Power, resistance and current calculator

Power, Resistance and Current Calculator

Welcome to Vaping Hardware’s Power, Resistance and Current Calculator!

When building your own coils, its important to know the final resistance of your build, the power you’ll be vaping at and the current you’ll be drawing from the battery.

Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you!

Just enter the voltage of your battery (a fully charged battery will read 4.2 volts), the continuous discharge rating of your battery, the resistance of your coil(s) and the build deck configuration. The calculator will then confirm whether the setup you’re planning to vape with is safe for use.

Please note: The Current Drain from Battery result must NEVER exceed the amperage of the battery you’re using, otherwise you may overheat the battery and it could even explode! Don’t worry though, if the setup you’re using isn’t safe, our calculator will display a safety message.


Input Battery Volts  volts
Current Rating (CDR)  amps
Coil Resistance  Ω
Build Deck Configuration


Resistance of Build Deck
Vaping Power
Current Drain from Battery

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