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Geek Vape L200 (Aegis Legend 2) Kit / Geek Vape Z (Zeus) Sub Ohm 2021 Tank Review

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Geekvape L200 Mod and Z Tank

The Geek Vape L200 kit is an updated, improved and streamlined version of the original legendary Aegis Legend mod that’s now paired with the new Z (Zeus) sub ohm 2021 tank. While Geek Vape markets this as an L200, it’s also known as the Aegis Legend 2.

Gone is the trademark silicone rubber coating that we first saw on the Aegis Legend that gave it its IP67 rating against Shock, Dust and Water penetration, now they’ve gone one better. It’s been upgraded to IP68 making it even more robust yet at the same time making it 15% smaller and 30% lighter.

Further improvements to the L200 include new colors on the increased 1.08inch TFT display, re-positioning of the USB charging port including the upgrade to Type-C USB and a really cool feature; a dedicated lock switch (A Lock) rather than the usual multiple clicks of the fire button.

Geekvape L200 Mod Kit

The Aegis L200 is powered by dual external 18650 batteries and fires up to 200W, providing modes for Power (W), Temperature Control (TC) including TCR, Variable Power Curve (VPC) and Bypass options.

Coupled with the L200 is the new Z sub ohm 2021 tank , which again is an updated version of the original Zeus Tank. It’s a quarter turn top fill with top adjustable dual slot airflow, holds a max of 5.5ml (2ml EU version), an 810 drip tip and accepts Geek Vape’s new Z coils.

The Z tank has been updated over the original by improving the airflow dynamics and the base connection to the coil to further enhance its performance.

There are 7 different colors in the Geek Vape L200 range; Classic Black, Silver, Grey, Black, Navy Blue, Red and Rainbow. The Z Tank, although is color matched to the L200 mod, only comes in 4 colors: Silver, Black, Blue and Rainbow.

Overall, this really is a welcome upgrade to the original Aegis Legend, powerful, sleeker, stylish and a more robust piece of kit, something we’ve come to expect from the quality and name of Geek Vape. The paired Z sub ohm 2021 tank is as impressive as the mod and being top adjustable airflow is virtually leak-proof.

Carry on reading to see what we thought and get into the nitty gritty of the workings and performance.

I would like to thank the guys at Newvaping for sending me the Aegis L200 Kit with the Z Tank 2021. As always this review is completely unbiased and is my honest opinion of my findings on this supplied kit. If you click on any of the buy buttons, we may receive a small affiliate commission but at no extra cost to you.

Geek Vape L200 (Aegis Legend 2) Kit Review


Features and Specifications

L200 (Aegis Legend 2) 200W Mod

  • Dimensions: 140mm (H) x 54.12mm (W) x 29mm (D)
  • Weight: 140 grams (excluding batteries)
  • Input Voltage: 3.2V – 8.4V
  • Charging: Type-C USB 5V/2A
  • Resistance Range: 0.1 – 3.0 ohms
  • Output Wattage: 5-200W
  • Temperature: 100-315oC/200-600oF
  • Output Voltage: 12V Max
  • Output Mode: Power/VPC/TC(TI/SS/NI)/TCR/Bypass
  • Output Current: 45A Max
  • Battery Specification: External Dual 18650’s
  • Chipset: Upgraded AS Chip
  • Display: 1.08in TFT Color Screen
  • IP68 Rated: Dust/Shock/Water Proof
  • Tank compatibility: 24mm (27mm max)
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • A-Lock Function Switch

Z (Zeus) Sub Ohm 2021 Tank

  • Dimensions: 51.5mm (L) x 26mm (D) (excluding 510 pin
  • Weight: 71.5 grams (including coil)
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 2ml (EU version), 5.5ml Bubble Glass
  • Coils: Z-Coil Range
  • Filling Method: Quarter Turn Top Fill
  • Drip Tip: 810
  • Thread: 510
  • Airflow: Top Dual Slot Variable

What’s in the box?

Geekvape L200 What's In The Box
Geekvape L200 Bag Of Spare O-Rings
  • L200 (Aegis Legend 2) 200W Mod
  • Z (Zeus) Sub Ohm 2021 Tank (2ml)
  • 0.2 ohm Z Coil (pre-installed)
  • 0.25 ohm Z Coil
  • Spare Pyrex Glass (2ml)
  • Bag of Spare O-Rings
  • Coil Removal Tool
  • Type-C USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual

Geek Vape Aegis L200 Design and Appearance

The Aegis L200 is a Variable Wattage (5W to 200W) and Temperature Control (100-315oC/200-600oF) mod, including modes for Variable Power Curve, TCR and Bypass. As we’ve come to expect from Geek Vape, the Aegis L200 is dust-proof, shock-proof and water-proof compliant and has been improved giving it an IP68 rating.

Overall dimensions of the Aegis L200 mod are approximately 88mm high, 54mm wide and 29mm deep with the weight of the mod including the batteries being 234g.

Geekvape L200 Battery Door Closed

Its power source is provided by dual external 18650 batteries which are accessed via the bottom spring loaded lock and latch battery door. Orientation of both batteries are clearly marked inside the mod housing with polarity indicators being a red cross (+) and blue minus (-) and the + and – on the sliding battery door as well.

Geekvape L200 Battery Door Open

To open the battery door, slide the alloy finger plate catch towards the front surface of the L200 (display side) and the battery door latch will release and spring open. To close the battery door, press the battery door back down and push the battery latch plate towards the back surface of the L200 to lock the cover.

Not the easiest of operations as the battery door latch is a secure fit, but once you’ve done it a couple of times it does become second nature.

The threaded spring loaded 510 gold plated connector is centrally located on the top of the mod, be it slightly set back and is flush mounted and secured on a flat alloy plate secured with 4 hex screws. The width of the top surface on the Aegis L200 is 25mm so tanks over this diameter will overhang.

Control is achieved by the updated AS chipset and the User Interface (UI) is an upgraded 1.08inch TFT colored display. It’s located on the front of the Aegis L200 in-between the fire button and the +/- rocker button.

This screen is clear and crisp showing the vaping modes (Power, TC, TCR, VPC and Bypass), coil resistance, volts, amps, puff counter, wattage or temperature and battery status of the individual batteries. The screen can be adjusted for 5 different color options and screen brightness.

Made out of zinc alloy, a combination of poly plastics, silicone rubber and leather, maintaining the now famous Geek Vape colored banding with the leather inlay wrap-around design. A much improved look over the original Aegis, looking cleaner and a lot more stylish. Its size and weight has also been reduced from the original design making it fit better in the hand and less weight to carry.

The leather inlay hide feels very thick and is slightly textured with minimal and discrete stitching running down its length. In-between the stitching are three embossed lighter colored lines which resemble three straight laces. I’m not sure what they are supposed to signify but they do look good and I do find myself caressing my finger along the lines.

Firing the mod is carried out via a fairly large bevelled button on the front above the smaller +/- bevelled rocker button. The response and feel of the buttons are very positive with no button rattle at all.

Locking of the fire button against accidental firing is now carried out by a separate sliding switch on the side of the Aegis L200. You no longer have to click the fire button in quick succession, this switch, named the “A Lock” does the job perfectly.

The A Lock slider switch is very cleverly camouflaged in the side casing and you really would be hard pushed to know it’s there. Sliding the A Lock switch up will unlock the device, sliding it back down locks the device. The switch is very resistive so there’s no chance of it moving when placed in and out of a pocket.

Charging the Aegis L200 is carried out via the front top edge Type-C USB port, specified as 5V/2A, that’s recessed and concealed behind a silicon rubber flap. Firmware is also upgradeable via this Type-C USB port too.

This rubber flap blends in really nicely with the overall aesthetics of the mod and again you would be hard pushed to know it’s concealing the charge port. The only giveaway sign is a small charge emblem in the silicone rubber.

Geek Vape’s branding is kept to a minimum, with their name “GEEKVAPE” stamped into the colored banding on either side of the L200.

Accessing the menu structure is achieved by using a combination of the fire button and the +/- rocker button. More detail of the menus is described later on in the Functionality section.

With regards to safety features, the updated AS chip provides the following prompts such as:

  • 10s timeout
  • Control/Screen function lock (A Lock)
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Low battery and weak battery cut-off
  • No coil/atomizer detected
  • High temperature “Overheat” cut-off
  • Short circuit and high/low resistance cut –off.

Overall, the Aegis L200 feels very solid and extremely well built. It oozes quality, looks modern and futuristic and despite being a dual battery mod, is pretty small and feels comfortable to hold. The IP68 rating of the design certainly means it will withstand the toughest of challenges.

Geek Vape Z (Zeus) Sub Ohm 2021 Tank Design and Appearance

The Z Tank 2021 is an updated version of the original Zeus tank. I’ve heard good things about the Zeus but not actually owned or tried one. The closest I’ve come is when we reviewed the Geekvape Zeus X RTA earlier in the year.

I will own up and say I did a little online searching to see what it was like and found that the Z Tank 2021 really is pretty similar to the original Zeus tank in terms of appearance.

Before I delve into the design and appearance, I would like to point out that when searching for the Z Tank, all that kept being displayed were the images of the Zeus tank but with the description of the Z tank…Very confusing!

One easy way to identify the two is; the Zeus Tank has the image of the “God of Gods” engraved on the chimney (the face of Zeus) while the Z Tank has the raised hand (fist) with a lightning bolt running through it.

Anyway, going forward; the Z Tank 2021 is 51.5mm tall (excluding the 510 thread) and 26mm wide although does tapper down to around 23mm as it sits on the 510 plate on the L200 mod.

E-liquid capacity is 2ml (EU version) or 5.5ml with a bubble glass (standard version) which I would opt for to negate the need for filling so frequently.

The Z Tank 2021 is a top fill design with a quarter turn twist and lock/unlock operation, something we first saw on the Cerberus tank we reviewed as part of the Geekvape Aegis X Kit.

Two notches on the underside of the top cap locate into two flat indents on the main body. When connected, the notches locate into a channel and lock into place once it’s turned. The large O-ring on the underside of the top cap provides an airtight seal.

Once the top cap is removed, there are two decent sized slots to allow for a large tip e-liquid bottle to be used. Filling can be carried out using either slot. Be aware that the O-Ring located in the top cap can become loose and fall out so be careful when reassembling the top cap ensuring the O-ring is present.

Geekvape Z Tank 810 Drip Tip

The pinnacle of the Z Tank is the top airflow with dual adjustable cyclops slots which does make the Z tank virtually leak-proof…A good thing! The airflow ring is a quarter turn from fully open to fully closed. Sadly the airflow ring is not very resistive so will move even with the slightest touch…A bad thing!

A delrin 810 removable drip tip securely fits into the top cap and interestingly, there is no O-Ring on the 810 drip tip itself, instead the O-Ring is located in the top cap.

Geekvape Z Tank Coil Fitting

Unscrewing the bottom knurled cap anti-clockwise opens up access to the push fit Z coils. Two coils are included in the Aegis L200 kit and are both KA1 (Kanthal);

  • Z 0.2 ohm coil: 70W-80W – Single
  • Z 0.25 ohm coil: 45W-57W – Dual Mesh

These coils do NOT screw in but simply push in. Two outer tags on the coil locate into two indents in the base of the tank section. Removal of the coil is again pulled and NOT screwed from the tank. There is a coil removal tool included in the kit that can help with removing the coil.

Branding is minimal with the words “GEEKVAPE Z” printed on the top airflow ring and of course the Hand of Zeus with the lightning bolt logo printed on the coil chamber.

Stripping the Z Tank is straight-forward and disassembles into 7 parts including the coil and 810 drip tip for easy cleaning and maintenance. Lots of spare O-Rings are included in the kit if any on the tank get damaged or lost.

Geek Vape Aegis L200 Mod Functionality

The Aegis L200 is pretty standard these days for a mod of this size in terms of features. Power (wattage) mode, Temperature control which includes SS, NI200, TI and TCR, where in TCR mode you can adjust the temperature coefficient for any value you wish. There are also modes for Variable Power Curve (VPC) and Bypass.

Gaining access to the menu and control functions of the Aegis L200 is carried out by the fire button and the +/- rocker button.

A general overview of the functions has been listed below, with a more detailed description to follow after.

  • 5 clicks of fire button turns the mod on/off
  • 3 clicks of fire button to enter menu mode
  • Use + or – button to scroll through different modes
  • Once mode is selected, use +/- to alter the values within that mode
  • Fire button plus “-“ button will decrease screen brightness
  • Fire button plus “+“ button will increase screen brightness
  • Fire button and +/- buttons together puts screen into stealth mode
  • 3 clicks of fire button then both +/- buttons will change the screen color
  • A Lock slider switch will lock all buttons

Turning the mod on and off is carried out by pressing the fire button 5 times in quick succession. This will bring up the main screen display that shows the mode you are in, displaying the coil resistance, volts, amps, puff counter and battery status of the individual batteries.

Locking and unlocking the device is carried out by the “A Lock” slider switch on the side of the L200 mod. Moving the slider switch to the up position is unlocked, meaning normal operation. Moving the slider switch to the down position will lock the device, meaning all buttons become inoperative. Confirmation of the A Lock slider is displayed on the TFT color screen with a lock/unlock icon.

Do note there is no separate fire button or wattage button lock, you can’t lock one without the other. When the A Lock switch is set to lock, all buttons are inoperable.

Selecting the screen brightness is carried out by pressing the fire button and the + or – button. The screen brightness is adjustable between 0 and 100%. The TFT color display screen will indicate the percentage that’s been set. See observations at the end of this section.

Stealth mode is available by holding down the fire button plus both +/- buttons for 3 seconds. The screen will go blank and yes you can still vape at the settings you had. Pressing all 3 buttons for 3 seconds again will bring you back out of stealth mode.

To get into the different modes of operation i.e. Power, TC, TCR, VPC and Bypass, press the fire button 3 times. The mode color will change from “White” to the color you’ve selected as the screen color. Once the mode is highlighted in that color, use either the “+” or “-“ buttons to scroll through the mode options. Once you’ve selected your mode, press the fire button and it will select that mode.

When you’re in any of the TC modes, press the fire button 3 times to select that mode, then press the fire button to scroll through the changeable settings. You can lock the coil resistance and reduce or increase the wattage. The Puff counter can also be re-set when in this mode.

Changing the screen color is carried out by pressing the fire button 3 times then holding down both the +/- rocker buttons. This will then cycle through the 5 different screen color options.

When a new coil is fitted or a different tank is being used, the screen will display “New Coil?” To select the old coil resistance, press the “-“ button. To select the new coil resistance, press the “+” button.

Unfortunately, the user manual doesn’t really tell you much about the different settings and what they do. To give a little insight to what the different options mean, we’ve included a brief description below:

Power Mode

Standard wattage mode. The wattage is selectable from 5W -200W in 0.5W increments between 5W-100W and 1W increments above 100W. Holding the + or – button down will speed through the increments a lot quicker. Obviously the + button increases the wattage and the – button reduces the wattage.

Variable Temperature Control (TC)

Select either Stainless Steel 316L (SS), Titanium (Ti), Nickel 200 (Ni) or Temperature Coefficient  Resistance (TCR). The 3 pre-set wires have fixed pre-programmed values, whereas TCR allows you to set the TCR value when using other temperature heating wires. The variable range for TCR is 0010 to 5000.

The 3 pre-set values for each wire type are:

  • SS = 0105
  • Ti = 0410
  • Ni = 0690

Variable Power Curve (VPC)

This function will allow you to specify different wattage’s that can be applied to your coil over a vape cycle to fully customise your vaping experience. There are 5 variable wattage settings (P1-P5), each adjustable from 5W to 200W. If you want to further understand how TC works, take a look at our VPC Explained guide. See observations at the end of this section.

Bypass Mode (BP)

Provides a direct output voltage from the battery, simulating the feel and style of a Mech mod. As the battery voltage decreases, the intensity of your vape will decrease. Unlike a true mech mod, the safety features of the L200 still protect the device in this mode of operation.


We found during the testing of the L200 3 points that are worth mentioning.

1. Even though the screen brightness is adjustable, the display is still somewhat dim in comparison with some other mods. The display brightness can be adjusted down to zero (0) which blanks the screen out. Increasing it to maximum (100) is brighter but at times I felt I wanted to increase the brightness even further.

2. Variable Power Curve mode has 5 settings (P1-P5). There is no option to adjust the length in time for each “P” level. I assumed but I was wrong, that each “P” level would last the duration of 2 seconds over the 10 second firing cycle. What actually happens is each “P” level will last for 1 second and after 5 seconds the wattage will remain at the value set in P5.

It would have been preferable if there were 10 setting levels or the “P” levels were 2 seconds each. When we reviewed the Geekvape Aegis X 200W mod, the “P” levels were adjustable over different time periods.

3. When the L200 is being charged via the Type-C charging cable, even though the battery icons cycle to indicate it’s being charged, they extinguish after approximately 1 minute and the screen goes blank. This doesn’t mean it’s fully charged. Pressing any of the buttons will bring up the display showing the cycling battery icons again.

The battery charging icons really should remain lit until the device/batteries have become fully charged. failing this, the display should show at least 100% charged when the batteries reach this state.

Geek Vape Z (Zeus) Sub Ohm 2021 Tank Performance

Both the supplied coils are Kanthal therefore could only be tested in Power mode.

Geekvape Z 0.2 Ohm Coil

Z 0.2 Ohm Coil

Geek Vape specify the wattage range is between 70W-80W. Best at 60-80W.

I tried the 0.2 ohm coil after the 0.25 ohm coil and found that the flavor although very good, didn’t quite match that of the 0.25 ohm coil.

Vapor wise, this coil produced very dense clouds and the draw was a lot less restrictive. The airflow, being at the top of the tank, did deliver a slightly different draw but I do have to say it was really good. Very smooth, pretty quite and I did feel it was producing results as good as a dripper (RDA).

Both the flavor and vapor kicked in around 40W and did improve as I got towards 60W. Increasing it to 70W and beyond was a little too harsh for me.

Flavor was nice and the vapor was very good even though I did need to increase the wattage a little higher than I would normally vape at.

I cycled different ratio PG/VG e-liquids through the tank with no signs of dry hits.

Because of the high power involved, I would be careful in vaping a high strength nicotine in this tank with this coil. I used a 6mg strength e-liquid and did find after a short while i was getting a little light headed.

Z 0.25 Ohm Coil

Geekvape Z 0.25 Ohm Coil

Geek Vape specify the wattage range is between 45W-57W.

Once the coil had bedded in, I found the flavor and vapor started to kick in around 30W. Increasing the wattage to 40W really started to bring out the flavor of my e-liquid and was producing quite dense clouds of vapor.

Settling at 50W seemed to give me the best results for this coil. Flavor was really nice, giving a slightly warm vape and the draw was not airy but a little restrictive.

I preferred the airflow wide open which gave me an overall satisfying smooth vape. Although wide open, the vape didn’t appear too noisy.

Flavor wise this coil really did perform well bringing out the sharpness and crispness of the e-liquid. I would certainly say this coil is on par with the Freemax coils in terms of flavor.

Temperature Control

As the two supplied coils were Kanthal A1, I used another tank with SS coils to see how the TC performed on the Aegis L200. I will be honest and say I don’t normally vape in TC mode but did find that everything seemed to work as I expected.

Geek Vape Aegis L200 Battery Performance

The Aegis L200 mod is powered by dual 18650 batteries. Always ensure you only use ‘Matched Pairs’. Further understanding on married/matched batteries can be found in our guide Matched/Married/Paired Batteries.

Battery performance is always subjective and depends on the type of batteries you use, the power you vape at and your vaping style. I opted to use my Samsung 30Q batteries (20A/3000mAh) and was getting a good day’s vaping before I needed to re-charge.

The Aegis L200 indicates the status of both the batteries on its display so you can keep an eye on the remaining charge of your batteries.

If you want to try different capacity batteries, you can use our Battery Amp Drain calculator to determine the most suitable batteries for your vaping requirements.

How do I Fill the Z (Zeus) Sub Ohm 2021 Tank?

The Z (Zeus) sub ohm tank is a quarter turn top opening filling mechanism. It is very easy to fill. Simply grasp the glass tank and turn the top knurled metal section above the airflow control ring anti-clockwise by a quarter turn until it stops turning.

Filling the Geekvape Z Tank

This releases the top section from the main tank body, therefore simply lift the knurled top cap section of the tank away.

Be aware that there’s an O-Ring that sits on the underside of the knurled top section and at times this does become dislodged so make sure you don’t lose it. Also the airflow control ring may come away too as it’s a loose push fit. The airflow ring will only fit one way and do make sure you line up the notches so it sits flush to the tank body.

There are two pretty decent sized e-juice openings and you can choose either one to fill with your favorite e-liquid.

Once filled, line up the two notches on the underside of the top cap with the two flat indents on the top of the tank body. Do make sure that the O-Ring is still secured in the grove of the top cap. The top cap will slot into the tank body then turn the top cap clockwise by quarter turn till you feel resistance and it no longer turns.

Quite a simple, ingenious and effective locking system, one we came across when we reviewed the Geekvape Cerberus Tank a while ago.

Quick Tip: If you are filling the tank for the first time, drip a few drops of e liquid onto the wick of the coil first. Push the coil into the base of the tank then fill and leave to stand for approx. 10-15 minutes before you start to vape. This will help saturate the wick fully in e-liquid and help prolong the life of your coil.

How do I Change the Coil in the Z (Zeus) Sub Ohm 2021 Tank?

Unscrew the Z (Zeus) tank from the mod. Ensure your tank is empty of e-liquid before you try to disassemble the tank otherwise you will have e-liquid spilling out.

Grasp the main body of the tank and slowly unscrew the knurled bottom section of the tank anti-clockwise until the bottom section of the tank unscrews and comes away from the glass and top section.

Again be aware that there’s an O-Ring that’s located on the bottom 510 cap so don’t lose it. This is required to ensure an airtight (and e-liquid) seal.

The Z coils are of a push fit type therefore simply pulling the coil away out of the tank and replace with a new one. Geek Vape provide a coil removal tool as part of the kit to assist with removing the coil from the base of the tank. It does work and works well, perfect if you don’t have any fingernails.

When replacing the coil, ensure the two tags on the coil line up with the two indents of the tank so it fully locates into the tank opening. Once the coil is located it shouldn’t turn. If it does then it’s not located therefore carry on turning the coil until it latches in the indents.

Re-connect the 510 base section, after first making sure the O-Ring is intact, to the main tank body and carefully screw the two sections together again making sure you don’t over-tighten but making a firm seal.

Do ensure that your new coil is primed and when filled, left to stand for 15 minutes so the e-liquid fully saturates the wick. See our guide on Prolonging the Life of your Coil.

How do I Charge the Aegis L200 Mod?

As with most external battery mods, there are 2 ways which you can charge the battery(s). Either in the mod itself or using an external charger (recommended). Because the Aegis L200 mod uses dual 18650 batteries, I really would only ever charge my batteries using an external charger.

Most importantly, ALWAYS used matched/paired batteries of the same type, same capacity and of the same age. Once paired, only ever use them as a pair. See our guide on Matched/Married/Paired Batteries for further reading.

How to Charge the L200 Mod

If you do wish to charge your batteries in the mod, the Aegis L200 has a top located Type-C USB port which is concealed and recessed behind a lift up rubber flap which maintains the IP68 rating. This rubber flap is located just above the fire button and has the charging symbol on it.

A Type-C USB charging cable comes supplied with the kit. Simply connect the cable into the USB port on the top of the Aegis L200 mod and the other end into a suitable USB power source. The specified charging circuit of the Aegis L200 is 5V/2A.

Surprisingly, the L200 doesn’t come with the ABB Battery Balancing that the Aegis X mod had. As we recommend only charging your batteries externally, not having this feature isn’t really a problem.

L200 Battery Charging Icon

When the Aegis L200 mod is charging, it shows the dual batteries icon with a cycling scale indicating the status of the batteries. Similar to what we found while reviewing the Geek Vape Aegis X Mod, after approximately 1 minute, the screen goes blank.

While this is not an issue, I do feel that it would be far more beneficial to show the battery icons cycling until the charge cycle is complete. Having to press a button to refresh the screen to check if the batteries are still charging is not ideal.

I did leave the L200 mod on charge just to see if the battery icon would show when the batteries became fully charged but unfortunately it didn’t.

I really do think Geekvape have missed out here. If you’re not going to show that the batteries are being charged, then at least show when the battery charging cycle has been completed.

A Pass-Through function is included allowing you to charge and vape at the same time.

Charging time from full discharge to fully charged will take approximately 4 hours when using a 5V/2A source. This will vary depending on the capacity of the batteries you’re using.

As with any vape device, NEVER leave your mod unattended whilst charging.

If you prefer to charge your batteries externally and I really would recommend doing this, please see our guide on the Best 18650 Battery Chargers.

Geek Vape Aegis L200 Kit Price

Expect to pay around £70 for the Aegis L200 kit. Considering it’s a high powered device with plenty of functionality, coupled with the Z 2021 tank and not forgetting the robustness of the mod, it’s worth every penny/dollar.

At the time of writing, Newvaping have it on offer for £56.99. As one of our favourite shops for vape gear, we highly recommend checking out their vape shop.

Geek Vape Aegis L200 Kit Verdict

Geekvape L200 Mod Kit Review Verdict


  • Really good build quality
  • Looks impressive
  • Advanced operating functions
  • TCR, VPC and Bypass functions
  • IP68 rated
  • Type-C charging (2A)
  • A Lock slider switch
  • No button rattle
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Good performance from the coils
  • Leak-proof tank
  • Small and Lightweight for dual battery mod
  • Top airflow control on tank


  • Battery door lock a bit fiddly
  • Screen brightness could be better
  • VPC slightly strange
  • Battery charge icons disappear after 1 minute
  • Airflow control ring could be a bit more resistive

Geek Vape Aegis L200 Kit Summary

The Aegis L200 mod really is a cracking piece of kit. The functionality is impressive, having everything you’re ever likely to need in terms of vaping options. Being IP68 rated, it will take a lot of punishment. For a dual battery mod, the L200 is pretty small, it’s not too heavy and it really does look and feel a high quality mod.

I love the now famous banding with the leather inlay on the mod, this sets it apart and you can instantly recognize it’s a Geek Vape. This Aegis Legend 2 (L200) in my opinion is a definite improvement in terms of looks. The “A Lock” method of disabling the fire button is a really nice touch.

Because of the IP68 rating, this mod is perfect for those adventurous types or if you do manual labor. Too many of the mods these days are flimsy and will break if slightly knocked or dropped…NOT this one!

As for the Z (Zeus) sub ohm 2021 tank, it’s a very good sub ohm tank. I liked the top fill mechanism, very easy and straight forward to fill. Top airflow really does stop the tank from leaking. Coil performance was very good and the flavor really was impressive from a stock coil. I will be trying the other coil options soon.

Yes there are a couple of slight minor issues with the L200 kit but these really are minor and don’t detract from it being a really good kit. I would certainly purchase another if mine broke but I don’t think that will happen anytime soon!

Hope you enjoyed this review on the Geekvape L200 (Aegis Legend 2) kit and found it useful. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave us a comment below.

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  1. Which 18650 batteries would you recommend for this mod. Depending on tank coil sizes I would vape anywhere from 50w to at least 90w

    1. Hi Joe, thanks for your question. If you’re vaping from between 50W to 90W plus then I would recommend high CDR value batteries of 20 Amps or greater. These would give you a safety margin for vaping up to about 110W without pulling too much power from the batteries. Higher than 110W then I would opt for 25 Amp plus batteries.
      The best all round battery is the Molicel P28A having a capacity of 2800mAh and a CDR value of 35Amps. Other batteries that are very good but don’t have the top CDR value are:
      Samsung 20S: 2000mAh at 30A
      Sony VTC5: 2500mAh at 20A
      LG HG2: 3000mAh at 20A
      Samsung 25R: 2500mAh at 20A
      LG HE2/HE4: 2500mAh at 20A

      I’ve linked our so you can input the wattage you wish to vape at and it will show you the current that will be drawn from the batteries. I’ve also linked a couple of our other guides that may be of help to you.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Thanks for the reply.

        I have a new set of
        “HΩLIFE4 18650” batteries and just wanted to make sure they were safe enough. Looking at what you said above I think they should work fine correct?

  2. I just got my geek vape l200. When I filled the tank with my juice which is a light orange color it turned almost black in the tank. It does not taste burnt at all. Is thus normal?

    1. Hi Chris, something doesnt sound right, if you’ve only just put the juice in and it turned black then it has reacted with something in the tank. It shouldn’t turn that color. If it’s a new tank, did you wash it out first? I would recommend cleaning the tank out in warm water, drying it off and trying it again. Let me know how you get on.

  3. Hi Richard,
    I know you did this review in 2021, but i wanted to say you did a very thorough review of the Aegis L200. I am having a problem, and doing a thorough search on the net I have found that many people are having the same issue. My O ring that attaches around the center post under the top cap broke apart. Going on Geekvapes website you can pre-order a set of different size rings, but the shipping is 10x more then the O ring kit. No one else sells them ….in other words these little O rings are practically non existent. Right now I am trying to figure out the actual size of this little O ring to see if I can replace it somehow at a hardware store. It is the O ring that goes around the Center Post….can you help with this?????… would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi Carol, thank you for your kind words.
      Firstly the spares kit supplied with the Kit does have a spare set of o-rings. I don’t know of anyone else that would sell the spare o-rings other than GeekVape. Have you looked at getting a replacement Z 2021 Tank as you may find this a cheaper option.
      I’ve measured the o-ring that fits under the removable top cap: The outer diameter is 11.2mm and the inner diameter is 8.5mm. I hope this helps Carol.
      I would suggest taking the tank with you to the hardware store and see if they have one that is a nice fit over the underside of the top cap and then allows you to fit the top cap onto the tank.

  4. Hi,
    I tried using geek vape legend 2 mod with geek vape z mtl tank with both a series coil 0.8 ohm and 1.2 ohm and both seem like they are not working. The 1.2 ohm coil turns red when I puff, although I have set it to the right wattage or even lower, and burns the liquid. 0.8 does not turn red but also tastes burnt. The z mtl tank works fine with other mods. Do you have any idea why this happens? is it a faulty mod? Note that the mod with the Z (Zeus) tank works just fine.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi George, thanks for your question.
      It sounds like from your description that it’s the settings on the Legend 2 when you’re using the Z MTL Tank. The legend 2 should work fine with that tank. Make sure the Legend 2 is set to POWER mode only NOT Bypass or VPC or TC.
      The Z MTL series 0.8ohm coil is rated at 12W to 16W and the 1.2ohm coil is 8W to 12W.
      Make sure you lower the wattage on your Legend 2 to its lowest wattage (5W) on either of the two coils and take a few draws. Slowly increase the wattage up to the minimum value for the coil your using and it should vape ok. Dont increase the wattage beyond the maximum wattage for that coil.
      Also worth mentioning that make sure you prime your new coil before you use it.
      Hopefully it’s just the settings the Legend 2 was set to that was causing the problem.
      Let us know how you get on with it.

  5. Hi I’m looking for the top hex screws that fit on the top plate. They have come loose and I have lost 2. Now it says no atomizer. Where can I buy these screws? Thanks

    1. Hi Kevin,
      I’m not aware of anyone that sells these spare hex screws for the L200. The only thing I can suggest would be to email Geekvape customer service and ask if they could send you out some replacement screws. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

    1. Hi D.Green,
      Thanks for your question and a good one at that. Unfortunately the L200 doesn’t have a separate wattage lock or fire button lock, they opted to combine these functions with the ‘A-Lock’ slider switch on the side of the device.
      It’s a novel feature but sadly it locks all buttons and there is no menu option to lock the fire button or wattage buttons separately.
      I’ve just doubled checked mine to verify this. I will put a note to this effect in the review to make it a bit clearer. Thanks again.

      1. I think the mod was designed with a wattage lock, (Pressing both the +- buttons simultaneously for two seconds) The Geekvape L200 Classic product page shows a few pictures with the padlock icon in the locked position?

        The stealth mode does prevent the power mode changing, but why not just include the wattage lock which was present in the Geekvape Aegis Max?

        1. Hi Paul,
          You’re referencing the L200 Classic which is a different mod to the one we’ve reviewed here.
          Pressing the + and – buttons together on the L200 has no effect, you cannot lock the wattage separately.
          The padlock lock/unlock icon on the display is controlled by the A Lock switch which locks all the buttons not just the +/- buttons.
          Geekvape opted to use the separate A Lock switch on this mod where the Aegis Max uses the more conventional button presses to lock the device.
          Putting the L200 in Stealth mode does in effect stop any adjustment of the +/- buttons while still leaving the fire button operational so that is good to know.

    1. Hi Jasmina, thank you for your question.
      Could you please give us a little more info on what is broken. Do you mean the top of the mod, or the Zeus tank, or the mouthpiece (drip tip).
      Unfortunately, getting spares for this or any other device come to that are near impossible.
      If you mean the Zeus tank then these can be purchased separately. If you mean the removable mouthpiece then any standard 810 wide bore drip tip will fit.
      Please let us know what top part you mean thats broke?

    1. Hi Antony,
      The Z sub ohm 2021 tank uses a wide bore 810 drip tip/mouthpiece. You may find it hard to find the original mouthpiece BUT there are many retailers that sell different wide bore 810 drip tips of all sorts of designs and colours.
      Do a search for widebore 810 drip tips and see what style/colour you want. They are not expensive and its always handy having a spare or two.

    2. depends on where youare im mackay australia and we have the the vape shack and super vape store to buy juice mods etc from as well as some spare parts they both have 510 drip tips and 810 even adaptors to make 1 fit the other ask in your local vape shop for parts you can get for the L200 or any vape its their job they should be able to answer any questions you may have

    1. Hi William. thanks for your question.
      Do you mean can you get a bubble glass to increase the size of the tank? There are 5.5ml extension glasses that will increase the capacity of the tank. Do a search for Geekvape Z 2021 Bubble Glass and it should bring up a few places where you can pick these up.

  6. I received new aegis l200 geek mod I put two fully charged batteries in there and a message comes on saying battery to low when I plug in the wall it doesn’t say if it’s charging or not is this a defective mod or is that a trouble issue that comes with this particular unit

    1. Hi,
      We’ve not come across a problem like this on this mod before. Have you checked your batteries in a charger to make sure they are reading correctly, or tried them in another mod? If your happy that your batteries are ok then it sounds like its a problem with the mod itself.
      Before returning it to the supplier for a replacement, just check that the battery door is closing properly and also that the battery contacts in the mod and on the battery door are clean. Might be worth a try switching the side “A Lock” on and off a couple of times to see if that makes any difference.
      The L200 is a really good mod and shouldn’t be showing this problem. Hopefully your supplier will send out a direct replacement to you.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for your question.
      Do you mean you’ve lost the black mouthpiece / driptip that fits on the top of the tank, the part you put to your lips?
      If you do then it’s a standard 810 delrin wide bore drip tip that pushes into the opening at the top of the tank. There are a lot of retailers that sell a range of different types of driptips in different styles and colours that will fit this tank. Make sure you get a wide bore 810 drip tip. Just do a google search for this and you should find one that you want.
      Hope this helps.

  7. Thanks for sharing a piece of very useful information with all of us. It is very useful for me and probability for many people like me. Thank you.

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