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ZOVOO DRAGBAR B5000 (Cosmic Edition) Disposable Vape Review | A Seriously Compact Vape With Flavors That Burst!

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Today we’re taking a look at the DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition (CE), one of the latest releases from the increasingly popular vape brand ZOVOO.

ZOVOO only started producing disposable vapes in 2020 but since then they’ve gone from strength to strength and sold their products to vapers globally. The DRAGBAR B5000 even snagged several awards last year including the ‘Best Disposable Vape’ award from multiple major media outlets.

Having not had the pleasure of reviewing a ZOVOO disposable in the past, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this delightfully compact vape and put it to the test. ZOVOO have built an impressive reputation for themselves over the past few years and I had high hopes for the DRAGBAR B5000!

The Cosmic Edition we’re taking a look at today is essentially the same vape as the original DRAGBAR B5000, with only minor upgrades to the design, coil and flavor profiles.

With an e-juice well of 13ml and a puff capacity of 5,000, the DRAGBAR B5000 CE is designed as a multi-day rechargeable disposable. On top of this it features a 500mAh battery, a mesh coil for improved taste and a delicious range of 10 new mixed flavors.

Also available in either 20mg or 50mg nicotine strengths, the DRAGBAR B5000 CE looks to cater for a wide range of vapers.

At Vaping Hardware we’re on a mission to help our readers find the best disposable vapes… Join us to see where the DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition lands on the list.

I’d like to quickly thank Fiona at ZOVOO for sending me the DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition disposables to review. As always, this review is completely unbiased and only contains my honest opinions on the product. This post may also contain affiliate links. If you purchase the product through our link, we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you!). This helps us to keep the site running.

ZOVOO DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition Disposable Vape Review

YouTube video

The video above shows the DRAGBAR B5000 original edition. As the Cosmic Edition is virtually the same vape (bar color, coil and flavor upgrades), the video still gives you pretty good insight into what this compact disposable has to offer.


Features and Specifications

Dimensions: 79.6mm (Height) x 44mm (Width) x 22.6mm (Depth)
Weight: 50g
E-Juice Capacity: 13ml
PG/VG Ratio: Not Specified
Nicotine Strength: 20mg / 50mg Nic Salt E-Juice
5000 Puff Capacity
10 Different Flavors (20 flavors including the original 10 DRAGBAR flavors)
Battery: Internal Rechargeable Battery (500mAh)
USB Type-C Charging Port (1A)
Coil Resistance: 1.1-1.3 ohms (non-replaceable)
Coil Type: Mesh Coil
Output Power: Not Specified
Material: Polycarbonate
LED Puff Indicator
Airflow: Fixed Airflow Suitable for MTL

What’s in the Box?

DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition - What's in the Box?

The DRAGBAR B5000 CE comes packaged in a bright, colorful box with the color matching the design of your chosen DRAGBAR disposable. There’s a ton of useful information printed on the box along with several standard warnings.

On the front of the box there’s an image of the DRAGBAR B5000 CE, the name of the flavor, confirmation of the number of puffs and even an emblem showing that the DRAGBAR B5000 picked up the “Best Newcomer” award in 2022.

Both sides of the box contain further information such as the manufacture date, expiration date and also a small QR code you can scan to check for the authenticity of the DRAGBAR you’ve purchased.

Finally the back of the box shows a ton of information about ZOVOO along with further confirmation of the number of puffs, e-liquid capacity, the nicotine strength of the disposable and a list of ingredients. The only information that was missing for me was the PG/VG ratio of the e-juice. While not really essential, it is super useful for vapers who suffer with PG Intolerance.

DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition - What's in the Box? 1
DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition - What's in the Box? 2

Once you open the box you’ll find your DRAGBAR B5000 CE contained inside a ZOVOO branded foil wrapper. Simply tear open the wrapper, remove the silicone cap from the mouthpiece and peel off the sticker covering the bottom of the vape.

DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition | Design and Appearance

The first thing that caught my attention when unboxing the DRAGBAR B5000 CE is the brilliantly tiny size! Considering it holds 13ml of e-juice and a 500 mAh battery, the compact size is seriously impressive! It’s small enough to fit almost entirely concealed in the palm of your hand; perfect for discreet vaping.

Measuring a mere 79.6mm in height, 44mm in width and 22.6mm in depth, the DRAGBAR B5000 CE is one of the smallest rechargeable disposables we’ve ever reviewed. It’s about the size of a small box of matches making it ideal for taking with you on the go!

DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition - Design and Appearance 1

The portability of the DRAGBAR B5000 is only increased by the slight 50g weight. It’s manufactured out of Polycarbonate materials which results in an incredibly lightweight and portable vape.

When compared to a single day disposable like the Elf Bar 600, it’s only a mere 20g heavier. It’s so light in fact that you don’t really even notice you’re carrying one on you.

On several trips out I packed my pockets with 3 or even 4 of the DRAGBAR B5000s and didn’t feel weighed down or uncomfortable in the slightest.

And despite the DRAGBAR B5000 CE’s light weight and Polycarbonate construction, it feels like a really well-built, robust and durable vape. Having dropped them on two occasions there was no noticeable damage to the body of the vape or any change in the performance.

DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition - Design and Appearance 2

The second thing that caught my attention on the DRAGBAR B5000 CE is the seriously groovy design. This is unique to the newly released Cosmic Edition and really sets the range apart. While the original DRAGBAR B5000 is a single color design, the Cosmic Edition features an eye-catching two tone gradient pattern.

There’s also large, bold, colored writing on the front of each DRAGBAR B5000 CE that compliments the overall aesthetic nicely.

DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition - Design and Appearance 3
DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition - Design and Appearance 4

In terms of shape, the DRAGBAR B5000 CE is almost entirely smooth and curved, except for a flat edge on the mouthpiece and a further one on the bottom of the device (allowing it to free stand). The curved design makes for a really comfortable hold when vaping and means the DRAGBAR fits perfectly in the palm of the hand.

The oval shaped mouthpiece also works well and makes for a really satisfying MTL draw. It’s incorporated with the overall body but protrudes 14mm in a tapered shape that ends with a crystal clear opening at the top. It’s super smooth on the lips and perfect for a tight MTL draw.

DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition - Design and Appearance 5

Overall I absolutely loved the design of the DRAGBAR B5000 CE! It’s bold but simple and ticks all the right boxes in terms of looks and feel.

When it comes to the functionality things are also just as well put together. As an auto-draw device there are no buttons to speak of and to activate the coil you simply draw on the mouthpiece. Across all 4 of the DRAGBAR B5000 CEs I tested the auto-draw response was flawless and kicked in even on the slightest of puffs.

On the bottom of the device you’ll find the Type C USB charging port, the airflow intake hole and an LED puff indicator. The LED indicator lights up whenever you draw on the device and flashes 10 times in quick succession when the battery needs a recharge.

DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition - Design and Appearance 6

One of the big advantages of this design are the USB charge port and airflow hole are separate on the DRAGBAR B5000 CE. This allows for the included functionality of pass-through vaping which means you can still puff on the DRAGBAR even while it’s on charge.

While only a minor design point this is actually super handy for those times when you run out of battery and haven’t got anything else to puff on!

All in all I was incredibly impressed with the design and appearance of the DRAGBAR B5000 CE. It’s compact size and light weight make it extremely portable and the design is bold, colorful and eye-catching.

DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition | Performance

When it comes to the performance of the DRAGBAR B5000 CE I’m happy to report that things get even better! The standout feature for me is the pure, crisp taste produced by the recently upgraded mesh coil.

I didn’t receive a single burnt hit across any of the 4 disposables I tested and the mesh coils consistently delivered delicious tasting vapor! The only slight decrease in flavor came during the final few hundred puffs of each DRAGBAR as the e-juice ran fully dry.

DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition - Performance 1

As well as this, the amount of vapor produced by the upgraded mesh coil was extremely impressive. The DRAGBAR B5000 CE produces thick, dense clouds of vapor with only a few seconds of puffing. In comparison to a lot of other disposables I’ve tried over the past few years, the DRAGBAR B5000 CE kicks out far bigger plumes of vapor.

It also ticks all the right boxes in terms of throat hit and nicotine delivery. We were sent the 50mg versions but they also come available in 20mg nicotine strengths. While I don’t typically vape 50mg strength, each draw on the DRAGBAR B5000 CE provides a really satisfying throat kick that helps to curb any cravings you might have.

In the past I’ve experienced quite a harsh sensation in the back of the throat when vaping 50mg strength, but in three weeks of vaping on the DRAGBAR B5000 CEs I haven’t experienced this once. The vapor and nicotine delivery is smooth, crisp and clean tasting.

True to it’s name the DRAGBAR B5000 CE also produces approximately 5,000 puffs. While I didn’t count every single puff I did count my puffs over a one day period and multiplied this by the overall number of days it vaped for. The result was only about 200 puffs shy of the 5,000 puff mark!

As a heavy vaper the DRAGBAR B5000s rarely left my hand during the three weeks I spent testing them. Despite this each DRAGBAR lasted me for an impressive 6 days of vaping! For a light to medium vaper I’d estimate anywhere up to 10 days worth of vaping, perhaps even more if you only puff occasionally.

When you consider the budget friendly price of the DRAGBAR (more on this later), the 6 days of vaping time for a heavy user is extremely reasonable and doesn’t work out all that more expensive than a traditional mod or pod setup.

The 500 mAh internal battery also performed relatively well and was lasting me for around three quarters of a day. While you couldn’t necessarily rely on having only 1 in your pocket for a full day out, the inclusion of pass-through does at least mean you can vape it while it’s on charge.

When the battery does run out of power the LED on the bottom of the device flashes 10 times in quick succession. After plugging in a USB-C cable the LED stays permanently lit until the device reaches full charge. All told this takes around an hour which isn’t a terribly long time, especially when you remember the pass-through function is available.

Finally it’s also worth mentioning that the DRAGBAR CEs appear to be completely leak-proof, at least the four I tested were. It’s a personal bugbear of mine when a vape leaks and in extreme cases, can completely ruin the experience.

Having sticky e-juice residue on your hands or even worse a small amount of e-juice spluttering into your mouth can really put a downer on things.

On this front the DRAGBAR B5000 CE performs brilliantly! I didn’t once experience any e-juice in the mouth, gurgling or spluttering. All four of the ones I tested provided smooth, silent draws with zero leakage anywhere.

Overall I was really impressed with the performance of the DRAGBAR B5000 CE! The crisp, clean taste and satisfying throat hit make this one of the best disposables I’ve tested in the last year. Add to this a 6 day life span, pass-through vaping and impressive vapor production, and the DRAGBAR looks to be edging ahead of the competition.

DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition | Flavors

If you needed even more reason to try the DRAGBAR B5000 CE, the 10 new flavors released with the Cosmic Edition are a delicious range of fruity blends. The only exception to this is the inclusion of the equally tasty Root Beer flavor (one of my personal favorites).

The complete list of flavors available:

  • Root Beer
  • Blueberry Smoothie
  • Wildberry Mojito
  • Peach Mango Watermelon
  • Grape Ice
  • Tropical Rainbow Blast
  • Raspberry Lemon
  • Pineapple Coconut
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Strawberry Kiwi

As you can see the range offers some really interesting and mouth-watering mixes with a heavy emphasis on refreshing fruity blends.

We were lucky enough to receive the following four flavors: Grape Ice, Blueberry Smoothie, Root Beer and Peach Mango Watermelon. From my time vaping these four it’s obvious that a great deal of time has been spent perfecting great combinations that absolutely burst with flavor.

While taste is highly subjective I’ll do my best to describe each of the four flavors I tried below:

Grape Ice

While I’m not usually the biggest fan of grape flavors, the DRAGBAR Grape Ice was actually the best I’ve ever tried!

Both the grape and ice flavors are subtle and not overpowering. They combine to create a delicate, light vape that’s really refreshing and keeps you coming back for more!

Despite not being mad on grape, I’d happily vape this flavor again in the future.

DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition - Grape Ice
DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition - Blueberry Smoothie

Blueberry Smoothie

The Blueberry Smoothie flavor was yet another delicious offering from the Cosmic Edition range.

The blueberry flavor bursts through on the inhale and gives it a really tart, sour taste that tickles the tastebuds without being overpowering.

This for me was an easy all-day vape and one I kept coming back to. Definitely a flavor I’d be happy to vape again.

Root Beer

Of the four flavors we were sent the Root Beer was definetely the biggest surprise for me. It’s certainly a strong flavor and it’s probably a case of ‘you either love it or you hate it’.

For me personally I found this flavor great to vape on and different from many of the flavors I’ve tried in the past.

It tastes just like the real thing with an almost medicinal flavor that shouldn’t taste as good as it does.

DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition - Root Beer
DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition - Peach Mango Watermelon

Peach Mango Watermelon

Last but no means least the Peach Mango Watermelon was my standout favourite of the four!

With a cocktail of fruity refreshing flavors the Peach Mango Watermelon instantly transported me to a tropical beach in the sun.

I found the peach flavor more subtle with the mango and watermelon flavors at the forefront. An easy all-day vape and one I just couldn’t put down!

Overall I was really impressed with the DRAGBAR Cosmic Edition flavors I vaped on. It’s clear that ZOVOO have put flavor at the forefront of what they do and at least from the four I sampled, created a really interesting range of flavors that will appeal to a wide variety of vapers.

I can say with certainty that I’ll be purchasing myself the other 6 flavors in the range in the very near future!

Quick Note: If you’re a real flavor chaser I’d also highly recommend the BM5000 and OS5000, two great disposables from the likes of Lost Mary!

DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition | Price

As a brand new release, there aren’t currently any stores stocking the Cosmic Edition of the DRAGBAR B5000. Therefore I’m assuming the price based on the original DRAGBAR B5000 which usually retails for around the $16 mark.

Considering the DRAGBAR B5000 will last the average vaper around 10 days this is an extremely reasonable price tag! With the quality of performance and the flavors on offer I’d have guessed a slighter higher price point around the $20 mark.

As I mentioned earlier the price of $16 makes vaping the DRAGBAR disposable not all that much more expensive than vaping a more traditional mod or pod setup. In my mind the convenience of having a simple to use disposable makes the slightly extra cost more than worth it!

DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition | Verdict

All in all I was incredibly impressed with the DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition! It offers excellent vapor production, a satisfying throat kick and plenty of vaping time (even for a heavy vaper like myself!). As well as this the design makes the DRAGBAR B5000 CE extremely convenient to use and perfect for taking with you on the go!

DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition - Review Verdict


  • Great vapor production
  • Delicious flavor combinations
  • Excellent lifespan
  • Good battery capacity
  • High e-juice volume
  • Competitive price tag
  • Reasonable charge time
  • Pass-through vaping
  • Groovy, eye-catching design
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Completely leak-proof
  • No gurgling or spitting
  • Ease of use
  • Responsive auto-draw
  • Satisfying throat hit
  • Brilliant nicotine delivery
  • No burnt hits


  • Occasional dry hit in the last few hundred puffs
  • PG/VG ratio not listed

As you can see from the list above I really struggled to find anything that I didn’t like about the DRAGBAR B5000 CE.

ZOVOO have done an amazing job of producing a fun, easy to use vape with lip smacking flavors! As well as this the performance of the DRAGBAR B5000 CE was fantastic with zero leaks, a responsive auto-draw, pass-through vaping and better than average vapor production.

A big congratulations to ZOVOO for releasing such an excellent addition to the DRAGBAR range of disposables! I can safely say I’ll be ordering myself the other 6 flavors in the Cosmic Edition range as soon as they hit the shelves!

And that’s it folks! I hope you enjoyed our DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition review! Please feel free to share this review, or leave a comment below! Happy Vaping!

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