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ZOVOO DRAGBAR B3500 Disposable Vape Review | An Impressive 3,500 Puffs with 16 Mouth-Watering Flavors!

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Today we’re taking a look at ZOVOO’s latest disposable vape; the DRAGBAR B3500. Adding to the ever growing list of DRAGBAR disposables, the B3500 is a DRAGBAR with a difference. It’s the first ZOVOO disposable that features a smart LED display for checking your battery and e-liquid levels!

On top of this, the DRAGBAR B3500 features a respectable 8ml of e-juice that provides around 3,500 puffs, a 500 mAh rechargeable battery and a range of 16 delicious and mouth-watering flavors!

The B3500 also comes in a 50mg/ml nicotine strength that should be ideal for those looking to make the switch from smoking to vaping. ZOVOO also claim they’ve included an updated mesh coil in the DRAGBAR B3500 for more consistent flavor and vapor production.

We’ve previously had the pleasure of reviewing several disposables from the DRAGBAR series (Z700 SE, B6500, B5000 CE etc) and expectations were certainly high when we unboxed the DRAGBAR B3500.

Join us while we test the B3500 and see if it warrants a place on our best disposable vapes list!

I’d like to quickly thank Hillary at ZOVOO for sending me the DRAGBAR B3500 disposables to review. As always, this review is completely unbiased and only contains my honest opinions on the product. This post may also contain affiliate links. If you purchase the product through our link, we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you!). This helps us to keep the site running.

ZOVOO DRAGBAR B3500 Disposable Vape Review

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Features and Specifications

ZOVOO DRAGBAR B3500 - Features and Specifications

Dimensions: 76.6mm (Height) x 42.3mm (Width) x 25.76mm (Depth)
Weight: 55g
E-Juice Capacity: 8ml
PG/VG Ratio: Not Specified
Nicotine Strength: 50mg/ml Nic Salt E-Juice (5%)
3,500 Puff Capacity
16 Different Flavors
Battery: Internal Rechargeable Battery (500mAh)
USB Type-C Charging Port (1A)
Coil Resistance: 1.0 + 0.1 ohms (non-replaceable)
Coil Type: Mesh Coil
Output Power: Not Specified
Material: PC + SPCC
Smart LED Display with E-Juice and Battery Indicator
Airflow: Non-Adjustable

What’s in the Box?

ZOVOO DRAGBAR B3500 - What's in the Box?

The DRAGBAR B3500 comes packaged in a bright, colorful box that corresponds with the flavor of the disposable inside. On the front of the box you’ll see an image of the B3500 along with the flavor name, nicotine strength and e-liquid capacity.

ZOVOO DRAGBAR B3500 - Front of the box
ZOVOO DRAGBAR B3500 - Back of the box

There’s a lot more information on the back of the box including an ingredients list, ZOVOO’s socials and contact information, instructions for use and another large nicotine warning.

On the left hand side of the packaging you’ll also find a manufacture date, batch number and a scratchable QR code that lets you check the DRAGBAR you’ve purchased is genuine.

The packaging is bright and eye-catching and features about all the information you’d need to know. Unfortunately they don’t specify the PG/VG ratio of the e-juice for those with a PG intolerance, but I’m yet to see a disposable with the ratio actually listed!

ZOVOO DRAGBAR B3500 | Design and Appearance

The first thing that really stands out with the B3500 is the impressively compact size. Measuring just 76.6mm in height, 42.3mm in width and 25.76mm in depth, it fits easily in the palm of a hand!

Add to this a surprisingly light weight of just 55g and the DRAGBAR B3500 is the perfect kind of disposable to take with you on the go. It’s similar in size to a Zippo lighter or a small box of matches, which makes it perfect for slipping in a pocket.

ZOVOO DRAGBAR B3500 - Design and Appearance

In terms of shape and design I was also really surprised when I first took it out of the packaging. We’ve reviewed several other DRAGBAR disposables over the past few months and they’ve all featured the same pebble/oval design.

The DRAGBAR B3500 on the other hand has a completely different shape. There’s a slightly larger section with beveled edges directly under the mouthpiece which then tapers into a thinner section housing the LED display.

This gives it a kind of keyhole shape which actually makes it much easier to hold and more comfortable to vape on.

ZOVOO DRAGBAR B3500 - Design and Appearance 1
ZOVOO DRAGBAR B3500 - Design and Appearance 2
ZOVOO DRAGBAR B3500 - Design and Appearance 3

Colors on the DRAGBAR B3500 are also far more subtle than earlier DRAGBAR disposables. The B3500 is designed with a clear polycarbonate shell that let’s you see the artwork and LED display underneath.

The colors of the underlying artwork and branding are then matched with the flavor of the e-juice inside, but in a much more subtle way than previous DRAGBARs. Colors on the earlier DRAGBAR models are much bolder and definetely not conducive to stealth vaping!

I also really enjoyed the artwork design on the B3500. It’s a really funky, retro design that has a wonderfully nostalgic 80s feel to it!

ZOVOO DRAGBAR B3500 - Design and Appearance 4

In terms of the materials used the majority of the body is constructed from Polycarbonate with a small stainless steel section that houses the airflow hole and charging port on the bottom.

Overall the DRAGBAR B3500 feels robust and able to withstand most of the rigors of daily life. In fact, I dropped at least two of the B3500s we were sent and didn’t notice any damage to the body, or any change in performance.

ZOVOO DRAGBAR B3500 - Design and Appearance 5

At the top end of the DRAGBAR B3500 you’ll find an incorporated mouthpiece that’s raised 15mm above the rest of the body. The mouthpiece is oval shaped and tapers into a smaller opening right at the top.

The duck-billed style again makes the B3500 a really comfortable device to vape on and compliments the mouth-to-lung (MTL) draw style it was designed for.

Interestingly there are also two cutouts on the top of the B3500 that allow you to thread a lanyard through. There’s no lanyard included in the box but it’s a nice touch nonetheless.

ZOVOO DRAGBAR B3500 - Design and Appearance 6

When it comes to vaping on the DRAGBAR B3500 it’s about as simple as it gets. There are no buttons or adjustments to be made and as an auto-draw device you simply draw on the mouthpiece to activate the coil. Across all five of the B3500s I tested the auto-draw worked flawlessly.

The standout feature of the DRAGBAR B3500 though, is easily the included smart LED display! It’s located on the thinner side of the body directly above the stainless steel section at the bottom. Whenever you draw on the B3500 the color display illuminates and gives you a reading of the current remaining battery and e-juice levels.

ZOVOO DRAGBAR B3500 - Design and Appearance 7

It’s a feature we’re increasingly seeing on new disposables and I’m definetely all for it! Personally the DRAGBAR B3500 was the first disposable I’ve used with a display, and it makes vaping on a disposable that much more enjoyable!

Gone are the days of running out of battery and/or e-juice when you’re halfway to work. With the B3500 a quick draw on the mouthpiece will instantly tell you how much battery and e-juice are left. The battery readout displays a number from 0-100% while the e-juice indicator features 4 colored lines inside a liquid droplet.

ZOVOO DRAGBAR B3500 - Design and Appearance 8

As you vape on the DRAGBAR B3500 you’ll notice the lines within the droplet slowly recede until you’re left with a tiny portion of red at the bottom. At this point the e-juice is almost expended. From my time using the B3500s it seemed like each line on the droplet equates to around 25% of the available total e-juice.

It’s the exact same design that we saw on the ICEWAVE X8500 (an excellent disposable from TIDEBAR – a ZOVOO subsidiary) and the system works perfectly. It may seem like a minor feature at first glance, but in practical terms it takes away the stress and worry of not knowing how long you’ve got left.

All in all I was incredibly impressed with the design of the DRAGBAR B3500! In fact, the only minor gripe I have is with the lack of pass-through charging.

ZOVOO DRAGBAR B3500 - Design and Appearance 9

When the device runs out of battery you can plug a Type-C USB cable into the charge port located on the bottom. Unfortunately though the absence of pass-through charging means the B3500 can’t be vaped while on charge.

In the grand scheme of things it’s a minor inconvenience, but it can be frustrating if you’ve only got the one. Personally I think it’s the perfect excuse to buy at least two!

Overall though, I think ZOVOO has done an excellent job with the DRAGBAR B3500! The smart LED display is a real game changer and the compact size and light weight make it perfect for taking with you on the go.

Add to this the great build quality, a reasonably impressive 8ml e-juice capacity and a quirky 80s design, and the DRAGBAR B3500 has tons of appeal!

ZOVOO DRAGBAR B3500 | Performance

When it comes to the performance of the DRAGBAR B3500 things get even better! The first thing to talk about is the insanely consistent vapor and flavor produced by the 1.0 ohm mesh coil!

With a light draw of just a few seconds the B3500 produces thick, satisfying clouds. While it doesn’t kick out quite as much vapor as a dripper or sub-ohm tank, it certainly holds it’s own in the disposable vape sphere.

Where the mesh coil really shines though is with consistency of flavor. From the very first puff till virtually the last, the DRAGBAR B3500 delivers tasty, lip-smacking flavor! I’ve tried countless disposables over the years and about half of those showed a noticeable drop off in flavor past the halfway point.

With the B3500 the flavor remains perfectly crisp and clean until almost the last puff. I say almost because on one or two of the ones I vaped, I puffed for quite some time on the last red line. At that point you’ll start to taste a more pronounced cottony flavor. Vaping past that point would likely result in an extremely dry, burnt taste.

ZOVOO DRAGBAR B3500 - Performance

In terms of throat hit and nicotine delivery, the DRAGBAR B3500 also ticks all the right boxes. Each draw provides a really satisfying throat kick that quickly stems any cravings!

Unfortunately it’s only currently available in a 50mg/ml nicotine strength, which is typically a bit higher than I’d usually choose to vape. With that being said, it’s not like many other 50mg/ml disposables I’ve tried in the past.

Even at a strength of 50mg/ml the B3500 was smooth and satisfying with no harshness at the back of the throat. Even if you don’t usually vape as high as 50mg/ml, you should still find the B3500 pleasant.

And, if you’ve recently quit smoking and you’re looking for a disposable that packs a satisfying punch, the DRAGBAR B3500 might just be the perfect vape for you!

ZOVOO DRAGBAR B3500 - Performance 1

On top of that, the 500 mAh rechargeable battery also performs admirably and provides an impressive amount of vaping time. I’m a very heavy vaper and there’s rarely a point in the day when I’m not holding some kind of vaping device!

Despite this I was achieving just under a day and a half from each full charge of the battery! When the battery does run out the LED display shows ’00’.

To recharge the DRAGBAR B3500 all you need to do is plug in a suitable Type-C USB cable and the display will illuminate. It stays lit until the battery reaches full capacity and the charging symbol disappears. All told the recharge time is relatively quick, taking a mere 45 minutes to reach full capacity.

Like I mentioned earlier, the only slight drawback is the lack of pass-through when the device is on charge.

ZOVOO DRAGBAR B3500 - Performance 2

In terms of lifespan I was also suitably impressed. True to it’s name the B3500 provides around 3,500 puffs. And while it’s actually one of the lowest multi-day disposables we’ve reviewed in terms of puff count, each one still lasted me between 5 and 6 days.

Given the fact I typically take between 500 to 600 puffs per day, the 5 to 6 day lifespan is really impressive! If you’re a light to medium vaper you should be able to get significantly more days out of the B3500, perhaps anywhere up to two weeks.

If that isn’t quite enough for you, the DRAGBAR series does feature some disposables with a much higher puff count. It’s worth remembering though that most of the higher puff capacity devices don’t feature the smart LED display.

ZOVOO DRAGBAR B3500 - Performance 3

When it comes to the airflow and draw I also found the B3500 performs really well. While it’s possible to get a restricted direct-to-lung (RDL) draw, it’s much more suited to a MTL style. It’s not too tight and nicely mimics the sensation of drawing on a cigarette.

Unfortunately there’s no adjustable airflow like we’ve seen on disposables such as the Orion Bar 7500, but I didn’t really miss that feature on the B3500! For me the airflow and draw were just right.

Finally, it’s also worth mentioning the DRAGBAR B3500 appears to be completely leak-proof, at least the five I tested were! I hate it when a vape leaks, leaving sticky e-juice residue on your hands or even worse ruining your favorite pair of pants! The B3500 in that respect performed flawlessly.

Overall I was really impressed with the performance of the DRAGBAR B3500. The battery provides a great amount of vape time and recharges really quickly, the mesh coil maintains consistent flavor and vapor production and the 50mg/ml strength ensures a satisfying vape to stem those pesky cravings!

ZOVOO DRAGBAR B3500 | Flavors

ZOVOO DRAGBAR B3500 - Flavors

Another excellent reason to try the DRAGBAR B3500 is the delicious and varied flavor range on offer. In total there are currently 16 flavors available:

  • Blackberry Ice
  • Peach Ice
  • Lush Ice
  • Ribena
  • Mango Ice
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Vanilla Casta Tobacco
  • Fresh Mint
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Sakura Grape
  • Cherry Cola
  • Honeydew Watermelon
  • Sour Apple
  • Blue Razz Ice
  • Strawberry Ice Cream
  • Clear

As you can see, the list of flavors is heavily in favor of the fruity blends, but it’s nice to see the inclusion of tobacco, cola and menthol options!

ZOVOO were kind enough to send us 5 of the flavors to test. While taste is incredibly subjective, I’ll do my best to describe each below:

Blue Razz Ice

DRAGBAR B3500 - Blue Razz Ice

Probably my favorite of the 5 we received, the Blue Razz Ice absolutely explodes with flavor!

It’s a mouth-watering blend of sharp blueberries, sweet raspberries and a subtle icy menthol that rounds the flavor off nicely. For me the raspberry flavor seemed to take the center stage on the inhale with the blueberry and menthol flavors popping more on the exhale.

Easily an all day vape and one I was sad to see end.


DRAGBAR B3500 - Clear

While I had my doubts before trying the Clear flavor, my worries completely disappeared with the very first puff. I expected to hate the Clear flavor…the name doesn’t exactly entice the tastebuds.

But I found the inhale has a really sweet and delicious minty taste, with a really strong blast of ice on the exhale. While it might not be to everyone’s liking, I found the Clear flavor really refreshing and great as a palette cleanser!

Lush Ice

DRAGBAR B3500 - Lush Ice

Easily my second favorite of the bunch, the Lush Ice is a tantalizing mix of juicy watermelon, sweet berries and a subtle touch of minty freshness.

Enough to transport you to a sunny beach with sand between your toes, the cocktail of flavors is ideal for hot summer days relaxing in the sun. For me ZOVOO absolutely nailed the watermelon flavor. Easily another all day vape and one I found hard to put down!

Sour Apple

DRAGBAR B3500 - Sour Apple

The Sour Apple was another flavor I didn’t expect to like as much as I did. It’s a blend of sharp, tangy apple, coupled with sweet undertones that absolutely delight the tastebuds!

The flavor lingers in the mouth long after the last puff and if you’re a fan of apple flavors, this is probably one of the best I’ve ever tried!

Strawberry Ice Cream

DRAGBAR B3500 - Strawberry Ice Cream

Surprisingly this was probably my least favorite of the 5 we were sent. It’s not that it’s a bad flavor, not by any means. I think I just expected to like it a lot more.

I’m a big fan of strawberry flavor vapes and for me the strawberry in this blend was just missing something. It’s a testament to ZOVOO though that my least favorite flavor was still one I was happy to vape on all day!

Overall I’m really impressed with the 5 flavors I tried, especially the Lush Ice and Blue Razz Ice! Those two are definetely ones I’ll be adding to my cart in the near future!

It’s clear from the 5 I tried that ZOVOO has put a great deal of time and effort into crafting unique flavors to resonate with a wide range of vapers!


As a brand new release, the DRAGBAR B3500 isn’t currently available in many online stores. Given the fantastic performance and excellent design though, I’d expect that to change very, very soon!

What I did find was a couple of retailers selling the B3500 for $9.99. While it’s by no means the cheapest rechargeable disposable we’ve reviewed (that accolade goes to the Yumi EPICmod), the cost still pales in comparison to the price you’d pay for cigarettes or even single day disposables like the popular 600 puff Elf Bar.

As you can probably tell by now, I’m a big fan of the B3500! For the incredibly reasonable price of $9.99 I can’t think of a reason not to get one!

Clicking the link below will take you directly to Element Vape who’re currently selling the DRAGBAR B3500 for $9.99!

ZOVOO DRAGBAR B3500 | Verdict

Overall I was really blown away by the DRAGBAR B3500 and in fact, there wasn’t much I didn’t like at all!

DRAGBAR B3500 Review Verdict


  • Excellent LED display with battery and e-juice indicator
  • Fantastic vapor production
  • Mouth-watering flavors
  • Great battery life
  • Long lifespan
  • Competitive price tag
  • Fast recharge time
  • Eye-catching design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Completely leak-proof
  • Ease of use
  • Responsive auto-draw
  • Satisfying throat hit
  • Excellent nicotine delivery
  • Robust and durable


  • No pass-through capability
  • PG/VG ratio not listed
  • No adjustable airflow
  • Only available at 50mg/ml

I’d go as far as to say it’s the best DRAGBAR disposable we’ve ever reviewed! ZOVOO has done an amazing job of producing an affordable disposable that’s designed with convenience and simplicity in mind.

The flavors are incredible and the mesh coil performs brilliantly, delivering consistent and satisfying vapor from start to finish. On top of that, the B3500 has enough battery capacity for a day and a half of vaping and a total lifespan of 6 days heavy vaping!

The standout feature for me though is the smart LED display, which makes using a disposable on the go soooo much easier!

Hats off to ZOVOO for giving us another awesome DRAGBAR disposable.

And that’s it folks! We hope you enjoyed reading our DRAGBAR B3500 review as much as we enjoyed writing it! Happy Vaping!

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    1. Hi Francis, pleased to hear you’re loving the Vanilla Casta Tobacco flavor. Sadly we only had the chance to try 5 different flavors. It’s a great device though and I hope we get the chance to sample more flavors. Thanks for leaving a comment.

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