price increase. Not only that, they also carry a leading “3X Upgrade” performance.

Voopoo 3X Upgrade

The “3X upgrade” means that the new ARGUS top fill cartridge achieves comprehensive upgrades in three aspects: leakage, longevity and flavor. It aims to break the vaping pain points and bring users a worry-free vaping experience:

5 Times Upgraded Lifespan

The coil lifespan of the new cartridges can last for up to 90ml e-liquid usage without burning as proven in the VOOPOO lab test. The material of the coil is upgraded with thermo-stable cotton to increase its lifespan. In addition, the structure of the heating wire has been optimized to achieve multiple refills of e-liquid without burning. The upgraded material and structure helps it achieve a 5 times better leak proof performance than other cartridges in the market.

3 Times Upgraded Leakproof

VOOPOO’s lab test also shows that the ARGUS top fill cartridge can remain leak-free in a standstill state for up to 30 days. The new cartridge has improved the multiple air inlet design and increased the e-liquid locking capacity at the bottom of the cartridge from 0.1mL to 0.3mL. These features improve the anti-leakage performance significantly and result in a 3 times longer lifespan than other cartridges in the market.

Upgraded Flavor

The newly launched VOOPOO ARGUS top fill cartridge is also constructed to deliver longer-lasting flavor and richer clouds. It supports a coil resistance as low as 0.4 Ω, which is lower than most cartridges, delivering superior vape flavor. Plus, it is also available in 0.7 Ω resistance to meet the needs of users from MTL to RDL. Moreover, it is equipped with the leading iCOSM Code to ensure the taste.

Voopoo Argus Top Fill Cartridge

The 3X upgraded cartridge also enjoys compatibility. This upgraded cartridge is now compatible with all ARGUS Pod family devices, bringing the convenience and fun of compatibility.

It’s time to upgrade your pod! Meet VOOPOO’s new super pods ARGUS P2 and ARGUS G2 with 3X upgrade. From the first instant ignition technology to the new pod mod category, VOOPOO keeps taking steps toward its mission of upgrading. Now VOOPOO is embarking on a third revolution- the popularisation of Pods. It means launching new pods that maintain the high performance of pods but integrate the portability and affordability of disposable to provide a new vaping option to users.

Stay tuned for more about VOOPOO! For more information, please check VOOPOO’s official website: https://www.voopoo.com/


The news that Voopoo are set to release two new pod systems is music to our ears! The ARGUS P2 and ARGUS G2 look to take the vaping world by storm with a number of intriguing upgrades!

We previously reviewed their ARGUS P1 and ARGUS G pod kits so do take a look to see what we thought of those. Hopefully we’ll be in the position in the very near future to get our hands on these latest releases and put them to the test.

Thank you for reading this news item and hope you found it informative.

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