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ZoVoo Dragbar Z700 SE Disposable Review | The Latest Release In The Fantastic Dragbar Series!

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Welcome to our review of the ZoVoo Dragbar Z700 SE disposable vape, a new release from the popular vape brand VooPoo.

We were asked to write the ZoVoo Dragbar Z700 SE disposable review by Fiona over at VooPoo, who kindly sent us a selection of flavors to test prior to the official release date later this month.

VooPoo need no introduction; they’re a highly respected player in the vape market, with dozens of fantastic products (many of which I’ve used personally) and I couldn’t wait to review the Dragbar Z700 SE disposable.

To clear up any confusion around the VooPoo / ZoVoo name, ZoVoo are the brand company of VooPoo that concentrate on the disposable market, whereas VooPoo deal with the pod / mod market.

If you’re new to vaping, the Dragbar Z700 SE is a disposable vape, which means you puff until you run out of battery or e-juice and then just throw it away and open a new one. And just like other disposables, the Dragbar Z700 SE is auto draw, which means you just inhale on the mouthpiece to puff. No buttons, no controls, just pick up and vape.

Surprisingly, each pack contains two Dragbar Z700 SE disposables – I’ll go into more detail about price later, but suffice to say you get plenty of bang for your buck.

Available in 20 mouth-watering flavors, the ZoVoo Dragbar Z700 SE is a MTL disposable with 2ml of e-juice, a 380mAh internal battery and innovative GENE Tree Ceramic coil technology.

The only nicotine strength available is currently 20mg/ml, but as this is the most popular nicotine strength it shouldn’t pose a problem for too many of us.

At Vaping Hardware we’re on a mission to help our readers find the best disposable vape… Keep reading to see if the ZoVoo Dragbar Z700 SE disposable deserves a place on the list!

I’d like to quickly thank Fiona at VooPoo for sending me the ZoVoo Dragbar Z700 SE disposable to review. As always, this review is completely unbiased and only contains my honest opinions on the product. This post may also contain an affiliate link. If you purchase the product through our link, we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you!) which helps us to keep the site running.

ZoVoo DragBar Z700 SE Disposable Review


Features & Specification

Dimensions: 114mm (Height) x 23mm (Width) x 5mm (Depth)
Weight: 19g
E-Juice Capacity: 2ml
Nicotine Strength: 20mg/ml Nic Salt E-Juice
Nicotine Dose Per Puff: 0.057mg
700 Puff Capacity
20 Different Flavors
Battery: Internal Non-Rechargeable Battery (380mAh)
Coil Resistance: 1.4Ohms (Non-Replaceable)
Coil Type: Ceramic Coil
Output Power: Not Specified
Material: Plastic
LED Puff Indicator in the “D” of Dragbar
Airflow: Non-Adjustable

What’s In The Box?

The ZoVoo Dragbar Z700 SE disposables come packaged in a rectangular cardboard sleeve, color-coded to match the flavor, with a sealed plastic wrapper protecting each disposable inside.

As I mentioned previously, each package contains two Dragbar Z700 SE disposables!

The packaging is bright, bold and colorful, with a picture of the two Dragbar Z700 SE disposables, the name of the flavor, the puff capacity and the nicotine strength displayed on the front of the box.

On the left facing side of the box, the following instructions are printed;

Introduction: This product is a disposable device. Please take off the silicon cap on the top, remove the sticker at the bottom, and then enjoy vaping. Bottom indicator light will flash 10 times when the battery is low. Note: Battery power shall not be released normally when the ambient temperature is lower than 5 degrees Celsius. We suggest before the activation, this product shall be left in a warm environment for about three days to restore battery discharge capacity”

On the right facing side of the box, the UK and International manufacture representative address’ are provided, as well as various symbols highlighting the packaging is recyclable, the disposable is not to be vaped if pregnant and is only available to purchase if over the age of 18. Finally, the VooPoo and ZoVoo names are also printed and the GENE Tree Ceramic Coil mark.

On the reverse of the packaging, ‘DRAGBAR Z700 SE’ is printed, next to the nicotine strength and nicotine per puff. The disposable specifications, ingredients, and batch number are also displayed, including the manufacture and expiry dates.

The ZoVoo company address, website URL, social media handles and contact details are also provided. There’s also a QR code which you can scan to verify that the ZoVoo Dragbar Z700 SE disposable you bought is authentic. This is pretty commonplace now but it’s a nice addition none the less.

There is one gripe I have with the packaging for the Dragbar Z700 SE unfortunately, and it’s an ongoing issue I have with most disposables (and store bought e-juice in general) – you rarely see the PG/VG ratio displayed. It’s not a major issue by any means and won’t even be a factor for the majority of vapers. But, for those that suffer from PG Intolerance like I do, it would be nice to know exactly how much PG is used in the e-juice.

Aside from that minor gripe, the packaging is impressive. It’s bright, eye-catching and well designed, with every bit of information you could possibly want, clearly displayed. Once you’ve removed the sealed plastic wrapper from inside the box, just tear it open and remove the Dragbar Z700 SE disposable.

Finally, pop off the silicone cover/plug from the mouthpiece (and base!) of the disposable and you’re ready to vape!

Quick note: The original flavors ZoVoo sent us came in the early ‘pre-release’ packaging design. Following this, ZoVoo were kind enough to send us another 3 flavors to test! These new flavors came in a different package design, which appears to be the final design due to be released. We’ve kept the original pictures throughout the review, but also included the new pictures, with the updated packaging design.

The biggest difference in the packaging is the fact the total puffs (across both disposables in each pack) has been updated. We’ve included pictures of the new packaging design in the flavor profile section a bit further down.

ZoVoo DragBar Z700 SE | Design & Appearance

In terms of design and appearance, the Dragbar Z700 SE surprised me right out of the box. The first thing you’ll notice is how incredibly lightweight it feels in your hand, with a total weight of only 19g! You can easily pop two or more in a pocket and forget they’re even in there – perfect if you’re looking for a disposable that won’t weigh your pants down!

The Dragbar Z700 SE measures 114mm x 23mm x 5mm, also making it one of the smaller, more compact disposables we’ve reviewed in recent months. I know some of you prefer the larger, heavier disposables – in which case the Z700 SE is definitely not for you.

It really just boils down to personal preference, and the Dragbar Z700 SE strikes a good balance for me. They’re not too small, not too big, and fit comfortably in your hand.

Personally I’m just as happy vaping a smaller device like the Dragbar Z700 SE disposable or the Elf Bar 600 as I am vaping a monster disposable like the VoltBar or the MOTI Piin C4000.

Like I said, it’s really just personal preference.

The only negative point I could make on this topic, is the fact the Dragbar Z700 SE disposable does feel slightly more fragile/less durable than some of the other disposables we’ve reviewed. I’ve dropped it several times while testing, with no major damage, but I wouldn’t want to sit down with it in my back pocket!

Similar in shape to the popular Dinner Lady disposable we reviewed several years ago, the Dragbar Z700 SE disposable is a thin, elongated rectangular shape, with a clear plastic mouthpiece at the top of the device. It’s similar in length to a cigarette – perfect if you’re making the switch from smoking to vaping.

The main body of the Dragbar is a solid color (different flavors come in different colors) with the words “DRAGBAR” and “ZOVOO” printed on the front, while the clear plastic mouthpiece has the flavor name and nicotine strength printed on it.

The mouthpiece section is smooth and comfortable to vape on, and the clear plastic is a nifty little idea as you can clearly see how much e-juice is left in the disposable.

At the very base of the Dragbar Z700 SE disposable there’s a single, circular airflow hole which provides a nice tight MTL (mouth-to-lung) draw.

When drawing on the disposable, an LED puff indicator that’s concealed beneath the plastic casing will illuminate in the centre of the “D” of the name Dragbar. This color glows in the color of the outer casing. When the battery is depleted, the LED will flash several times to highlight the battery has exhausted.

Overall I’m impressed with the design, build-quality and appearance of the Dragbar Z700 SE disposable. It’s extremely lightweight, compact and comfortable to hold. It won’t be winning any durability awards any time soon, but considering the price and the fact they’re only built to last a few days, the Z700 SE is a really decent little disposable.

ZoVoo DragBar Z700 SE | Performance

In terms of performance, the Dragbar Z700 SE was actually better than I’d expected in almost every aspect!

The auto-draw worked perfectly each and every time, and as mentioned previously, the airflow allows for a tight, restrictive MTL draw. Ideal if you’re looking for something to simulate the feeling of smoking a cigarette.

The throat hit is satisfying, especially considering the Dragbar Z700 SE is only available in 20mg and I usually vape at 50mg. The nicotine per puff is displayed as 0.057mg, and although I have no way to test this, I certainly felt satisfied after a few short puffs.

However, it would be nice to see more options in terms of nicotine strength, perhaps a 10mg and 50mg option at some point in the future.

The vapor production is decent for a disposable – you won’t be exhaling clouds of dense, creamy vapor but it’s definitely comparable with the smoke you’d get from a cigarette and will be more than enough for most people.

Flavor again surprised me – each flavor was dense, full-bodied and mouth-watering. ZoVoo were kind enough to send us 4 of their flavors to review, and they were all delicious. So much so, it would be difficult to pick a favorite! The Dragbar Z700 SE is currently available in 20 different flavors, so there’s plenty of options to choose from.

In terms of battery life, the Dragbar S700 SE disposable is supposed to last around 700 puffs and I can confirm each of the 7 flavors (2 per pack, so 14 disposables in total) lasted at least this number of puffs. I vape pretty heavily and I got about 2 days of vaping from each disposable.

Just keep in mind, if you’re a casual vaper the Z700 SE will last you significantly longer. Add to this the fact you get two disposables in each pack, and you could quite comfortably squeeze a week of vaping out of each pack.

I didn’t experience any noticeable drop-off in performance as the battery and e-juice ran down to empty. However, I did get the odd dry hit during the last hour or so before the disposable ran out completely.

Overall, I’m impressed with the Dragbar Z700 SE disposable. The throat hit, vapor production and battery life are all decent and the flavor’s are all crisp, clear and delicious!

ZoVoo DragBar Z700 SE | Flavors

The ZoVoo Dragbar Z700 SE disposable flavor range is large and varied, with 20 flavors currently available. As I mentioned previously, we were sent 7 of the flavors to review, so I’ll share my thoughts on these flavors below along with a full list of available flavors at the end.

Blueberry Raspberry

A perfect blend of sharp, ripe blueberries and tangy, sweet raspberries, I really can’t recommend this flavor enough.

It’s a mouth-watering, fruity explosion of flavor with a delicious aftertaste – perfect for those with a sweet tooth!

If I had to pick a favorite flavor, I think this would be it!

Green Apple Ice

Sharp, crisp green apple with an icy blast on the inhale and a delicious, sweet aftertaste.

To be honest, I’m not usually a fan of apple flavored e-juice, but ZoVoo have really hit the sweet spot with this flavor.

The balance of tangy apple with the icy menthol kick is perfect and easily an all day vape for me.

Drag Bull Ice

This flavor is based on the popular energy drink with a similar name…

It’s a blast of fruity flavor with a sharp, icy menthol kick.

This flavor surprised me as I’m not usually a fan of the energy drink inspired juice, but I found myself disappointed when this flavor ran out!

Triple Melon

I absolutely love melon, and this flavor is easily the best melon flavored disposable I’ve ever tried.

It’s sharp and sweet simultaneously, with a deliciously mouth-watering aftertaste!

ZoVoo have managed to create the perfect melon flavored disposable, in my humble opinion of course.

Banana Ice

A very authentic banana flavor reminiscent me of a ripe, mushy milkshake. Sweet on the lips with a very pleasant after taste that lingered for quite a while.

I enjoyed vaping this one and really liked the flavor, but did find that after an hour or so I wanted to switch to another flavor as it became a little sickly.

Blue Razz Ice

A mouth-watering berry medley with a subtle fizz and a delicious fruity aftertaste with a burst of icy freshness.

A sweet flavor which left a pleasant berry taste on the lips – not an overly strong flavor but definitely enticing enough to keep me coming back for more.

Grape Raspberry Ice

I was certainly picking up both the grape and raspberry flavors in this one. The gape was the stronger of the two and for me was one of the better grapes I’ve sampled.

Again a slight sweetness detected on the lips and the coolness in the throat afterwards. The strength of the flavor was perfect, not overpowering and one I would be happy vaping all day.

Those are the flavors ZoVoo were kind enough to send us. At the time of writing, the Dragbar Z700 SE disposable is due to be released with 20 different flavors available, with more likely to be released in the future. Below is a complete list of the flavors available upon product release:

Apple Peach / Banana Ice / Blue Razz Ice / Blueberry Pomegranate / Blueberry Raspberry / Cherry Ice / Cola Ice / Drag Bull Ice / Drag Bull Strawberry / Grape Raspberry / Green Apple Ice / Lemon Lime / Mango Ice / Pineapple Ice / Strawberry Banana / Strawberry Kiwi / Triple Melon / Watermelon Ice / Watermelon Strawberry

ZoVoo DragBar Z700 SE | Price

At the time of writing this review, the DragBar Z700 SE disposable has not yet been released. With an expected release date at the end of February 2023, we can’t yet confirm the exact retail price per pack of disposables.

However, after a quick Google search I found a couple of UK vendors offering the DragBar Z700 SE disposables for pre-order at around £8.95 per pack.

As I mentioned earlier, each pack contains two disposables, which means it will work out at roughly £4.50 per Dragbar Z700 SE disposable.

This is a really decent price considering each disposable lasts around 700 puffs – roughly 2 days of heavy vaping.

It’s also far cheaper than smoking! If we take the generally accepted average of 13 puffs per cigarette, we can work out that a 700 puff disposable is equivalent to roughly 53 cigarettes. It’s been a while since I bought a pack of 20 cigarettes, but last I checked they were around £14 in the UK!

So 53 cigarettes would cost you well over £30, as opposed to the Dragbar Z700 SE which (if the pre-order price is any indication) should set you back around £4.50 per disposable.

We’ll update this post with the best place to buy the Dragbar Z700 SE disposable as soon as they’re released, so be sure to check back in the near future!

ZoVoo DragBar Z700 SE | Verdict


  • Good design
  • Great flavor
  • Large range of flavors
  • Good vapor production
  • Good battery life
  • Great MTL draw
  • Satisfying throat hit


  • Only available in 20mg/ml
  • PG/VG ratio not listed
  • No tobacco flavor

Overall I’m really impressed with the Dragbar Z700 SE disposable! The airflow, MTL draw and flavors are all absolutely spot on and far better than I’d expected.

Vapor production is decent and battery life is great for the price if the pre-order price is accurate. It’s definitely a disposable I’d be happy vaping day-to-day as my main vape or as a back-up.

The design is potentially not as sturdy or durable as some of the other disposables we’ve reviewed recently, but if you’re looking for a convenient, cheap alternative to smoking, you really can’t go wrong with the Dragbar Z700 SE!

We hope you enjoyed our ZoVoo DragBar Z700 SE disposable review! Please share this post and feel free to leave a comment below! Happy vaping!

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