Zeus Bolt 2 Review

Zeus Bolt 2 Review | Consistently Great Grinds For Your Herb

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The Zeus Bolt grinder comes from the guys over at Zeus, a company renowned for producing high quality, functional gear for cannabis, at extremely affordable prices.

The manufactures claim the Zeus Bolt grinds your herb to a consistency perfect for vaporizing. With a dry herb vaporizer, the ideal consistency needs to be fine enough to allow for plenty of surface area when heating, but still course enough to prevent cleaning and maintenance issues with your vaporizer.

For the cheap price of $24.99 you’ll get a 4 part grinder made from high grade materials, an air-tight carry case and a small scoop for collecting your ground herb or kief. What I couldn’t wait to find out was whether this budget grinder lived up to the hype and performed as well it claimed…

Quick Note: The guys over at TVape.com were kind enough to send us the Zeus Bolt 2 for the purposes of this review. A big thank you to TVape but as always, we’ll be putting the grinder through its paces and giving you an honest review.

Zeus Bolt 2 | Grinder Review


What’s In The Box?

Zeus Bolt Grinder - What's In The Box?

The Zeus Bolt comes packaged in a small and discreet box with some handy information about the grinder printed on the side. Inside the box you’ll find the following:

  • Zeus Bolt 2 Grinder.
  • Air-tight Carry Case.
  • Small Herb Scoop.

Features & Specification

  • 4 Piece Grinder (3 Chambers).
  • Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum Construction.
  • 5.5 cm (diameter) X 4.5 cm (height).
  • Magnetic Lid.
  • Capacity: 1g
  • Kief Catcher With Mesh Screen.
  • Matte Black Finish.
  • Lifetime Warranty.

Zeus Bolt 2 | Design & Build Quality

Given the low price tag you’d be forgiven for thinking the Zeus Bolt grinder is made from cheaper materials. What really sets the Zeus apart from the crowd however is the Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum (AGAA) construction. This is the same stuff they build airplanes and rockets with (trip to Mars anyone?).

This material not only makes the Zeus Bolt an incredibly sturdy and long lasting grinder but also extremely light and portable. Ideal for those looking to vape on the go! As well as being super light the Zeus Bolt also measures a comfortable and convenient 5.5 cm (diameter) by 4.5 cm (height). It fits well in the hand and can easily be stashed in a bag or a pocket.

Zeus Bolt Grinder Top Logo

It comes in 4 pieces and features a top chamber for grinding your herb, a middle chamber for collecting your ground botanical and a bottom chamber to collect that super fine delicious crystal kief! There’s also a super handy scoop included that keeps the process of collecting and loading your herb much less messy.

Zeus Bolt Grinder Chambers

It comes in a matte black finish that gives the grinder a stylish and sleek look and the Zeus Bolt logo is printed in large block letters on the lid of the grinder. There’s also finger grooves on the top and bottom of the Bolt to allow for better grip when turning.

The top chamber features a magnetic connection that feels firm and sturdy and diamond cut teeth that grind your plant and push the material down into the second chamber of the grinder. Zeus claim that these teeth are calibrated to grind your herb to just the right size for a vaporizer session.

Last but by no means least, one of my favourite features on the Zeus Bolt grinder is the small discreet motto written around the outer edge of the base;

Zeus Bolt Motto

“My bolt shall grind with diamond teeth and bury dust of flight beneath”.

Overall I was incredibly impressed with the design and build quality of the Zeus Bolt. It feels strong and sturdy yet light and portable at the same time. The logo and motto printed on the body add an extra level of class and the stylish matte black finish and finger grooves give the grinder an expensive and deluxe look. The handy scoop is the cherry on top!

Using The Zeus Bolt 2 Grinder

Okay…confession time… I haven’t actually used a grinder for vaping my herb in about 5 years! Like a neanderthal, I opted instead to pick the herb apart with my bare hands and hope for the best. Within seconds of first using the Zeus Bolt I realized what an incredible mistake that was!

Immediately I could tell the Zeus Bolt was manufactured with quality in mind. Each of the 4 pieces is machined to perfection and the operation of the grinder is faultless. I stopped using grinders years ago because they took up too much time before a session and required lots of banging against the worktop to clear out ground herb.

With the Zeus Bolt the process is effortless. I loaded about 1g of herb into the top chamber and lightly pressed down. After only a few turns I opened the lid to find it almost completely empty. The vast majority of the herb had been ground down and pushed into the middle chamber with only tiny amounts of residue left in the top chamber.

The top chamber turns super smoothly and each of the 4 pieces screw together effortlessly. With previous grinders I’ve always found the small machined channels between pieces become gunked up and hard to turn after only a couple of uses.

After several more goes on the Zeus Bolt I could still turn and disassemble the grinder easily. I found a nice collection of crystals in the bottom chamber and still very little residue in the top chamber. As with all grinders cleaning is required, but the Zeus Bolt seems to require much less upkeep that others I’ve tried in the past.

Once my Arizer ArGo was loaded up (using the super handy scoop included), I noticed a marked difference in the amount of vapor I was getting and the airflow and draw on the mouthpiece. I’m pleased to report that I’m now a bit of a convert…I’ve been using the Zeus Bolt for the past several months almost every time I vape. I’ve had to clean the Zeus Bolt once in that time (more on this later), but I’ve also noticed my herb stretching out for just a bit longer.

While in the past using a grinder meant more time and effort when it came to vaping dry herb, the Zeus Bolt actually saves me time. I no longer thumb my herb like a monkey picking it’s mate and the collection chamber holds such a good amount that I only need to grind my herb once every several sessions.

The included carry case also works great as a smell-proof container and keeps the Zeus Bolt clean and scratch free while carrying out and about. My only gripe with the carry case was how the two parts fit together. It doesn’t seem to be a push fit or a screw top but some kind of amalgamation of the two. Not the biggest problem in the world but fiddly when you’re on the move.

Zeus Bolt 2 | Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning of the Zeus Bolt is relatively easy and straightforward. Using the included scoop and a small cleaning brush I made sure that all loose herbs and fine dust had been removed from the inner chambers of the grinder. Once the grinder was disassembled into four parts, I soaked the parts in 99% strength Isopropyl alcohol for around an hour.

After this you can use a brush or pipe cleaner to run back over the grinder to make sure you’ve removed any remaining particles. Zeus actually sell their own pack of bristle pipe cleaners for this very task.

Finally you just need to rinse all 4 parts under hot water and then give them a good towel dry (I used the other half’s hairdryer). After this you’re ready to reassemble and carry on using.

Zeus Bolt 2 | Price & Where to Buy?

Like I mentioned at the start of this review, the Zeus Bolt comes in at the very reasonable price of $24.99. Considering it’s manufactured with the same metal they build rockets with, this price tag is an absolute steal!

It feels, looks and functions like a much more expensive grinder (Space Case grinders spring to mind), and you can rest easy knowing you’ll have a grinder that’ll last you for a very, very long time!

If you are interested in picking yourself up a Zeus Bolt 2 feel free to take a look at the links below for TVape. They’re the parent company of Zeus and offer fantastic customer service.

Zeus Bolt 2 Grinder Verdict – Should You Buy One?

Zeus Bolt Grinder

Overall I had a brilliant time trying and testing the Zeus Bolt 2! There’s very little I can say about it that’s negative. In fact, my only gripe with it was the tricky to close carry case lid.

Before trying the Zeus Bolt 2 I was happy picking my herb apart with my hands and saving money on an expensive grinder. I’d had little to no luck with cheaper grinders I’d tried in the past and splashing out on an expensive grinder just seemed like a bit of a waste.

What I found with the Zeus Bolt 2 was an affordable grinder that looks and performs like one three times the price. It’s light, attractive and easy to take with you on the go. The grinder and carry case are smell-proof and discreet and cleaning is relatively easy and infrequently needed.

The guys at TVape and Zeus have lived up to their track record and produced another high-quality affordable product!

And that’s it folks! I hope you enjoyed the review and if you’ve got any thoughts feel free to leave a comment below…

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