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Vozol Neon 800 Disposable Vape Review | High Intensity Flavors in a Range of 15 Choices!

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Today we’re taking a look at the Vozol Neon 800, a disposable vape that holds 2ml of e-juice and boasts an impressive 800 puff capacity!

It’s the first Vozol vape we’ve ever reviewed and we’re excited to see how it competes in an already overcrowded market. Disposable vapes are all the rage right now and it’s almost impossible to keep up with the ever increasing torrent of new releases.

With that being said, Vozol has been on the scene for some time. Established in 2018, they’ve gone from strength to strength and are now recognized as an international brand serving over 35 countries. Vozol is particularly known for popular disposable vapes from the Gear, Star, Switch and Alien ranges.

The Neon 800 disposable we’re talking about today is a TPD compliant device, meaning it holds the maximum 2ml of e-juice allowed under EU legislation. It seems to be Vozol’s flagship 2ml disposable vape aimed particularly at the European market.

Where the Neon 800 is different from similar TPD devices like the SKE Crystal Bar or Elf Bar 600 is in the increased number of puffs it delivers. This is achieved with the use of a FEELM Max ceramic coil. This coil boasts an impressive 7 layer composite heating film rather than the traditional cotton or silica wicks. The general idea is the FEELM Max coil produces a much cleaner, smoother, more flavorful vape.

On top of this the ceramic coil is far more economical on the e-juice inside. This results in around an extra 200 puffs for every 2ml of e-juice. Having recently reviewed the Puffmi C800, which also incorporates the FEELM Max coil technology, I can confirm the coil really does perform amazingly!

On top of this the Neon 800 also comes in a range of 15 delicious flavors and is available in either 0, 20 or 50mg/ml nicotine strength. This makes Vozol’s Neon 800 perfect for a wide range of vapers. It also features a 550mAh battery that should easily see you through a full day. But that’s enough for the introduction…let’s put it to the test!

At Vaping Hardware we want to help our readers find the best disposable vapes possible… Join us to see if the Neon 800 deserves a place on the list.

I’d like to quickly thank Suki at Vozol for sending me the Neon 800 disposables to review. As always, this review is completely unbiased and only contains my honest opinions on the product. This post may also contain affiliate links. If you purchase the product through our link, we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you!). This helps us to keep the site running.

Vozol Neon 800 Disposable Vape Review


Features and Specifications

Vozol Neon 800 Features and Specifications

Dimensions: 105mm (Height) x 18mm (Diameter)
Weight: 30g
E-Juice Capacity: 2ml
PG/VG Ratio: Not Specified
Nicotine Strength: 0/20/50mg Nic Salt E-Liquid
800 Puff Capacity
15 Different Flavors
Battery: Internal Non-Rechargeable Battery (550mAh)
Coil Resistance: Not Specified (non-replaceable)
Coil Type: FEELM Max Ceramic Coil
Output Power: Not Specified
Material: PCTG
LED Puff Indicator
Airflow: Non-Adjustable

What’s in the Box?

Vozol Neon 800 - What's in the box?

The Vozol Neon 800 comes packaged in a bright and funky box that’s colored to reflect the flavor of the disposable inside. The box is bold and flashy but features all the product information you need to know.

On the front you’ll see a picture of the Neon 800, the flavor name, the nicotine strength and the typical nicotine warning we’ve all come to expect. On the sides of the box there’s a production date along with several features of the Neon 800. For instance, it highlights the use of a ceramic coil, the transparent pod design and the gradient color design of the Neon 800.

Vozol Neon 800 - What's in the box? 1
Vozol Neon 800 - What's in the box? 2
Vozol Neon 800 - What's in the box? 3

On the back of the box there’s more information including the battery capacity and an ingredients list. There’s also a QR code that allows you to check the authenticity of the Neon 800 you’ve purchased.

For me the only information that would have been nice to see is the PG/VG ratio of the e-juice included. While not strictly necessary, it’s super handy for those who suffer with PG intolerances.

Once you remove the Neon 800 from the box you’ll find it sealed inside a foil wrapper. After removing the device you simply take out the rubber bungs blocking the mouthpiece and airflow. These are included to prevent any accidental misfires during transit.

Vozol Neon 800 - What's in the box? 4

After this you’re ready to start vaping! Overall Vozol have done an excellent job with the packaging… It’s bright, informative and really stands out.

Vozol Neon 800 | Design and Appearance

In terms of the design the Neon 800 is a cylindrical device measuring 105mm in height and 18mm in diameter. It doesn’t break the mold in this regard, with the size and shape being fairly common design features among 2ml disposables. But, as the saying goes, ‘If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’!

With a weight of 30g it’s reasonably light for a vape with 2ml of e-juice, making the Neon 800 one of the more lightweight, portable disposables on the market. Overall the size, shape and weight make for a really comfortable hold when vaping, not too dissimilar from holding a small cigar.

Vozol Neon 800 - Design and Appearance 1

We were sent a total of 10 Neon 800s and I frequently carried several with me at the same time. The Neon 800 is so lightweight that despite packing my pockets full of them, I barely even noticed I was carrying any.

This is largely due to the lightweight PCTG (Plastic) material used in the construction of the device. The entire body consists of a seamless molded surround with an internal plastic pod and a mouthpiece that protrudes from the top.

Vozol Neon 800 - Design and Appearance

There are no sharp edges and the only flat edge is on the base of the vape, allowing it to stand upright. The material not only makes the Neon 800 incredibly lightweight, but also results in a really silky smooth finish. On more than one occasion I found myself just turning the Neon 800 around in my hand.

The only potential downside to the lightweight PCTG construction is in how robust and sturdy the end result is. While I was lucky enough not to seriously drop or damage any of the samples we were sent, I got the impression they wouldn’t withstand much of a knock.

While the build quality is more than good enough for a disposable, the Neon 800 certainly feels like a slightly cheaper production compared to some other popular 2ml disposables currently on the market.

With that being said, it’s worth remembering that it is a throwaway device, and the chances of you having it long enough for build quality to become any sort of an issue are very slim indeed. Where it really counts with a disposable of this size is in the performance and the flavors.

Vozol Neon 800 - Design and Appearance 2

One element of the design that did really impress me however is the opaque, see-through design of the pod used to house the e-juice. This is something I’ve only encountered once before when using a disposable, but it really does make the world of difference!

Knowing at any given time just how much juice is left in the tank allows you to budget and plan accordingly. In the many years I’ve now been using disposables, I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve run out of juice miles from the nearest vape shop or convenience store.

In using a see-through pod, Vozol has ensured the user can have a stress free experience, eliminating the worry of running dry and having no way to buy a replacement. A simple design feature but a really effective and useful one!

Vozol Neon 800 - Design and Appearance 3

At the other end of the device you’ll see a center hole on the base that functions as the LED puff indicator. Whenever you draw on the mouthpiece, the LED lights up in a bright white color. Typically the LED on a disposable will also flash 10 times in quick succession when the device runs out of battery.

I must admit though that with all 10 of the Neon 800s I tested, not a single battery died before the 2ml of e-juice was fully vaped. While this is obviously a positive, it does make me wonder whether the 550mAh battery could have been reduced slightly to allow for a smaller design.

Either side of the LED indicator are two small airflow holes that work to create a tight mouth-to-lung (MTL) draw, not wildly different from the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette. While this might deter vapers who prefer a more airy, direct-to-lung (DTL) vape, it’s perfect for those making the transition from smoking.

I also found the shape of the mouthpiece nicely compliments the airflow and MTL style. It’s an oval mouthpiece that tapers in as it reaches the top and it’s really comfortable to vape on. I usually prefer a tight MTL draw and the Neon 800 performs brilliantly in this regard!

Vozol Neon 800 - Design and Appearance 4

As a disposable device there are no buttons or adjustments to be found. When you want to activate the coil you simply draw on the mouthpiece and the auto-draw function kicks in. It’s also worth mentioning that across all 10 of the Neon 800s I used the auto-draw response worked flawlessly.

Finally Vozol have also done a great job with the branding and color design on the Neon 800. In terms of branding it’s definitely a ‘less is more’ approach.

On one side of the device there’s a large ‘Vozol’ logo embossed vertically along the body. The other side of the device simply confirms the flavor and the use of the FEELM Max coil technology. It’s a simple, understated kind of branding and works well with the overall design of the Neon 800.

Perhaps the best thing about the aesthetics though are the flashy, funky gradient colors used. Of course the name ‘Neon’ is derived from the bright, retro colors used across the range of 15 flavors. The colors are bright and bold and give the Neon 800 a really fun, retro vibe.

Vozol Neon 800 - Design and Appearance 5

Overall I think Vozol have done a really great job with the design and appearance of the Neon 800! While the shape and size are fairly run of the mill, the inclusion of an opaque tank and the retro gradient color design really help the Neon 800 stand out from the crowd.

The airflow and mouthpiece work great for vapers who prefer a tight MTL draw and the incredibly light weight of the device makes it perfect for taking with you on the go.

Vozol Neon 800 | Performance

When it comes to the performance of the Neon 800 things are also just as positive. The first thing to talk about is the impressive capability of the FEELM Max coil. As I mentioned earlier, the coil relies on several layers of composite heating film rather than the traditional cotton or silica wicks found in most vapes.

In theory this should result in more consistent flavor and vapor production while eliminating the annoying burnt/dry hits that plague so many other vape devices out there. Unfortunately though this theory only held partially true when putting the Neon 800 to the test.

Vozol Neon 800 Performance

While I never received any burnt hits or a cottony dry taste (like I’ve experienced so many times before), the flavor consistency wasn’t always apparent. Flavor production was great for the most part, but I did still experience the occasional hit with muted flavors, especially near the end of each tank.

With that being said I really don’t want to speak badly about the performance of the FEELM Max ceramic coil. Other than the very occasional muted hit, the fact I didn’t receive a single burnt hit speaks volumes about how well this coil performs.

Having sampled a lot of other popular disposables this is really rare. With a sample size of 10 Neon 800 disposables I’d have expected at least a couple of burnt/cottony hits during use!

Vozol Neon 800 Transparent Tank

On top of this the transparent tank also helps you to avoid those dreaded final puffs when the e-juice has run dry. With most disposables the pod is completely sealed and you’re forced to either throw the device away and potentially waste e-juice, or power on with the threat of receiving that nasty, acrid, burnt taste.

With the Neon 800 you can see when only a tiny amount of e-juice remains and prepare yourself to puff quickly and gently to test the waters. I found when only a small layer of e-juice remained at the bottom it was time to discard. Puffing past this point saw a sudden drop off in flavor and a much less smooth taste.

Vozol Neon 800 Performance 1

What impressed me even more than this however was the consistency of vapor production. I’m not sure whether it’s the 550mAh battery or the ceramic coil (maybe a combination of both), but the vapor production remains consistent, resulting in a steady supply of thick, white vapor.

Even at the very end of a Neon 800’s lifespan, the power being delivered to the coil remains constant, meaning vapor remains thick and satisfying right until the very final puff.

And while you certainly won’t be winning any cloud chasing competitions with the Neon 800, it produces a surprisingly good amount of vapor. Far more in fact than the majority of disposables available.

On top of this the vapor that’s produced feels far smoother than most other disposables. Again you can thank the FEELM Max coil for this. Vozol claim that it produces vapor with particles as small as 0.9 μm. In layman’s terms this means the size of the vapor particles produced are about half the size they would be with a traditional cotton coil.

Vozol Neon 800 Nano Particles

This means the Neon 800 delivers a really satisfyingly smooth vape. And while there’s still a noticeable throat kick from the 20mg/ml nicotine option, it’s not overpowering or harsh. Personally I found the smoother vapor allows for the flavor profiles to really jump out!

Like I mentioned earlier the auto-draw function also works flawlessly and it only takes a very gentle puff to activate the coil. It’s also worth noting there were no leaks while using the Neon 800 and no spitting or gurgling from the mouthpiece. Airflow for me was also spot on, creating a nice restrictive MTL vape.

Vozol Neon 800 Performance 2

The last thing to talk about in terms of performance is the overall lifespan of each Neon 800. As a very heavy vaper, my device rarely leaves my side, and having vaped literally hundreds of 600 puff capacity disposables over the past few years I know they typically last me around 12 hours. This means I can get about 3/4 of a day from a standard 2ml disposable.

As an 800 puff device I assumed the Neon 800 would last me roughly a few hours extra, or essentially the full day. This was at least my experience with the only other 2ml/800 puff disposable I’ve used (Puffmi C800). What I found instead was the Neon 800 gives a vape time closer to that of a standard 2ml disposable like the Elf Bar 600.

The majority of the 10 I used lasted for around 3/4 of a day, with only a few of them stretching to almost the full day.

Full disclosure however, I didn’t count the actual number of puffs I received on any of the Neon 800s I tested. As is typical with any vape device, the number of puffs you receive depends on a number of factors, including how long you draw for and how frequently you puff on the device.

Vozol Neon 800 Performance 3

Overall though the Neon 800 vapes really well and I was more than happy with the performance! The airflow and mouthpiece combine well to create a nice restrictive draw and the ceramic coil consistently produces thick, satisfying vapor. While the lifespan of the Neon 800 didn’t fully meet my expectations, the absence of any dry/burnt hits was also excellent!

Add to this the fact I didn’t encounter a single problem with any of the 10 I used and it bodes well for the overall build quality of the Neon 800. All in all, hats off to Vozol for creating a budget friendly disposable that performs admirably.

Vozol Neon 800 | Flavors

Another great reason to try the Neon 800 is the diverse and delicious flavor range on offer:

Vozol Neon 800 flavor range

At the time of its release the Neon 800 comes available in a range of 15 diverse and delicious options:

  • Watermelon Bubble Gum
  • Sour Apple
  • Cream Tobacco
  • Blueberry Sour Raspberry
  • Strawberry Raspberry Cherry
  • Strawberry Ice Cream
  • Mr Blue
  • Peach Mango Watermelon
  • Rainbow Candy
  • Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava
  • Grape Ice
  • VZBull
  • Watermelon Ice
  • Menthol
  • Passion Fruit Lychee Orange

As you can see from the list above, Vozol have crafted a nicely varied mix that should suit a wide range of vapers. As a big fan of the fruity flavors I was happy to see the Neon 800 range favors the fruity cocktail blends.

Although it’s also great to see the inclusion of other flavors like the Cream Tobacco, VZBull and Strawberry Ice Cream.

Vozol were generous enough to send us the following 10 flavors to try: Mr Blue, Cream Tobacco, VZBull, Menthol, Strawberry Raspberry Cherry, Watermelon Ice, Grape Ice, Watermelon Bubble Gum, Peach Mango Watermelon and Strawberry Ice Cream.

While taste is very subjective I’ll do my best to briefly describe the 10 flavors below:

Mr Blue

Vozol Neon 800 - Mr Blue

With not much of an idea of what was in this flavor, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. What I found was a light, delicious, fruity vape that’s perfect for a hot summer’s day!

There are notes of blueberry on the inhale but it’s very subtly done. It’s definitely more of a sweeter taste but I love the fact that Vozol haven’t gone crazy on the intensity of the sweet notes.

It’s a sweetness that’s just enough to tickle the tastebuds, without being sickly. This one was easily an all day vape for me and a tricky one to put down.

Watermelon Bubble Gum

Vozol Neon 800 - Watermelon Bubble Gum

Before having my first puff on the Watermelon Bubble Gum I was a bit pessimistic. Watermelon is a personal favorite of mine and it’s not often I’ve found it blended well with other non-fruity flavors.

After just the very first puff I knew my fears were unfounded! The surprising harmony between the watermelon and bubble gum flavors was a bit of a revelation. Vozol have managed to blend a fresh, raw watermelon taste together with an authentic, chewed in bubble gum flavor.

There’s also an icy cold inhale that complements the overall experience, adding a touch of sophistication to this already exceptional blend.

Watermelon Ice

Vozol Neon 800 - Watermelon Ice

Easily one of my favorites, the Watermelon Ice bursts with that authentic, fresh watermelon taste. It tantalizes the tongue with juicy undertones and floods the mouth with a deeply satisfying flavor.

Surprisingly the icy notes were again really subtle, despite the flavor name. I’m glad because so many flavors I’ve tried in the past have been marred by an overpowering chill factor.

A flavor I was happy to vape all day and one I’ll definitely look to vape again in the near future!

Strawberry Raspberry Cherry

Vozol Neon 800 - Strawberry Raspberry Cherry

Another one of my favorites, the Strawberry Raspberry Cherry absolutely bursts with flavor from the very first puff until the last! For me it’s the perfect blend of fruity cocktail flavors, ideal for vaping on a hot summers day.

The strawberry flavor was much more pronounced on the inhale, with the gentle raspberry and cherry notes popping on the exhale.

Somehow Vozol have again managed to combine several typically sweet flavors without it feeling overpowering or sickly! Yet again another all day vape for me.

Grape Ice

Vozol Neon 800 - Grape Ice

I feel it’s only fair that I start this one by admitting that grape flavors in a vape are just not my cup of tea! It’s not that I hate the taste of grape….quite the opposite. It’s more that I’ve never found a grape flavor in all my years of vaping that’s really lived up to the real thing.

Sadly I still haven’t… but it’s not that Vozol’s Grape Ice is bad, in fact it’s absolutely the opposite! Vozol’s Grape Ice is easily one of the best grape flavors I’ve tried in a vape.

That slightly artificial grape flavor is still present, but it’s much less obvious than the majority of grape vapes I’ve tried in the past. The ice is also subtle making the overall flavor quite an understated, gentle blend.

While it’s not quite an all day vape for me, it’s still a flavor I was more than happy to vape.

Peach Mango Watermelon

Vozol Neon 800 - Peach Mango Watermelon

Another delicious fruit medley, the Peach Mango Watermelon is packed full of flavor! The mango and watermelon both explode on the inhale and combine to create a deliciously refreshing vape.

As if this wasn’t enough the sweetness of the peach is released on the exhale and lingers on the tongue for some time.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this is easily another all day vape for me and one that’s bound to find its way into my cart. It’s the kind of flavor that leaves you wanting more and I was really disappointed when I’d vaped it completely!


Vozol Neon 800 - VZBull

For anyone that’s tried the insanely popular energy drink Red Bull, you’ll know exactly what this flavor is all about. While I’m not usually the biggest fan of energy drink flavors, Vozol have knocked it out of the park with this one!

The VZBull tastes exactly like you’re drinking from the can! If you’re a fan of the popular drink, rest assured, this vape is tailor-made to delight your senses.

There’s a gentle fizz on the inhale followed by strong vanilla notes taking center stage on the exhale. Accompanying the vanilla flavor is a blend of spicy undertones and again a nice, cool ice.

The chill factor actually plays a crucial role in shaping the taste experience with this one, an indispensable component that elevates this vape to a whole new level. Surprisingly the VZBull makes it into my top 3 favorite flavors.

Cream Tobacco

Vozol Neon 800 - Cream Tobacco

I tend to think of tobacco vapes as being a bit like Marmite; you either love them or hate them. I fall firmly in the former camp and enjoy it when a range includes this flavor.

For me the Cream Tobacco surprisingly doesn’t taste all that strongly of tobacco. There are subtle hints of the tobacco flavor but they’re blended together with caramel and vanilla vibes that offset the typical tobacco taste.

This results in a deliciously creamy flavor that keeps you coming back for more. Vozol have done an impressive job of blending these flavors together to create a vape that’s silky smooth and delightful.


Vozol Neon 800 - Menthol

It wouldn’t be a disposable flavor range without the inclusion of a menthol flavor. For their part, Vozol have again pulled the rabbit from the hat!

With each inhale the soothing menthol tones wash over your palate and invigorate the taste buds. The refreshing minty notes dance gracefully, delivering a clean and crisp experience that lingers throughout the exhale.

This menthol blend strikes a perfect balance, offering a well-defined chill without overpowering the delicate flavors that accompany it. Ideal for those seeking a revitalizing vape, it provides a really satisfying throat hit that leaves you feeling rejuvenated.

Strawberry Ice Cream

Vozol Neon 800 - Strawberry Ice Cream

Last but by no means least, the Strawberry Ice Cream is another great addition to the range. With the first inhale the sweet and juicy essence of ripe strawberries captivates.

As the strawberry subsides, a creamy and velvety ice cream base emerges, perfectly complementing the vibrant strawberry notes. Each exhale is a symphony of flavors, smoothly intertwining the fruity and creamy elements.

The blend strikes a wonderful equilibrium, ensuring that neither the strawberries nor the ice cream overpower one another. Instead, they merge into a delectable and well-balanced union. This Strawberry Ice Cream concoction is sure to please, especially among vapers craving a smooth and delightful dessert experience.

If you couldn’t already tell from the descriptions above, I was suitably impressed with the flavors in the Neon 800 range. It’s clear that Vozol has invested a great deal of time in creating delicious flavor blends that keep you wanting more.

My personal favorites among the bunch were the VZBull, Peach Mango Watermelon and Strawberry Raspberry Cherry. Vozol seem to have a knack for handling these complicated multi-flavor blends, offering a vape experience that’s chock full of flavor without being overpowering and sickly.

Vozol Neon 800 | Price

As a brand new release the Neon 800 isn’t readily available in many stores just yet, but with great design, impressive performance and delicious flavors, I’m sure it won’t be long before we’ll see it stocked in all the major online retailers.

At the time of writing we did find the Neon 800 available in the UK for the price of £4.99 ($6). This is a fairly typical price for a 2ml disposable in the UK and about what I’d expect for the Neon 800.

While I wouldn’t solely recommend vaping on disposables (the cost can soon build up), it’s a great way to sample flavors and a convenient alternative for days out and trips. In comparison to the cost of cigarettes it’s also a no-brainer!

If you are interested in trying the Neon 800 feel free to check out the link below:

Vozol Neon 800 | Verdict

Overall I was very impressed with the Neon 800. I think Vozol has designed a disposable with the user in mind. The transparent tank makes the experience of vaping a disposable more enjoyable and the flavors have been artfully crafted.

Vozol Neon 800 Review Verdict


  • Excellent vapor production
  • Consistent vapor
  • Well crafted flavor range
  • Reasonably priced
  • Funky gradient colors
  • Transparent tank design
  • Responsive auto-draw
  • No leakage or misfiring
  • Great throat hit
  • Smooth vapor
  • Satisfying MTL draw
  • Lightweight


  • Occasional hit with muted flavor
  • Didn’t quite last as long as expected

Vozol also did well to create a fun, vibrant vape that performs just as good as it looks and delivers smooth, crisp vapor consistently. Other than the occasional muted hit I thought the general flavor production was great and several of the individual flavor options are easily all day vapes for me!

I also really enjoyed the tight MTL draw on the Neon 800 and thought it delivered satisfying puffs that really help to stem any cravings.

I was slightly disappointed that they didn’t quite last as long as I’d hoped, but it’s always a good sign when you’re left wanting more! Overall I’d recommend that you give the Neon 800 a go.

And that’s it folks! I hope you enjoyed our Neon 800 disposable review! Please feel free to share this review or leave a comment below! Happy Vaping!

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  1. I bought a product of your and it worked for 2day. I haven’t dropped it and not allowing device to smoke all you taste is the Flavor of the vape.

    1. Hi Wildafredo,

      Thanks for your comment. Just to clarify though, we don’t actually sell any Vozol products on our site, we only review them. And based on the 800 puff capacity of the Neon 800 I’d say 2 days of vaping time is about right. After you’ve puffed on the device for around 800 puffs you’ll run out or e-juice and/or battery. At that time you’d need to throw it away and purchase a new disposable vape. Hope this helps.

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